Leo Horoscope for Jupiter in Libra

jupiter in libra

If you have your Sun in Leo or a Leo ascendant, then the next 13 months could be all about seeing how far an idea can take you. September 9 sees Jupiter arrive in your 3rd house of ideas and communication. As this house rules learning, some of you may be embarking on a course now or even thinking about returning to studying and if so, this would be an excellent time to do that.

Even if you don’t sign up for a course, chances are Jupiter in there is going to give you the desire for more knowledge. This house rules publishing and books so even if you don’t study something formally, this cycle could see you either loading up your Kindle or raiding your local bookstore and you may be reading voraciously about more than one subject. You may also come across people with knowledge or skills they want to give you. This can be a teacher in a formal education setting while others may attract a mentor or co-worker who boosts their skill level or someone who just inspires you into looking deeper into a given subject that has always fascinated you. Your knowledge and skills are therefore likely to expand during this cycle.

Business and commercial ideas, writing, ecommerce, blogging, pitching, project work, publishing could be your gateways to success now. But as Jupiter rules travel and expansion and you should at the very least be planning for something big. And that could include finding out how far that big idea can go now.

Do something with your ideas. As I am telling every sign now – Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion but he is not a fairy godfather. Heaven helps those who help themselves and sitting there talking about what you are ‘gunna do’ will get you nowhere. If you start to take action however, Jupiter will get behind you and you may just be amazed where you end up.

One idea or even one message, phone call, letter, email or piece of news could just change everything and you should experience the power of this at least once during Jupiter’s time in here. What you say, write and communicate will be important and will also have extra impact now so please choose your words with care. They are literally magic tools now with which under Jupiter’s guidance, you can create your future.

Travel is very much on the agenda but even if you do not go very far or away for very long, you can be sure the world is going to seek you out in some way. Jupiter rules foreigners and long distance travel but your 3rd house is all about your neighbourhood and also your commute. What you may find as this cycle unfolds is that you don’t have to travel far to experience the big wide world in the form of people from overseas or different cultures. Some of you may end up doing business with people or companies far away without even leaving your own office, but it will seem like your horizons are expanding even if you stay home. The world is going to come calling – in one way or another.

If you have siblings or even cousins you are close to, Jupiter in this house can bring you benefits through them. Uncles and aunts may also feature and again, you may be on the receiving end of their generosity.

Your 3rd house is of course the sign of Libra which is the sign of partnerships. So, what many Leos will be waiting to hear is what romantic opportunities Jupiter may be about to send their way? The 3rd house may be Libra but it is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is actually a bit of a romantic at heart. He just adores delivering those love letters or flirtatious texts. Remember, this is about flirtation and romance. This is not the house nor the sign of sex (that is your 8th house). At least one opportunity for flirtation could be yours and as we are talking about your 3rd house then this opportunity may be right outside your front door, in your own neighbourhood,, on your commute or someone you meet while out and about on your daily routine. In other words – you won’t have to look very far to find it. They may have come from a galaxy far far away but you don’t have to go travelling it to find them.

In fact, as a rule of thumb, your biggest opportunities during this Jupiter cycle will be found within your present day environment. Jupiter in here says you all ready have everything you need to get everything you want. However, getting around and communicating is going to feature and some of Jupiter’s benefits for you while he is in this house can include a new set of wheels, a better computer/phone/tablet or an easier commute. While this house usually  rules short trips, in some cases Jupiter in here can bring you the trip of a lifetime somewhere you have always wanted to go.

Jupiter in your 3rd says be optimistic and also be prepared to take a chance. Don’t take unnecessary risks but a calculated one is likely to pay off for you now. It’s time to be daring and have some fun pushing the boundaries of that comfort zone.  And then enjoying the results of that.

This Jupiter cycle should be the climax of the past two. Two years ago you had Jupiter visiting your 1st house. In 2015 he entered your money zone hopefully bringing financial opportunities your way. If you worked with his energy, the next 13 months should expand what you have already begun and bring your ideas, projects and plans to a climax. Remember, the world is your oyster now but it begins right outside your front door. Look no further than your familiar daily surroundings and your routine for those big opportunities which could come knocking at any time now, thanks to Jupiter!