Virgo Horoscope for Jupiter in Libra

jupiter in libra

If you are a Virgo or have Virgo as your rising sign, then what does Jupiter have in store for you as he leaves your sign? On September 9, 2016 Jupiter ends his year-long and enters the sign of Libra and your 2nd house. What can you now expect? The past 12 months should have seen your personal horizons expand on some level. Hopefully you had the opportunity to explore, travel, learn and also experience a few strokes of ‘luck’ courtesy of Jupiter. Now he enters your money zone, you can expect your focus and your experience, to shift and for new areas of your life to experience the Jupiter Effect.

Your 2nd house is all about money and assets. It is also about how you experience the material world. Needless to say, you can expect an increase in your income during Jupiter’s 13 month stay in here. This can manifest in the form of a better paying job, a second income, a bonus or even a payout or settlement. This is the house of the money you make and usually winning the lottery or that bank-breaking Blackjack run in Vegas is an exception rather than the rule here. As Jupiter enlarges our experiences, you can look forward to handling bigger amounts of money. In other words, earning more, having larger denominations of notes in your purse and of course, spending more too.

Although you may have more cash at your disposal, hanging on to it and saving it may be a challenge unless you remain focussed. Jupiter will have you spending it on experiences and these may not just revolve around Jupiter themes such as travel but experiencing a new level of worldly delights. Extra cash could translate into you spending it on good food, wine, concerts, art, sensual and beautiful clothing, jewellery and your appearance. If so you will immerse yourself in the feelings these arouse for you. It’s far beyond ‘Because you’re worth it’. It’s about the good things of life and your ability to enjoy them.

Of course, we’re not talking about going overboard here! Remember, Jupiter is in Libra which is the sign of balance. Another way you may experience Jupiter’s expansion in money matters is via loans, mortgages and credit applications of all kinds. You are likely to get a ‘Yes’ from your bank or finance company now but don’t over-commit yourself and do think about your ability to repay loans in the long term. Above all, try to avoid maxing out credit cards and if Jupiter is smiling on your bank account have a rule that you clear the balance each month. Yes, ‘balance’ which Libra represents has many definitions and this is one of them.

As you know, Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit the Sun and therefore visit every house in our natal charts. Think back 12 years. How old were you? If you are under 30 then you will experiencing this cycle as a fully-fledged adult in charge of their own financial destiny for the first time. If you are over 30 then provided you did not remain in education for post-graduate study, this could be your second or even third or fourth Jupiter in your 2nd house experience. If so, look back to what was happening with your money back then as this could well provide clues as to what and how much may be heading your way this time around. Needless to say, if you are unemployed, Jupiter in here should deliver a money-earning opportunity for you so dust off that CV and get yourself out there.

The 2nd house is our house of values. This includes how we value ourselves – in other words our self-worth and self-esteem. Our expectations around how we expect to be treated –by others and the world at large, are governed by our self-worth. If yours has taken a beating then Jupiter in here can restore your confidence – in your worth and your talents and abilities. Jupiter can provide us with an opportunity to reconnect to how worthwhile and capable we are. This in turn has a knock-on effect not just with our earning ability but with our expectations around how we are treated by others.

The 2nd house in our chart is ruled by Venus and Libra is a Venus-ruled sign. As the 2nd house is all about assets and Venus is all about love, we are talking about relationships which are assets to us. So, we can’t talk about Jupiter in your 2nd without talking about what this may bring you with regards to your relationships. Those of you already in a relationship – and this includes your friendships and business connections, will be asking whether or not these are aligned with your values – or not. Is this connection an asset to you? Do you get a return that is the equivalent of what you put in? Have you ‘sold out’ on any level? Some of the questions Jupiter may have you asking while he is in here may seem tough – but they are necessary. Most of all, you’ll ask if you are being ‘short-changed’? If the answer is yes, Jupiter will give you the confidence to do something about it. One of the truths of life that we would all often rather ignore is that if we are not asking for what we want – more love, more support, more honesty, more money – it is because we already know what the answer is.  Prepare for Jupiter to show you just what relationships are an asset to you – and which may not require any further investment.

Singles could therefore see the arrival of someone who is that asset and who enhances their lives on every level. This person may well be the one who provides you with the entree into those ‘good things of life’ experiences as chances are they love good food, fine wines, the arts and  sensuality of all descriptions. They should enhance not just your experiences of what the world has to offer but also your entire life. Remember, Jupiter can help you heal any shortfalls in your self-esteem and that includes having the ability to say ‘No’ or knock something back which we now realise is not right for us. The universe can sometimes test us to see we have really taken the lesson on board. One way it can do this is to deliver what I like to call the ‘beta version’ of the real thing. Yes, it looks and initially acts like the full version but then after you’ve used it for a while you discover the bugs! Jupiter wants you to have the confidence in yourself (and in him) that if something is not aligned with your values, you now have the self-worth to walk away. And know something better and less ‘buggy’ will turn up!

Investment in yourself and your talents. That’s another facet of Jupiter in your 2nd. You may be given the opportunity to study, to upskill or to develop your skills further. Which further enhances your self-worth and your potential earning power of course. As your 2nd house is Venus-ruled and as Jupiter is in a Venus-ruled sign, then the goddess of love and beauty is going to make herself known to you now. Of course, one way of doing this is to deliver a fine ‘wine and roses’ romance. But the other way is to become the goddess. No matter if you are female or male, we all have our inner Venus. You’ll be spending more on your appearance and possibly on better quality and more expensive items than you would normally. Venus says she must have the best. Are you worth it? Jupiter in your 2nd is going to ensure you know the answer to that. You are your own best asset now and all Jupiter (and co-star Venus) can deliver is all tied to your ability to know this. Know that you deserve abundance, relationships that support you and rewards commensurate with your talents and skills. Jupiter says invest in yourself and watch how this pays dividends now.