Weekly Astrology Overview – Eclipse Time Baby, It’s A Game Changer!

WOW! We have an intense week in store for us, and it all kicks off TODAY! Although the energy will ricochet for at least a month, so don’t be fooled if it doesn’t happen all at once! The Full Moon and Eclipse of the Moon are in Aquarius (check your Sun/Moon/Rising sign video and horoscope to find out how it will impact you personally) Aquarius is all about freedom, not just freedom for self but freedom for all. The Sun is the opposite sign of Leo who is, of course, the Queen/King of the zodiac so there’s a bit of a power struggle as Aquarius wants us to all get in touch with our humanitarian side, and Leo wants his way.

Having said that Leo is very generous of spirit and at her best a fair and benevolent queen, so we can harness this energy to unite. The Moon is trine Jupiter which is a game changer for the eclipse. Jupiter is in lovely Libra who wants harmony and balance and lucky Jupiter is sextile Leo. All in all, this promises to be an energy that clears out our soul and brings us back to ourselves. It offers freedom. Are you inadvertently chaining yourself? The eclipse will let you know!

The good news is Jupiter promises a reward for your hard work. The only downside is if you resist the transformation and growth there could be unnecessary stress and trouble. I always come back to an image of trying to get a cat off a velvet sofa, don’t dig your claws in or it will not end well.

In other important cosmic news, Venus is also bringing us personal revelations about love. Mercury is sextile Venus (pre retro) so expect a message of some sort or a sign from the Universe about your intimate relationships. The Sun is Sextile Jupiter to help us reach our goals with confidence. On the 12th Venus is trine Neptune washing us with love vibes and making us all gooey and open. Don’t be so open that you are taken in by a fantasy rather than a reality. One way to tell if something is a fantasy or illusion is if we give our power away! There are many signs and celestial clues to the next stage of our journey, pay attention and trust your soul’s compass to guide you.

Finally, pesky Mercury is going retrograde *sigh*, Of course, you can take advantage of this by trawling for treasure in your past. When Mercury does his backwards shoe shuffle, it’s important to double check the details. Mercury is in Virgo so focus on bringing back healthy habits from the past, when did you feel your best and how can you mimic that? Mercury retro may bring up some issues about self-criticism or external criticism. Work on the self-love, self-love moves mountains. Oh, and hey, we have a wonderful Sun trine Saturn on the 13th which give you a powerful confidence boost and help you ground and ‘out of the box’ idea. Slip it in quick before Mercury causes his chaos.

Do check out my monthly astrology video and writing for a ton of detail on this as well as this weeks horoscope video and writing.
May the odds be ever in your favour 🙂
Sending you an ocean of love

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7 Aug 2017 FULL MOON & ECLIPSE OF MOON (Aquarius)
Moon (Aquaris ) Trine Jupiter (Libra)
Jupiter (libra) Sextile Sun (Leo)

9 Aug 2017 VENUS SEXTILE VESTA (cancer to Virgo)

10 Aug 2017 MERCURY SEXTILE VENUS (Virgo to Cancer)

10 Aug 2017 SUN SEXTILE JUPITER (Leo to Libra)

12 Aug 2017 NEPTUNE TRINE CERES (Pisces to Cancer)

12 Aug 2017 VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE (Cancer to Pisces)


13 Aug 2017 MERCURY Turns Retrograde until 5th September (Virgo)
Note this happens around midnight UK so USA will start retrograde on the 12th

13 Aug 2017 SUN TRINE SATURN (Leo to Sagittarius)