Full Moon In Pisces – Enchantement, Awakening, Softness.

The Full Moon In Pisces

Awaken mystical one, the Full Moon in Pisces is plunging us into a psychic river of wisdom. La Luna is pouring enchantment and magic down upon us. She is arguably the most mystical Moon of the year. Arise Sorceress, and plug yourself into her magic! You are the beloved and have all the answers within you. Where are you going to channel your power? Empathy and compassion are deepening, and you are connected to source. The Full Moon in Pisces is gentle and reminds us that we are enough. We are the precious and our ability to love and feel others is a super power much needed at this time. She gives us an opportunity for self-forgiveness and to let go of any addictions that block out growth. La Luna reminds us to have infinite compassion for ourselves.

On top of that, she is conjunct Neptune the spiritual awakener, so a feeling, experience or strange coincidence is pointing our soul’s compass towards a deeper destiny. Pisces is subtle, so we need to prick up our ears, hone our senses and look for the signs that are there for us.

She whispers that magic is alive and well and where-ever we are in our life there is a bigger picture. Pluto, the great transformer, is also sextile the Moon and Neptune, he promises pleasurable change, courage and deeper soul connections.

The Full Moon washes us clean of doubts and recharges our belief system. She awakens us to the wonder of the Universe and reignites faith in our journey and ourselves. Ok, her shadow side can be a lack of boundaries, a desire to escape the harsh realities and practicalities of life and to surrender to hedonism, to get away. Her shadow can topple us into addiction, obsession, paranoia or illusion.

However, we can navigate our way through by acknowledging our vulnerability, by meditating, connecting with our spirituality. Cast a spell of healing, dance naked in the moonlight, let our inner Goddess be free and trust her voice. This Moon honours our tenderness, our gentleness and our sensitivity.