New Moon and Venus in Virgo – Time to deal with our S***!

You might think I have already upset the coming New Moon and Venus in pure Virgo by alluding to profanity in the title, but did I? Virgo is pretty pedantic so make sure that you have all the details before you react to anything this week. Now is not the time to go in all crystal wands blazing if you aren’t 100% sure! It’s time to deal with our stuff! Got ya! Virgo New Moon and Venus want us to triple check our facts and stick to our commitments so that we can flow freely.

So warrior of love, how’s it going? We’ve all been through some pretty intense times recently. In many ways the past few weeks have been about us stepping back into our power. Some of us have been dragged kicking and screaming into conflict, internal struggle or strange experiences. For others, there has been a chance to be seen and to be honoured for what we do in our life. Either way, we have been urged to stand our ground, to shine our light and to express our authentic selves. Ha! I know this is easier said than done! Have you experienced rejection or a shattering of ego? Don’t panic, when we feel stripped back, that is often the time when we can have a sudden spurt forwards.

There is a cosmic shift in energy tomorrow which leads us into a different direction. The New Moon is in analytical Virgo who wants us to get our my little ponies in a row! She’s all about us taking care of ourselves and looking at our health and well-being. It’s a perfect time for a spot of self-reflection, of working on our relationships and pruning what no longer serves us and tending and honouring people and blessings that do (including tending to our own emotional needs). The Universe is reminding us that when we make small changes, big things can flow. What tweaks can you do in your everyday routine that can make a difference? (I’ve just realised I am eating an afternoon biscuit with my tea as I say this! I guess that’s my answer!) If you have more than one bad habit, pick one! Every little really does help!

Venus is also dancing in this vibe and taking our wildness and turning it within. Venus reminds us the importance of making a commitment to ourselves and through our trust in ourselves everything flows. If you’ve felt overwhelmed with desire, dramatic love drama or ego battles in love, then these two girls are going to help.

Sending you an ocean of love

Michele x