Your Full Moon in Virgo Moonscopes


By our astrologer Elena


Aries season

Being out and about in nature as we reach the final full Moon before the spring equinox and the start of your new cycle will help you not only re-set, but show you what changes you need to make. What you do, where you spend your time, how you fuel your body and feed your soul – all take on a fresh importance. 

What changes need to be made? And what price do you put on your health and wellbeing? Ask: Does this do me good? The long term impact of eating badly, running on coffee and energy drinks, lack of exercise or simply shoving what you know you need to do in the name of self-care aside in favour of what you feel you have to do – you’ll be well aware of the price you’re paying now.

If it doesn’t energise you, make you feel alive but at the same time, at peace; if trying to be in several places at once, multitask or simply having no time for what feeds your soul has left you running on empty, you’ll do what it takes to fix it now. With all the planets direct and Saturn now in your 12th, you can’t ignore the call to make everyday improvements – mind, body and soul.



Do check your chart for Taurus factors at 15-16 degrees. If you have them, you now have Uranus conjunct them and the full Moon trineing these from your fabulizing 5th. Throw into the mix newly arrived Saturn in your 11th on the same day and this is all about how you are seen and perceived. And the company you’re in keeping with. 

You’re craving emotional warmth, love and recognition now. The support of kindred spirits and like-minded souls. Do however avoid those energy vampires, frenemies who are all take and no give or who want to dictate what you do all the time. Those who subtly undermine your self-confidence or make things all about them – all the time. You don’t need them, Taurus. 

The upside is you could be basking in someone’s glow. And you are so open, giving and willing to share now. If you do find yourself in the spotlight in some way, you won’t ignore others but instead pull them in to share the limelight and good times with you. Just embody the love that makes the world go round now. The more you give, the more feelgood returns you get.


mercury retro

Act on your intuition now, Gemini. And don’t ignore that ‘gut’ feeling. The Moon is in its intuitive and empathetic 4th house. You will be more sensitive than usual to your own feelings and the emotions of others. Picking up what others are thinking and feeling. This may at times be overwhelming. You could find yourself in a position where you would like to withdraw for a time to process or recharge your soul. But circumstances conspire to put you in a position where you have to keep your boss face on.

Saturn arrives in its ruling 10th on this day. It tells you that you can’t control others or how they make you feel. But you can control your own response to this. Your intuition could guide you to taking the action you need to which could also see you reaching for a new set of tools thanks to Uranus in your 12th. If you do, you’ll not only impress others but the added takeout is that you feel so much more capable and in control.

After all of this, do take the time you need to unwind. Gravitate towards what or who, hands you that feeling of emotional safety and satisfaction. The results for long term efforts could manifest under this full Moon. If so – you’ve done the work. Now, take the R&R, Gemini.


full moon cancewr

Work with what you’ve got and don’t try to colour outside the lines under this full Moon. The tried and true, accepted and practical approach to anything is your friend now. As is due diligence and fact-checking. Above all, you need to ensure you have the right information to hand. And don’t stop probing or asking questions until you are satisfied.

If you have been avoiding anything – from tackling an issue with someone to looking at those finances; if your default setting is escapism rather than confrontation, Saturn blocks off that escape route now due to its arrival in your 9th. You are in the here and now, and have to deal. There is no comforting exit ramp available. Do tell the truth about your emotional journey and get right to the point under this full Moon.

Agreements can be reached and deals can be done. But again, read the T&C’s and fine print. Especially the unwritten, unspoken kind of relationships. Choose to talk about them instead. Nothing should be swept under the carpet under this full Moon and no topic is off the table. Closeness and understanding are the result and you know that is always your desired outcome in any case. Whatever you have to talk about – or ask for, bring your truth now, Cancer. Your future revolves around it.


No more Wayne’s World’ We’re not worthy!’ under the full Moon in your 2nd, Leo. It may seem impossible to others, but your open-hearted extrovert nature is often a cover for self-esteem which is easily wounded. When we shine at our brightest, there are always those out there who are threatened by this. By being ourselves and living our lives at the speed of light, we inadvertently highlight their lack of courage to do the same. At this point instead of simply seeing us as an example to emulate, they try to shut us down with criticism, narky comments or undermine our self belief by telling us we’re not good enough. 

I’m not saying you may be confronted with this kind of behaviour under this full Moon. Just that if you have been made to feel you are not good enough, this isn’t about you but them. Even if this occurred long in the past. This full Moon drags up your ability to receive. And how you expect to be treated and rewarded. If you are feeling short-changed instead of cashed-up, in any area not just financial, the surety of knowing you deserve better and taking action to get it, is what needs to happen. This may involve rejecting something you already have when you become the one who sees its not worthy of you. Don’t be afraid to say no even if there’s no better alternative right now. Instead keep the faith in your own worth. It’s on its way, Leo.


Shine a light on a key relationship (or need for one) under the full Moon in your sign. It occurs the same day as ‘Are you serious?’ Saturn arrives in your 7th – the first time it has been in here in 28+ years. So for many of you, this is the first time you will experience Saturn’s ‘Put a ring on it’ intention. The full Moon also trines Uranus in your electrifying and releasing 9th house. Serious love or partnership choices which evolve your soul in other words.

Someone could reflect back at you what you need now or else the need to make radical if necessary changes around a relationship. Or simply to get clear about what you need from one in the future. Take it lightweights need not apply when it comes to your heart. Seeking that working relationship? Established companies or working with those already at the top of their game or with a substantial track record represent your best matches now. If you are with anyone unable to commit on the same level you are willing to engage in, then their time and wasting yours, is probably now up. No matter what, you’ll make the best choice going forward when it comes to that duo, duet or double act. And accept nothing less than all you are willing to give in return.


The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, Libra. Under the full Moon in your 12th you’ll be unusually perceptive as to whether you are getting this – or not. If anyone is withholding or giving you an edited version of it – you’ll instinctively know it now. Saturn’s arrival in your 6th the same day as this full Moon, grounds your feelings if something simply feels ‘off’.

This full Moon also trines Uranus in your 8th. Unexpected revelations will follow as if someone does try to hoodwink you, the facts are going to come tumbling out in an unexpected way. Of course, you may keep how you are going to react to this on the down-low for now. And that’s your prerogative, Libra. You may choose to keep them guessing about what you know or what you are going to do about it. And why not? 

This full Moon can also deliver an awakening to the need for change. You may see something needs to be tackled or has gone way past its use-by date. Unsure what to do? Do nothing for now. Time is on your side. By April you’ll see the way forward as something new emerges. By then – it’s okay to discard the old or follow up on what those secret feelings are telling you is going on now.


Full Moon in Scorpio

Expect the unexpected. But then – your spidey senses are already tingling. Provided you heed them under the full Moon in your 11th, you will end up in the right place, at the right time and making the right connection. As this full Moon waxes, beaming insight your way, it impacts on Saturn entering Pisces and your 5th this same day. And trines Uranus in your 7th. So, this is all about your connections, their future and the role that others play in this. Look to your goals under this full Moon. Not just your progress towards them but how the journey towards them enlivens you and sends you out of your comfort zone. If they no longer do that – time to release them.

Remember, the overall themes triggered by this full Moon are what does you good. Saturn is about realness. But also cutting back or out what isn’t. Full Moons expose our feelings. And those of others. Uranus which rules your 11th in your chart, is always out for our evolution. So, think relationships that promote your goals and wellbeing for the future. And what to do about those that no longer serve. The unexpected is finding that prospective boo or bae in a place where you least expected they would be. 

Avoid the drama creators, the energy vampires and agreeing to go to venues where the energy clashes with yours. Do however be open to the last minute invite or dipping your toe into a new pool. Where you least expect to find it – there’s a big fish, Scorpio. Now you’re hooked.


weekly astrology

This full Moon could be titled a modern version of How to Win Friends and Influence People. Do be open to advice under this full Moon. But also weigh it up. This isn’t about following it blindly. It’s about empowerment, discipline, personal authority and owning your choices. 

You could even be faced with someone doing the complete opposite to all of the above. And if so, they will stand out as a shining example of what not to do if you want to succeed! In other words, they are given good advice but totally disregard it. And then blame others for the result. Or they do what they are told without question. And when that doesn’t work out, they project the blame outwards. This can leave you shaking your wise head in despair. 

The only thing we can control in our lives is our emotional response. So, do be the boss of yours. Discipline and taking ownership gives you that blue tick under this full Moon with potential rewards in the offing. The full Moon trines Uranus in your work zone and impacts on Saturn – unpacking in your 4th of home, family and security for a 2.5 year stay. Own your path and your purpose even if others aren’t owning theirs and losing their cool in the process. Getting yourself noticed for all the right reasons, rewards and raising your cred with those who matter are yours. And if you hand out advice, don’t necessarily expect it to be taken on board, Sag. But that’s their choice.


So, what has you chafing at the bit and wanting more space to run or expand into, Capricorn? Unusually for you, you can find yourself wanting to let go, break free or head for the hills under the full Moon in your 9th.

That’s permitted to a certain extent under this full Moon. You may be seeking escapism, distraction and yes, excitement and romance. Ditching the dulls is something we all need to do on occasion. However, running away is another matter entirely. Before you ditch that 20 year corporate climb to go be a surfie fire-eating life coach in Byron Bay, just remember: Wherever you go, there you are.

Yes, pack up your troubles and cares if you have them temporarily and go thrill seeking or in search of what raises your vibe. Love could well be in the air under this Moon as it trines Uranus in your 5th sparking passion and attraction. Even if it’s just good times with friends. Fortunately for you, ruler Saturn isn’t far away. It exits your 2nd and enters your 3rd the same day as this full Moon which means the waxing Moon impacts on it. Looking for expansion, adventure, freedom? It can be found closer than you think, Saturn. Perhaps even in an idea or project. Yes you need something to take you away from your usual same old, same old. But chances are what you’re seeking is close to hand. Now you’re escaping to reality.


new moon aquRIUA

Saturn leaves your sign the same day as the full Moon in your change sector trines your ruler Uranus in your 4th. This is all about flow and something freeing up for you when it comes to your money, assets, mortgage, loans, investments, home and material/emotional security.

You will feel the change in energy with Saturn’s exit. But now its time to get serious about those financial goals. No matter what you may have been led to think, this is spiritual work. It’s linked to our values and self-worth. And also breaking past issues and fears around not being enough, attracting enough, having enough. What you share with others could be highlighted. As in the joint marital home, your salary, benefits, maintenance payments, bonuses etc. Think of money, possessions, investments as spiritual experiences, not as a sum or bottom line. The same goes for any insecurities you have around your earning power or self-worth. These are experiences to learn from. They are more than statements and bills.

Saturn wants you to ‘get’ this and once you do, then you find yourself working with that new energy. Do you have problems with self-empowerment and asking for what you want? Be this more emotional support, love or that raise? This full Moon throws all this into the spotlight for you. Again, see this simply as an experience you are having that enables you to learn from. Once you get the lesson, you move on. Work with what you have now, Aquarius. But have a plan if you want a different experience with abundance for your future. It’s there for the asking.


Pisces new moon

The full Moon in your 7th plants its direct gaze on you Pisces and newly arrived Saturn in your 1st. Hopefully you are projecting gentle authority, ownership and intention. Leave others in no doubt about these. One particular duet, double act or dynamic or dramatic duo is in focus. What does how they see you tell you about your relationship? Is this how you want to be seen or perceived? This is your reflection to adjust. Do remember this.

Naturally, this is a wonderful full Moon for a loved-up date night with someone special. You bask in that glow and the more love and approval you feel directed your way, the brighter you shine in turn. Attraction is around you and watch for someone who may be either younger or older by quite a few years thanks to the Moon’ ’s angle to Uranus in your 3rd. Love has no age limit do remember that. You’re seeking emotional maturity in a prospective partner and spiritual depth. 

That mirror could be held up by a boss, coach, teacher, mentor, business partner or collaborator just as easily as it could be by a boo or bae. What’s the feedback, Pisces? This is about the impression you make and the reputation you have created. How you love yourself and take yourself seriously as well as the other party’s perspective. If an adjustment needs to be made, it must come within you. Serve your realness as if you look back at the past, chances are any failed relationships or people not seeing you as you are, simply stemmed from you feeling you couldn’t be yourself.