Weekly General Astrology Overview September 4 2023

Weekly General Astrology Overview September 4 2023

Work that charisma!

Watch for returns

Craft that unmissable message

Glittering, glamorous, grand love is back on the menu as Venus finally heads direct in Leo this week. Do keep in mind that as with any retrograde, there is a retroshadow period to get through. This one will be over in a month. But all of us should feel the effects of re-gorgeousification, playfulness, flirtation and generosity of spirit. And a return of romance.

However – the day Venus heads direct in Leo sees Jupiter reverse in Venus’s ruling sign of Taurus. Do watch for tendencies to over-compensate now for the Venus retro cycle. We may do this by over-spending, heading full-tilt into a new love affair before really knowing who the other party truly is, impulse buys or over-hedonism (Leos out there are asking: Is there really such a thing?!).

We should be emerging from this retro cycle with a refined and better idea of what love looks like. Or even how we engage in acts of self-love. This may not require us to shower ourselves with material indulgences. Not that there is anything wrong with that on occasion. But we should all now be moving forward with unshakeable self-love gifts such as knowing our true charisma, compelling qualities and what makes us special. It’s these and working them effectively, that show the self-love every day and in every way. This should be the take out we all take forward with us thanks to Venus in Leo retrograde.

This week sees retro Mercury in ruling Virgo make a trine to retro Jupiter on the 4th. The Sun meets Mercury on the 6th and then also trines Jupiter on the 8th. Returns are promised. This can be the return on our love, an investment, sticking to a given path or plan. Or a literal return of an opportunity. It’s also a wonderful week to go back over old plans. To resurrect any which still have un-mined potential. To pay close attention to that idea which keeps on nagging us to do something with it. And above all, to work our newly minted self-worth.

What’s a new way to communicate or convey this to others? Take some time to come up with a new brand proposition for yourself. One which tells people of just how special what you and only you, can bring to the table. Once you’ve crafted that, you’re ready to escape the retro blues.

In a nutshell: Venus finally heads direct again in showstopping Leo. Time to reinstate those grand love gestures. And to move forward secure in our beliefs around just how charismatic and compelling we can be.

4 Sep 2023 Venus stationary direct in Leo (Leo)

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