Weekly General Astrology Forecast February 12th 2024

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Weekly General Astrology Forecast February 12th, 2024

By our astrologer Elena

Hey, hot stuff! Do check your chart no matter what your sign for anything at an early degree of Aquarius. But also the other air signs – Gemini and Libra as well as fire sign Leo. If you have them, Pluto is going disco for you this Valentine’s Day week. In that very Studio 54 glitter-ball way. Somehow retro but so now at the same time.

The key degree is zero degrees. That is what is known as an ‘anaretic’ degree in astrology. If you have read about ‘In and Out’ astrology – there’s an article on here about this, then you know that we feel a planet’s influence the most when it is either at the first or final (29) degree of a sign. So just as it exits one sign and then enters another.

Right now we have Pluto at zero degrees of Aquarius. This V-Day week sees Mars enter Aquarius and meet it on the 14th. And then Venus, planet of love, follows and meets Pluto on the 17th. This is highly unusual, heart-starting and love-shifting energy. Set to transform our ideas around love and what we want from it.

Passions run high. Cupid – well, all bets are off now. First of all, nobody will be able to fake anything. Mars is all about the passion. And Pluto strangely enough, always wants integrity. So, keeping up a pretense in a relationship, if that is what we have been doing, will be untenable from this point onwards. We’re either all in – or totally out. There will be no middle ground.

Stupid Cupid? Love may look very different to what we imagined. We may fall for someone way outside our usual ‘type’ if we have had one in the past once Venus joins the love-in. Or that lover may come from a very different background, social scene, profession or hold different beliefs to us. They may challenge us by these. Are we willing to embrace each other’s differences in the name of love without the need to be right or change someone? That is how we may be challenged this week.

Love may find us when we are not looking for it. It always knows where we are even if we have come to believe it has forgotten us. We can trawl the apps, go to bars or clubs. And come up empty. Then encounter that perfect match in line at the supermarket. It’s that kind of week.

Single, seeking or settled. Whether you have a zero degree factor in your chart or not, what these Cupid-driven planetary encounters want to hand each and every one of us is the knowledge we ARE hot stuff. In our own way. So act like it. Dress disco. Rock out whatever it is that makes you unique. Hit that dance floor of life and make moves like no-one is watching or you simply don’t care what they think if they are. Don’t buy into anyone else’s idea or what’s hot or not. The heat is on – in whatever way you want to express it and wherever you are this week. Relationship status – optional and subject to sudden change.

In a nutshell: Surprising love, heart-starting love, hot lava love! Don’t just feel the heat – bring it this Valentine’s week. Single, seeking or settled, don’t be content with so-so passion or buying into someone else’s idea of what’s hot.

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