Psychic Reader - Pearl 2380


pin: 2380

Pearl is absolutely wonderful. I  have been having regular readings for well over a year and find both her insight  and humour invaluable. When I started with my readings, I was was quite anxious about a various  aspects in life but with time I’ve managed to grasp hold of the reins myself with Pearl’s perils of wisdom (that are so spot on ) echoing in my ear long after putting  down the phone.

Psychic Reader - River 2387


pin: 2387

I had a great reading with River, I had only intended to have for 20 min with him but we went on for over an hour! From start to finish, he was warm and easy to talk to with great insights. He helped frame a scenario in a quite a different way which not only had i not considered but has actually stuck so I’m delighted to have gained that in the process and when I’m ready for the next self assessment I will be calling upon him!

Psychic Reader - River 2387


pin: 2387

River was phenomenal & an absolute delight to connect with. The way our conversation was flowing, it felt like I was having a catch up with an old friend. We laughed so much on the call, I love the energy River gives & his advice. I was a little skeptical as I’m not used to a male read for me. I have high standards for readers & have a list of a select few I contact. I can confirm, River has been added to that list. I asked direct questions about my career & River delivered answers without hesitation. He described me so well in certain situations, completely blew me away. I am excited for upcoming events he picked up on. I will definitely be calling River soon. Could not recommend him enough. I reckon he will be in high demand!

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pin: 2160

I’ve had readings with Carol for quite some time now, and it feels like sitting down with a good friend for a cup of tea and a chat, her warmth, wisdom, and insight leaves me feeling like the world’s a better place. Carol is currently supporting me through some pretty intense emotional stuff with my partner which at times has been fairly horrendous. Just to know that she’s there to turn to means so much. I know I can rely on her to give me sound judgement and appropriate advice in the weeks ahead. She’s been an absolute rock. Thank you so much Carol.


pin: 2170

I had a really insightful reading with Sam. This lady really put me at ease and looked in detail at the area I wanted her to focus on. She really listened to me and then pieced information together which I found really helpful and supportive. Sam made sure that before the call was finished I had all of the information and guidance that I needed. I felt so at ease talking to her. Sam is really compassionate so I was able to open up. My situation is not a ‘quick fix’, but from the insight she gave me I feel more centred, confident and hopeful as I move forwards. Thank you Sam, you have a wonderful gift. x

Psychic Reader Light 2375


pin: 2375

Thank you, Light, for a Spiritual and healing reading, with plenty of detail and evidence.


pin: 2315

I had a reading with Eileen yesterday and it was truly an empowering and enlightening experience. She has an incredible ability to provide clarity and insights in just a short amount of time. Within a mere 10 minutes, I learned so much about myself and my preferences.

What I love about Eileen is her approach to the reading as she didn’t dominate the conversation, but rather, allowed space for messages to come through. I felt comfortable in the silence and truly appreciated her ability to listen deeply and patiently. Her words were concise, compassionate, and empowering and she made me feel warm and welcomed, exuding an energy that was friendly and comforting. This trust-building environment really resonated with me as someone who relies heavily on intuition.

Beyond the insights and clarity, she made the reading enjoyable. Her sense of humour had me laughing throughout the session and made me feel like I was talking to a friend. It was such a joy to have a reading where I could relax, laugh, and truly be myself. I’m astounded by the depth of self-awareness that Eileen helped me tap into. As someone who is always curious about myself and others, I appreciated how much I was able to learn in such a short span of time.

Eileen, thank you for your incredible work. I’m excited about what’s to come and I look forward to returning for more insightful and empowering readings. Your guidance is truly appreciated. Take care and have a great week.


pin: 2170

I was really impressed how accurate Sam was with describing every Person in my life, just needs to tune in and describe it perfectly in a very loving and fun way and an amazing psychic with an ease and honesty that is unparalleled. She will not tell you what you want to hear which I am super appreciative of. Thank you so much. It told me I am on the right track. Thank you so much xxxx Just marvellous and rare.


pin: 2370

Angel was very attuned and picked up on my situation with her guides really well and gave me sound advice based on her intuition. She did not tell me what to do but what she saw and that was enough to help me a lot. She has also made some future predictions which sound amazing and I will definitely get back to her if these come to fruition. Thanks Angel

Psychic Reader - Niyah 2374


pin: 2374

Niyah’s authentic, warm, and effervescent personality should be bottled up and made available within all supermarkets. The reading was provided with care, compassion and truthfulness. The accuracy was, and is, astounding void of any hesitations. She managed to pick up on salient points and subjects immediately including, for me, in chronological order. Highly recommend.