Sun Neptune Transits – Dream A Little Dream

sun Neptune transits

Sun Neptune Transits – Dream A Little Dream

Hey Sunbeam, When the radiant Sun and dreamy Neptune get together we can trust our inner spiritual google. We become confident about our intuition and have renewed faith in all out spidery psychic senses. Sun and Neptune transits are deeply enlightening, slightly trippy and ever so magical!

Sun Conjunct Neptune

This meeting can propel you into a mystical awareness where your intuition and other psychic abilities are heightened. Even if you do not normally consider yourself ‘psychic’, premonitions, lucid dreams, clairvoyance, mediumship and downright ‘spooky’ coincidences can play out. You may have an uncanny ability to predict things before they happen. This is a wonderful transit under which to begin any kind of study into occult or metaphysical matters. Inspired ideas may come out of nowhere which fuel your creativity.

Compassion and Empathy

Your compassion and empathy are also at a peak and you may feel the suffering and pain of others as if it were your own, even if what is happening is occurring on the other side of the world. There are two sides to every transit however. This conjunction could trigger a desire to escape everyday reality and take refuge in day-dreaming at best or at worst, alcohol or drugs. Your body is more sensitive than usual at this time and you could react badly to anything you take. If you do feel the need to withdraw, meditation is the best way to connect spiritually and to cope with this transit.

Sun Sextile Neptune

You’ll be able to tune in to the energy of people, places and situations more easily than usual during this transit. People’s emotions are like a webpage you can just download and read. What’s more you’re likely to put theirs before your own now and once you know what it is they want, do as much as you can to give them that. People may come to you for assistance during this time.

Open and enlightened

It’s a day for openness. To spiritual insights and to understanding others better. You’ve got no agenda other than doing whatever you can to help others and to increase your spiritual knowledge. The energy available to you today is more psychic than physical. So this is not the best day for any task which requires a great deal of energy. Rather it’s a day for looking within for the answers you seek.

Sun Square Neptune 

Whatever you feel today, you need to understand that while your feelings may be intense, they may not be a reflection of how things truly are. At its weakest, a Sun/Neptune square can manifest as you just feeling tired and drained. The message then is simple: rest. The mind/body/spirit connection needs a re-charge. If you have been ‘running on empty’ for a while however, this transit can act as an emotional undertow.

Escapism and naughty shenanigans

You can be dragged down by feelings of helplessness, inadequacy and depression, and feel everything is hopeless and you are powerless to change things. As a result, you may resort to any means at your disposal to escape the way you feel – binge watching, food, shopping, alcohol or drugs. Although the circumstances that are causing you to feel this way may be very real, your perception of them may not be. Remember, all Sun transits only last for a day. You may see things very differently in a day or two. A Sun/Neptune square can often make us feel very isolated. Yet if we are feeling overwhelmed, asking for help may be the best way to regain perspective. Remember, Neptune rules compassion – in others as well as ourselves. So, if you need help now, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Sun Trine Neptune

This is a day where you can really appreciate the truth that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. In fact, it’s easy to see how everything in this world is in fact a soul lesson. Every path is a soul path. The spiritual lesson comes from how we walk it. You’ll feel very much ‘at one’ now and aware there’s a greater purpose and ‘more things in heaven and earth’ than we are usually aware of. You’ll have a desire to connect with others on a far deeper level today as a result of this. This makes this a very good transit to study anything from healing to metaphysical subjects or even theoretical physics.

Psychic insights

You may have sudden psychic insights or flashes of the future which turn out to be unerringly accurate. In your relationships, you’ll reach for a more spiritual connection. You’re in the mood for giving but just ensure you don’t ignore your own needs now or you could be creating problems further down the track. If you start a romance under this transit, just be aware of a tendency to put your lover on a pedestal. Take your time getting to know them and ensure you fall in love with the ‘real’ person and not some idealised version of them.

Sun Opposition Neptune

The boundaries that normally exist between you, others and other worlds can become blurred or even non-existent today. And as a result, this transit can become very confusing. Because of this, people may try to take advantage of you and you may find it very difficult to say no or assert yourself.  You may feel powerless and whatever you do, please do not result to anything underhanded to try to get your own way or regain your power as it is likely to backfire on you.

No fighting!

If a confrontation is needed, put it off until this transit is over when you will regain your power – and your perspective. Sometimes this transit has the opposite effect. Walls that existed between you and someone close to you dissolve and you end up feeling closer to them than you ever thought possible.

Clandestine shadiness

Remember, the Sun illuminates and Neptune can obscure and conceal. This is why Neptune rules all things clandestine. Organisations like MI6 and the CIA are ruled by Neptune. So, one aspect of the Sun/Neptune opposition is that something hidden comes to light. This can be a secret someone has kept from you or an aspect of their behaviour you were unaware of before that has you looking at them in a whole new light. As they say in the spy business, it’s on a ‘need to know’ basis. And anything the Sun/Neptune opposition lights up is something you do need to know now.