Neptune Transits . .

In astrology planet Neptune represents all that is mystical, imaginative, escapist and intuitive. He’s the lord of poetry, music and dance and the king of illusion, confusion and dishonesty. Where he sits in your horoscope describes your imagination, how psychic you might be, and your attitude towards drugs and alcohol. He’s the planet that keeps your secrets and describes the monsters lurking in your subconscious mind.
If you’ve ever spent time in hospital, prison or any confined space, Neptune will have had something to say about it and if you’ve ever fantasized hopelessly about someone who could never be yours, Neptune will have been delighted to provide you with an endless supply of dodgy daydreams.
Although he prefers to swim around in the waters of your subconscious mind, he’ll come up for air when another planet gives him a push. Depending on where he sits in your horoscope, he can either work real magic or create unparalleled chaos! Here’s a brief description of how you might feel, depending on which planets might be nudging your Neptune…

Neptune/Sun transits
You’ll want to create something beautiful or will feel inspired to lead the other people in your life somewhere exciting. You will be effortlessly alluring and it will be easy to win people over to your way of thinking. You’ll have the vision to get you going but if it’s a negative transit you’ll not have the staying power or the practical skills to keep it going!

Neptune/Moon transits
The positive side of this transit could see you beautifying your home, re-decorating and creating a peaceful retreat from the harsh world. Emotionally you’ll be in a romantic frame of mind, and difficult feelings will be disregarded in favour of a more lovely, if less honest, version of reality.
Negative Moon/Neptune times can cause you to be deceptive or be deceived, to be unlucky around water, and feel swamped by your feelings.

Neptune/Mercury transits
A pleasant Mercury/Neptune transit could set you off on a beautiful daydream or stimulate your imagination in a wonderfully artistic, creative way. But a more challenging transit could pollute your mind with nebulous, formless worries and anxiety.

Neptune/Venus transits
A positive Neptune/Venus contact will have you floating on air with the anticipation of true love. Romance will ooze from your every pore and the object of your affections could not possibly out a foot wrong. But during a negative time your rose tinted glasses will refuse to fall from your nose no matter what the reality of your situation. You will find a way not to believe things are not perfect.

Neptune/Mars transits
Mars is the planet of tangible ‘right now’ action, of forcefulness and assertion. Neptune is the planet of ‘do it later’, go-with-the-flow and ‘whatever’. The positive transit will see Mars kicking your dreamy Neptune up the bum causing a burst of creative energy. And on a bad day, you’ll feel restless as hell, not knowing whether to scream or eat a banana.

Neptune/Jupiter transits
These two planets can be very compatible as they are both philosophical, broad-minded, compassionate energies. With a favourable transit you’ll be kept awake at night with your brilliant plans to change the world for the better. And with a challenging aspect you’ll have the same big plan but absolutely no ideas for getting it off the ground.

Revolutionary thoughts, moments of pure genius and wanting to be different just for the hell of it, are all signs you’re having a Neptune/Uranus moment. Eccentric friends may enter your life or you could get involved with an exciting new group of people. On the other hand you could get carried away with rebellious urges without knowing why.

Deep feelings of awe powerful emotions are apt to come to the surface with a favourable Pluto/Neptune meeting. You could be a power to be reckoned with, resourceful but idealistic, poetic but realistic. But if it’s a negative transit, Pluto could dredge up all manner of hitherto hidden nasties – you know what they say about sleeping dogs -well Pluto likes to jump on their tails!

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