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life stages – astrological episodes for next 12 months

Life Stages looks at each of the Planets*and what they represent as they pass through the twelve Houses of your personal Birth Chart over the coming 12 months. Sun: Self-Expression, Moon: Emotion, Mercury: Perception, Venus: Attraction, Mars: Assertion, Jupiter: Expansion, Saturn: Limitation, Uranus: Individualism, Neptune: Compassion, Pluto: Compulsion *Life Stages covers all planetary influences except […]

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forecaster – know the right time to make decisions

Be more in control of your relationships and your emotions See how you benefit from a Forecaster report, find out what’s coming up in the days ahead. With prior notice of important opportunities you are able to identify the right time to handle a change of relationship, job or home, see through deceptions and learn […]

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predictor – know how to plan 12 months ahead

Be in control of events and remain true to yourself Discover how to become more in tune with your true nature. Now is the time to get your own personal Predictor. A twelve month Predictor report provides details of your future listed daily, including the most important and significant events that have a lasting effect […]

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