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Know what happens in your comfort zone? Nothing much, Cancer. As the other sign of the zodiac associated with exploration, isn’t it time you went and found out just what else is available for you? Goals and dreams are waiting for you to claim them.

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Career matters enter a key stage this week and it’s time to get serious about what you want. And those results. This cuts across everything from your professional life to your personal one. Make that commitment. If only to doing what’s right for you, Gemini.

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Others give valuable feedback when it comes to what you want to achieve. And how far along the path to it you are, Taurus. Get serious about your goals this week. And also – ensure that whatever circles you orbit in – you come across as the right fit.

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You’ll be shown all too clearly what works for you and what doesn’t this Leap Year week, Aries. And also who is on your team – and who isn’t. Take that unshakeable certainty and receive rewards for past efforts. Or close off one cycle and step into a new.

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Begin your birthday cycle knowing you have a wise guide at your side at all times. Time to see Saturn in your side as your guardian angel and mentor. And in doing so, stop the struggle as you embrace the truth that no-one can take what is meant for you. What a gift!

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The beautiful being you are becoming demands to be unleashed this week. By allowing all facets of your soul expression, you magnetise those future goals. Feel the rush of beautiful changes, Aquarius!

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There’s a win/win or new direction emerging this week. And what it hands you could be lasting validation or satisfaction on a soul level. You’ve been redefining success for a while now, Capricorn. So this is the week where you get to see what the new version of it tastes like – sweet!

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No fate but the love you make, express and share this week thanks to the meeting of the North Node and Chiron in your pleasure zone. Exciting choices await you. And you and someone else could just discover you both want the same thing, Sag!

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Is home a place, a person or even a feeling, Scorpio? That sense of belonging is all-important this homecoming week. Click those heels together. You know the mantra. Find your no place like it where love can grow.

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