Wellness, work and lifestyle is your focus

Are you love ready?

Ditch what no longer serves

October begins with us still in major retrograde weather, Taurus. We have over half of the planets in the sky backwards but as we go through the month, many head direct removing that sticky heavy gravity feeling you’re battling.

The worst offenders right now are Mercury which is retrograde in its ruling 6th until the 18th and Uranus in your 1st which won’t move forward again until January. Mercury will feel much more up-close and personal and its ability to create mayhem is increased in a ruling house.

Uranus is one of the ‘transpersonal’ planets. Hence, its effects while lasting longer don’t seem quite so designed with the sole intent of inconveniencing you. However, its worth pointing out that changes it has on the collective have a knock-on effect. It’s all a bit butterfly and hurricane. Uranus rules awakenings – some would say rude ones. For you this could see you in a position where you have to stand by or define your value system and decide what it truly important to you.

Work it to live it up!

Health, wellbeing, fitness, your day job, habits, your routine, study, diet, pets, medicine, doctors, fitness gurus, complimentary healing, your daily environment are ruled by your 6th. You may find yourself in a big period of integration and adjustment this month when it comes to adapting to long term changes around these brought on by Covid and other factors in the outer world.

Valuing your work, your health and your body need to be at the heart of your value system now. While Mercury remains retrograde in here and at the time of the new Moon on the 6th, look to adjustments which need to be made which both support and invest in this. Any changes you initiate are likely to stick assisted by Pluto now direct in your 9th on this day.

This new Moon comes pre-packaged with fresh confidence and intention falling conjunct Mars in here. Adapt, adjust but above all, come from self-care. Take time for a lifestyle edit as this new Moon acts as a broom, sweeping away the cobwebs of what no longer serves or works for you on a daily basis. You have time to refine this, to re-prioritise and reschedule what you have to do around what you need to do to sustain yourself on a long term basis.

Yoga, the gym, walking, moving your body or anything to do with its maintenance or fuelling, or even just organising those chores, put you on course for bigger benefits down the track. Change is now very much in the air. Yes, I know you are no big fan of that word, Taurus. But this month really does ask you to look at how the status quo serves you as ruler Venus enters your 8th on the 7th.

Joint financial matters are in focus now as could be your partner’s career if you are settled. You’ll get behind their ambitions and be at your most supportive now. Who doesn’t want your loyalty and love backing them up? You’ll let them know just what long haul means giving that bit extra if needed.

Deal or no deal on love?

Single? It’s either all or nothing now as you await the movement of the Sun and then Mars into your 7th – on the 23rd and 30th respectively. You may find yourself off the boil or off that dating app preferring instead to work on feeling good about yourself before launching yourself back out there again in the lead up to this. Certainly, if anything doesn’t feel 100% right you’ll break it off or just not go there at all. If it is feeling right, you will also want to explore the intimacy of sharing ideas, feelings and thoughts as well as the other kind and may put more emphasis on this now.

Career matters are back on track this month thanks to both Jupiter and Saturn direct in your 10th. Saturn rules this house and is all about building on what you have already established. Focus on your superpower now – whatever that is, and if you are looking at going after a new position or promotion, then look at how you are conveying or promoting that. Time to take yourself seriously or convey a fresh pride in what you do and have to offer. This is an important cycle where you will receive feedback on your progress from those in positions of power, authority and influence. Doors will either open wide or remain closed no matter how hard or persistently you knock on them. Whichever way this plays out, look to your values and how you convey these and align them to where you want to get to.

This month’s full Moon in your 12th is known as the Hunter’s Moon. It will square Pluto in your 9th and oppose Mars still in your 6th. Its aligning you to that deep inner knowing and assurance when it comes to those changes you need to make. You should see all too clearly what is in your life that does you good, supports your inner needs – and what doesn’t. The opposition to Mars says once you see this you will have no hesitation in weeding out what no longer serves you.

Your insight and intuition is at its peak under this full Moon so please, don’t dismiss or ignore it. If you feel something is ‘up’ with someone, you need to follow that instinct and observe. If something comes to a peak or crisis now, if you look back you will see it has been building for some time. It won’t come as a surprise in other words. Even if you have been ignoring the signs up until now.

By the time the Sun and Mars ignite your 7th you could be feeling more engaged and alive once more. The soul depths are behind you as we are back in a period where only two planets remain retrograde – Uranus and Neptune. You’ll be feeling more connected, playful and passionate and channelling this into existing relationships or focussing on making new ones. Certainly you should be experiencing heightended energy and that lightness of being which accompanies self-care and soul decluttering.

All Hallows Eve is when the doors between this world and the spirit one open wide. In the United States we see the more playful aspect of this with trick or treating and getting dressed up for Halloween. In Mexico this coincides with El Dia de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead which is celebrated on Nov 1 & 2. Both are strangely similar in that tradition. Celebrate our ancestors. Not with sadness and mourning. Food, drink and yes, parties – or dressing up.

This day sees ruler Venus meet up with Juno in your house of death and rebirth. If you are settled this is a wonderful night for a date night. Single? Even if you don’t have a date, dress up as if you do. Take yourself on a date or spoil yourself the way you want that special person to. You’re setting the scene for what’s to come if you do. This sends a message to the universe, spirit world, multiverse or whatever you want to call it, about just how much you now value yourself. It’s all treat – no trick if you do, Taurus.

In a nutshell: The Sun in your 7th alongside Mars turns up the heat on partnerships of all descriptions, Taurus. While ruler Venus adds passion and depth. It’s a potent combination for saying ‘I do’ to some kind of double act.

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