Create a perfect display case for yourself

What supports you takes you further

Lighten up that love vibe!

Matches and mergers as well as highly conscious un-couplings are linked to Juno in your 8th. It heads direct from the 3rd. This is your house of joint (marital) assets – the mortgage, joint account and even the alimony. It’s also your house of long term financial matters which usually involve agreements – which Juno rules. So, all the binding agreements we cannot easily exit from. And need to think long and hard over before going in or out. You’ll live with those choices for a long time to come.

Just prior to this you have stock-taking aspects between the Sun and Mercury in your 4th and Saturn in its ruling 10th. So, anything you enter or exit at this point will have a great deal of forethought put into it. Especially when it is linked to your home, security, lifestyle, family and anything that sustains and supports you over the long term.

Sure, Uranus in your 1st brings with it that topsy-turvy feeling that the ground is no longer stable beneath your feet. But you need to keep in mind during this cycle that anything with a solid foundation may shake, but cannot fall. Uranus is the great awakener. It frees us from what no longer serves or supports our evolution. So, as August begins, look to what you can commit to that does this. Or where you need to shake yourself free. Both represent lasting actions with long term consequences.

Gimme Shelter!

Your home and family, where and how you live and how this is a reflection and extension of who you are and your commitments – firstly to yourself and then to what you create and live, I’ve likened the new Moon in your 4th this month which occurs on the 8th, to your oyster and you the pearl. You need shelter and also a showcase. Time to make the changes necessary to give you that. Doing things to you home, decorating, renovating, decluttering or even moving, lightens you and feels like pleasure and play more than a chore. Find delight in your home environment. Or create one that gives you more to delight in.

As you start the month you have ruler Venus along with Mars in your 5th. Handing you one of the best periods for attraction, basking in the attention of others, romance, self-expression and good times. This is also an excellent time to take a holiday which this house also rules. And if this is a family holiday expect a carefree trir apd to make precious memories that last.

Mid-month and the Venus/Neptune opposition (10th) represents an out-of-this-world experience you don’t need a rocketship for. It can allow you simply for a time, to step away from real world concerns or reconnect to the more mystical and joyful aspects of life. The 11th brings another key transit on a larger journey for you – either real or metaphorical as Mercury in your 4th opposes Jupiter in your 10th. Travel, opportunity, important news or moves ‘on up’ form part of this.

It’s time to relax if you have been feeling under pressure or life has felt ‘heavy’ going or too seriously lately. Time to look at those inner tapes you’re playing as you’re working away diligently and reliably (as usual). Look to what you are telling yourself around time spent with loved ones, allowing yourself pleasure and the pursuit of what you love. Adjust as necessary as ruler Venus sweeps into your 6th from the 16th. Allow for self-care and time for what you love to do as well as what you have to, Taurus.

Time to launch

You’ll feel the benefits of this especially next month and on into October. But the time to begin this is now. The trine between Venus and Ceres in your 2nd could create the perfect work/life balance. While the meeting between Mars and Mercury in your 5th (19th) represents self-created opportunity and you taking steps towards something better. Watch out for that chemically charged flirtation that now heats up if you’re single. Others get behind that creative idea, venture or projects.

Whatever you need help with, you should be able to access it this month. Or be able to work those connections who can help you get it. Just prior to the Sun’s arrival in your 5th, we have an usually compelling full Moon in your status sector. This full Moon is unusual because it is the second full Moon in this house is a row. It appears at 29 degrees which is known as an ‘anaretic’ degree. If you are familiar with ‘in and out’ astrology – in other words, when a planet is at 29 or 0 degrees, you know that this brings about powerful and intense events and in the case of a personal full Moon like this, emotions.

Look back to the time of the full Moon in July as this full Moon has you revisiting something that happened then. You are now as a sign in a key period where things may seem to stop to go forward again. It may feel almost like a mini retro moment. This full Moon falls very close to Jupiter now in this house. It’s all about concluding what might have been left unfinished last month but also it needs you to take pragmatic rather than emotional decisions. Above all especially around your career and rep – keep your cool even if others lose theirs.

There could well be an opportunity on offer which again, may require you to take a practical approach. Look to your long term needs and how any decision you make supports this. Take your time – again, that stop of deep breath of surety before moving forward again. This is not a full Moon under which to rush your decision making or end up feeling rushed. Uranus retrograde in your 1st just two days before this full Moon favours backtracking and realigning your choices with your values.

There’s a lot of progress to be made and enjoyment to be had this month. In fact, for you its pretty well Access All Areas when it comes to a melange of experiences and where you can direct your energy, Taurus. Ruler Venus opens up everyday benefits when it lands in your 6th on the 16th. This is Venus’s other ruling sign of Libra and so we say it is happy there even if this transit is not directly impacting your personal life for you, it can bring other Venus related benefits as this is your house of work.

Continue the focus on your career, work, daily routine and how this is all related to your long term security or plans as Mercury joins Venus in here at the end of the month. This may not be Mercury’s ruling sign but it is its ruling house for you. Working relationships that feel like partnerships or opportunities to move into one may be on offer. Again, one more area open for you to experience as we head into September, Taurus!

In a nutshell: With so many areas in your chart feeling the planetary love, August gives you an Access all Areas pass to a smorgasbord of experiences. Romance? Home? Career? A better work/life balance? Take you pick, Taurus!

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