Turn on, tune in – join the party, Taurus!

Embrace people power

Make a wish

A new, more vibrant and exciting social scene could be yours this May, Taurus. As barriers between you and your goals dissolve. Shared projects, causes, visions; people power, movements, groups, parties, bands, clubs and organisations – if not physically then via Meetups or Zoom, may play a role here.

It’s about you and the collective now. Your contacts, networks, LinkedIn, who you know – all matter and in new ways now. Above all and this is the most important part – be a joiner. Don’t judge or say ‘That’s not my scene’. Accept all invitations which come your way. Your key to progress is involvement and inclusivity. And the ability to see we are all connected. All thanks to Jupiter’s arrival in your 11th from the 13th.

You are in a position to make your best ever impression on those you meet now. Just be aware however that anyone who judges will be judged in turn during this cycle. People from many different backgrounds, belief systems or social strata will cross your path and invite you to sample their world.

If you are open, then the next two months will see your world and potentially what you are able to achieve in terms of your goals, expand in ways you may not have dreamed possible. Despite what may be going on in the world around you with Covid or other restrictions, it will seem as if there’s a huge festival happening and you are invited to your own personal Glastonbury or Coachella! In fact, this could be a preview of what is possible for you on a bigger scale in 2022.

Check your chart factors!

Check your chart for Pisces factors between 0-2 degrees. Because if so, then Jupiter will grant you extra special wish fulfilment now. Also, check for planets or other important aspects in your opposite sign of Scorpio between 0-2 degrees as this could grant that love wish for some of you or bring in a deeply resonant partnership connection.

If you have factors in Cancer between 0-2 degrees, then the internet, writing, publishing, business, communication, learning and even how you get around – your car, commute etc, will benefit.

Jupiter in your 11th always invites you to make a wish. In fact, make three and provided you make some effort, you should see at least one manifest between now and the end of 2022. However, if you remain a couch hermit or worse, take a superior, snobbish approach to whomever you meet, you will find yourself on the outside looking in. And the rope to that VIP area most definitely not lifted. Be curious and above all, open now.

Set yourself up for what you REALLY want!

The Sun remains in your sign until the 20th. The 11th brings you the start of your new astrological cycle when the new Moon appears in your sign – just two days after the arrival of Ceres in here. Ruler Venus has also moved off into its ruling 2nd on the 9th. So, what all this adds up to literally for you Taurus, is the start of a fresh cycle of self-worth defined attraction and abundance.

At the time of the new Moon, get real about what you really, truly, madly, deeply want for yourself. Your power stems from realness – not pretense, and especially not feeling you need to people please! Emotional honesty will prove to be your superpower that takes you forward in a practical yet miracle working way towards truly fulfilling those needs in the next 12 months.

Be upfront with others about this. Even if it means temporarily rocking the proverbial boat with loved ones. What this new Moon along with Ceres and the planetary action now in your 2nd wants you to embrace is that you don’t have to fake it any more. Faking it includes going along with the status quo and pretending all is fine when the status quo is no longer what you want.

Exhale and let all that stuff go now, Taurus and make a welcome return ‘home’ on a soul level to the real you. Once you have done this then moving forwards towards the things that are most important to you become child’s play. You’ll feel lighter and freer as a result. Try it and see!

This is especially important as the rest of the month contains path defining moves and choices. As the planets move through your 2nd, they will meet the North Node in here. Mercury does this first on the 10th. Venus on the 17th and the Sun on the 31st. Look back 19 years if you are old enough. Or even 19 years again. What was happening around money, income, assets and your self-worth and talents? Are you revisiting themes now? This could be an opportunity to relate to your money differently and yes, you and your money DO have karma together too!

Be aware that Mercury enters retroshade time from the 15th. And when it turns full retro on the 29th, it will do so making a station on ruler Venus. As Venus is your ruler and in your money house, take this as a major red flag around money and expenditure now. This is not the time to be taking on new financial commitments or splurging. Unexpected bills and expenses could occur. Conserve your resources and use your usual Taurus caution now.

Fire up desire

Saturn also heads retrograde in its ruling 10th from the 23rd. This is a time to leverage your achievements to date and stop and plan your next moves rather than actually making them. Werk that reputation, Taurus. And ensure you project the right image now. This is a good retrograde under which to reposition yourself especially if you feel you are being overlooked for that promotion or better job.

Eclipses conceal and total eclipses plunge us into darkness. The 26th delivers a blacked-out fill Supermoon in your 8th of change, endings, transformations and rebirth. What this tells you is if an ending occurs, it will lead to something better – but you may not be able to see that about it. Again, if you desire a change or if your heart is no longer in something, this eclipse may well push buttons around this and ask you just what you intend to do about it? What is it you fear around the change or even simply airing your desire for it? Chances are nothing but fear itself.

If change catches you unawares and is not what you initiate under this eclipse – and allow a couple of days either side of it, again, please remember you don’t see the big picture – yet. Also, change can come due to your own unanswered desire for it. Bear this in mind.

By the time the month ends, Mars in your 3rd could deliver news, an invitation or opportunity to head towards at least one of those desires you’ve been secretly nurturing as it aligns to Neptune in your 11th. Don’t hesitate now, Taurus. Time to ditch fears around having what you want and feel it and have it anyway!

In a nutshell: This month’s new Moon in your sign marks an important new beginning for you, Taurus. Time to decide what you really want. And go for it as Jupiter powers you forward towards those biggest goals now.

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