Go below the surface – Neptune and the 12th house

Our journey through the houses of the chart is now almost complete as we arrive at the house of spirituality and secrets – also known as ‘womb and tomb’ – the 12th. The 12th house is associated with the sign of Pisces and is ruled by the planet Neptune. More than any other house, the 12th rules our soul development. As it rules things that cannot be seen but nevertheless exist, it rules ‘otherworldly’ experiences, intuition, psychic ability, all aspects of spirituality as well as on the other hand – physics such as quantum mechanics. After all, much of quantum mechanics such as the unified field theory and the multiverse, cannot be seen or proven. This is where science and spirituality meet. The 12th also rules confinement and places of confinement – such as hospitals, hospices, institutions and prisons.

Neptune has long been associated with illusion. At his best, Neptune breaks down the barriers between us and reality – allowing us to perceive other levels of existence such as the spiritual and quantum reality realms. At his worst however, Neptune will shroud us in illusion and escapism via over-indulgence in alcohol, drugs or mind-altering experiences. The 12th house also rules mental instability and hidden enemies and motivations. We may not be able to see a person or situation for what they truly are (as opposed to open enemies which are actually ruled by the 7th house of partnerships!). When reality finally intrudes it can therefore come as a shock when those Neptune-tinted spectacles are ripped off! Sometimes it can come as an even greater shock when we discover that our hidden enemy was actually ourselves as the 12th also rules self-sabotage. However, the 12th house is the house of inspiration – literally ‘in spirit’ – those creative insights that literally appear to hav been channelled by us from another realm.

With its ‘womb and tomb’ association, the 12th is also the house of karma. It points to where we were before this lifetime and also where we may be going in our next. An astrologer who specialises in karmic astrology can explain this in more detail.

At present, Neptune is in its own sign of Pisces bringing to us all a greater awareness of ‘Neptunian’ issues. A need to embrace the concept of realities other than our own, to integrate a more spiritual approach to our lives and also issues surrounding Neptune’s realm – the oceans as we realise that all life on Earth springs from the sea. If our oceans die – so do we. It’s that simple. These issues may come into greater prominence via disasters such as Deepwater Horizon, conservation and climate change. Neptune’s rulership extends to all creatures that live in the sea and also to horses of the land variety. In mythology it was Poseidon (Neptune) who gave us the horse.

In spirituality, water is symbolic of intuition. Neptune’s watery influence therefore includes using our intuition creativity and being open to the messages it carries. By doing this we evolve – onwards eventually beyond the 12th house and back into the 1st – as more spiritual and empathic individuals thanks to Neptune and the influence of our 12th house.

By Helen

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