The Second House in astrology

Welcome to the Second House in Astrology. The First House is all about YOU. How you present yourself to the world and how others perceive you. The Second House moves on from that and is all about assets, possessions and dare we say it – money? Money seems to be a dirty word in many spiritual circles. Yet we live in a material world and there is no doubt that money, or lack thereof, plays a key role in our journey. And this in fact unlocks the door to the Second House.

When people mention assets there is a tendency to think in purely material terms – money and possessions jump to mind. But our assets are usually far more than just material worth. Our assets are also our talents and abilities – our ‘gifts’ we are born with that have nothing to do with how wealthy our family may be. These too are ruled by the Second House. If you have planets in the Second House these not only indicate how you interact with the material world and the possessions you may amass, but they also point to the talents and gifts you may be born with.

The second house is traditionally associated with the sign of Taurus and is ruled by Venus. Yes, Venus may be traditionally associated with love and sensuality. But Venus also rules our bank account! Have a think back to times in your life where your career has suddenly taken off and soon afterwards you’ve embarked on a serious love affair – or vice versa. Now you see the connection! For this reason the Second House also has an influence on partners (although marriage and partnerships are actually ruled by the Seventh House). A major Second House transit can therefore bring in a serious relationship as well as financial and career success.

There’s a lot of confusion out there about planets in the Second House. For example, Saturn in the Second House was traditionally interpreted as having difficulty with attaining material possessions and success. Clearly, nobody told Steven Spielberg that as he has Saturn in the Second House. Nowadays, evolutionary astrologers would interpret Saturn in the Second as having the ability to commit to a long term career path or goal with enormous benefits or success coming in the later part of life. For Steven Spielberg then – the best may be yet to come!

It’s worth remembering that the Second House holds what other people consider valuable about us. It’s all about how we value ourselves, our talents and abilities and the price we put on them. The Second House is therefore the House of Self Worth. When we have true self-worth (as opposed to an over-inflated opinion of ourselves or worse – a sense of worthlessness), the world and other people reflect this with how they treat us, the money they are willing to pay us for our skills and the kind of people and material benefits we attract in our lives. Therefore, the message of the Second House is simple: If you want to increase your net worth – first work on your self-worth.

‘As above – so below’. Astrology and our chart merely reflect the macrocosm we hold within ourselves.

For more insight into your Second House – or your entire chart – why not book a session with one of our gifted astrologers? After all – you’re worth it!



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