Supersize Me! SuperMoons and their Meaning

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – it’s a SuperMoon.

The weekend of May 5-6 brings us a full Moon in Scorpio but this is no ordinary full Moon – it’s a SuperMoon. So, just what is a SuperMoon and how do they affect us astrologically?

A SuperMoon is when a new or full Moon occurs within 90% of its closest approach to the Earth in a given orbit. To put it simply – the Earth, Moon and Sun are all in a line with the Moon in its nearest approach to Earth. The Full Moon on May 6th puts the Moon the closest it will be to Earth for 2012.

The term ‘SuperMoon’ was first coined by astrologer Richard Nolle back in 1979 when he was writing for Horoscope magazine. Since then it has become the accepted term even in astronomical circles for this type of Moon with even NASA using it!

But on a more mundane level, what do SuperMoons bring to our lives?

The first thing to bear in mind is that the Moon of course is responsible for the movement of the tides here on Earth. So, under the influence of a SuperMoon we can expect the sea and indeed, the Earth itself to be on the move. SuperMoons have therefore come to be associated with earthquakes, storms at sea and tide surges and there is in fact a great deal of seismic activity usually recorded within 3-5 days either side of a SuperMoon occurring.

The second thing to remember is that we and most living beings on the planet are made up mainly of water. So, the Moon is clearly ‘pushing and pulling’ us as it waxes and wanes just as it does the oceans. A SuperMoon will therefore amplify these effects for us.

In terms of exactly how the SuperMoon in Scorpio will impact us, we first need to go back to Astrology 101. In our birthcharts the Moon represents our emotional NEED. This weekend’s SuperMoon taking place in transformational Scorpio will therefore provide us all with an emotional need to transform an area of our lives. If you know which house of your birthchart your natal Moon occupies, this will give you a clue as to the area the transformation will occur.

If you don’t have your time of birth which you need to calculate the house in which your Moon will fall – don’t worry. You can look up the sign the Moon occupied on the day you were born by checking an on-line ephemeris. Once you know which sign it is in, by reading up on the characteristics of that sign, this will also give you some clues as to how the SuperMoon may impact your life as it may throw up people, situations or ‘themes’ associated with that sign to transform your life.

If you want more clarity, then call us for a session with one of our insightful astrologers who will be glad to explain just what the SuperMoon can mean for you.

Of course, this is not the only SuperMoon we will have in 2012 but for those of us who see it, it could be the most spectacular. One thing is certain, we will all be offered a chance to transform something in a big way and that can even be our thoughts and mind-set, over the next week.

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