11th House in astrology

In our journey around the chart we’ve looked at the various houses that rule our relationships with others. The 3rd rules siblings for example. The 7th rules partnerships. Now we arrive at the 11th – the house of friendships, group activities and also career mentors and contacts, your hopes and fears and money made from hobbies or outside of work activities (the money you make from your main job is ruled mainly by your 2nd house).

The 11th house is associated with the sign of Aquarius and is ruled by the planet Uranus. Because of this the 11th house is also considered the house of the rebel! But really the 11th house describes your own unique personality, how you express yourself and also how others react to you.

Your very close friends come under the rulership of your 7th house the same as long term romantic partners, your spouse and business partners if you have them. This is because the 7th house is concerned with relationships formed via soul contracts that have some longevity. Often people wonder why they are still single when they have so many friends and an active social life. The answer is that your social life and long term relationships fall into different houses of your chart. Your 11th house therefore rules the kind of friendships we make with people with similar interests that we enjoy ‘hanging out’ with.

People with a well-aspected 11th house often form an extensive network of business-related friendships and contacts and these connections usually provide them with significant career opportunities over time either by mentoring or by personal recommendation. Therefore many astrologers will look quite closely at the 11th house as it also rules hopes, wishes and dreams; so a planet in the 11th or a powerful transit can indicate that you have people around you who will help you achieve your goals. The house opposite the 11th in your chart is the 5th – the house of creativity, children and love affairs. Again, a well-aspected 11th indicates the social support you have at your disposal especially when you may need to backing of a group for a creative project or help with your children. Also it can indicate if you will meet a romantic partner via a social event or through your wider social circle.

Above all, think of the 11th house as the house which shows the way you were meant to live life in a way that expresses your unique soul. Expressing our individuality not only creates an authentic life for ourselves but adds to the beauty and diversity of the whole. Individuals with a strong 11th house are often innovators and people who are ahead of their time in their thinking whose job it is to bring a new perspective to the world. Therefore the 11th house is also considered the house of the genius.

If you’re interested in knowing more about your 11th house or any aspect of astrology then one of our gifted astrologers will be happy to give you more insight.

So reach out and add your own unique stamp to your soul group. The 11th house tells us there’s a little bit of genius in everyone.

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