Taurus – Love Lessons

Taurus in love


You do not give your love easily because when you do give your heart away your love it is eternal. Even if you loved someone 20 years ago they will always have a piece of your heart. You are loyal and steadfast when it comes to romance and you like to build on things slowly. When you first meet someone you might play it a bit cool, not letting them know the extent of your feelings. You love to wine and dine and prefer an intimate one-on-one rather than mixing with others in groups. You might put your new partner through a few subtle tests before you commit but once you do you give it your all. You will be loyal and always defend your partner (sometimes even if they are wrong – however you will give them an earful when you get home!).


Your love lesson

Your love lesson is to avoid routine. Often with Taurus, once they feel they have met their mate, they have the tendency to take them for granted or get bogged down in a routine. Their partner becomes a part of them and an extension of self. Allow yourself to keep flowing with new ideas and new ways to seduce your other half. Just because you know you are going to love forever it doesn’t mean not putting new effort in! Loving someone is a new miracle everyday! If you keep your sensuality tuned up, the excitement will stop things from ever getting too predictable.

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