Star Sign Seduction – Seduce Your Partner By the Stars – Virgo

Want to know how to win the heart of your lover by appealing to their individual brand of astro-sexiness? Then check out our Star Sign Seduction tips for every sign.


Are you ready to become Mr or Ms. Perfect? At least to begin with. Virgo has that pedestal polished and waiting for you. Yes, of course they know that just like them deep down you’re all too human. They just want the fairy story to be real for a little while. The first date is therefore not the time to reveal to your Virgo lover all your insecurities, faults and imperfections. Also, avoid dissing your ex no matter how horrendous your break-up. Take this one slowly so they can appreciate all the facets of you – the good and the not-so-great and crush on the real you. Once they do that they open up and you’ll both appreciate how sexy you are together – imperfections and all. Keep the mystery going and don’t be an open book. A curious Virgo wants to get into your head – and your bed.

Virgo Man

A place for everything and everything in its place. That can also go for timing as well. For a Virgo man to relax and get jiggy everything has to be just how he wants it – the bedroom has to be tidy and the timing has to be right. Spontaneity isn’t his strong suit and if you want the suit to come off then these details have to be taken care of first. Hey – I don’t make the rules – I’m just the one telling you about them. Like Gemini, Virgo is ruler by Mercury so talking dirty or telling him how he makes you feel gets him coming up with a few distinctly non-virginal ideas of his own. He loves to see you in something white, starched and pristine. Go for a scalp massage to get him to relax and then work your way down talking to him all the time. You’ll soon find silence is golden as this man loves anything oral.

Virgo Woman

Read what I have to say about Virgo Man and then supersize (or super clean/organize) it. Woe betide you if you house or apartment isn’t up to scratch. If so, she’s more likely to scrub your worktops than disrobe for you and you’ll just become a pity mission as in: ‘Nice guy but such a schlub’. So, be sure the bedding is clean and there is nothing lying on the floor such as dirty underpants. Suggest taking a shower together (provided your bathroom is totally spick and span) as she finds this irresistible. Licking and massaging extremities gets her going as well. She will appreciate classy but not highly perfumed massage oils and bathing products. Again, I don’t make the rules – I’m just the messenger. Take your time and you will be rewarded. The devil is in the details and the details are what unleash the devil in her.


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