Star Sign Seduction – Seduce Your Partner By the Stars – Leo

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So you’ve got the hots for the King or Queen of the jungle? Better get ready to make sure that you treat them like royalty. Just understand that the lion is not meant to be tamed easily so don’t come too close too fast. Be free but sincere with your compliments as Leos love the attention and crave the spotlight like no other sign. If all this sounds like you’re seducing a right royal pain, then take heart because once they give you theirs a Leo is kind, generous to a fault and above all – loyal. Just don’t ever do anything to disempower them however. Because a Leo values their dignity they look for a partner who maintains theirs. Your chances of being considered as serious relationship material by a Leo if you’re wearing a boob tube or pants which expose butt crack? Somewhere between a snowballs chance in hell and zero. Sure, if you throw yourself at them they’ll oblige with a one-night stand but don’t expect them to call – ever. You know you’re being taken seriously when they are willing to share the spotlight and the throne with you.

Leo Man

Is King and he knows it. The question is – do you? Leo men are charming and above all, confident of their prowess. Forget any adage about sauce for the goose however. He is happy to date other people but won’t like it if you do. Make sure you spell out the fact you are looking for exclusivity or if you don’t then you only have yourself to blame. Stroke this cat’s ego and tell him how handsome/strong/capable and successful he is and make sure you compliment him by looking like a queen. Leo’s usually have wonderful hair so run your fingers through his mane. In the bedroom he expects the ‘lion’s share’ of the attention. Think about those nature documentaries about big cats. Yes – he usually likes to do it from behind. Go wild!

Leo Woman

Tell her she’s your Queen. This woman usually packs the double-punch – classy and powerful. She’s looking for her equal so you’d better be up to it. She loves tributes so with this lady we are talking flowers (the more exotic the better and please, no gas station bouquets), gifts, fine restaurants and airline tickets to romantic places. If you are out make sure you stay focused on her and don’t comment or be distracted by other women. Once you have her attention this is the lady who will perform your own private striptease and loves to get creative in the bedroom. All that worship will pay off as she loves to give as well as receive pleasure.

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