Your Rising Sign – Your Key to Your Unique Soul


How many times have you heard people say: ‘I’m not your typical Leo/Pisces/Virgo’? Or maybe you have said the same thing about yourself! Perhaps although you can see you have strong characteristics associated with your Sun sign, sometimes you can’t help but notice you have personality traits that just seem the complete opposite? How come you love to stay in and do girlie things when you’re supposed to be a sporty Sagittarian? Sure, you’re a detail-oriented Virgo who takes pride in her work but your home and workspace is a disorganised mess! Why is it your sensitive Cancerian colleague gets so impatient and angry sometimes? What’s going on?

Chances are when people don’t behave in the way we’d expect them to according to their Sun sign, they are expressing their rising sign or ascendant.

Your rising sign is the sign that is above the horizon at the time you were born. The Earth takes 24 to rotate on its axis and there are 12 signs of the zodiac. Therefore, the sign on the horizon changes every two hours. This is why astrologers want to know the time you were born when casting your birth chart. Your rising sign or ascendant determines the first house of your chart – the house that is essentially ‘you’ and represents the face you show to the world and how the world sees you. It is the key to understanding how others see you and how you relate to the world, and the first piece of the magical and unique puzzle that makes up YOU.

Our rising sign can reveal our soul path or purpose. It is the perfect ‘twin’, the partner to our Sun sign and when understood and utilised can make us so much more powerful and complete as individuals.

So, if we were to take the examples above – the Sagittarian who prefers staying in and doing ‘girlie’ things may well have a Venus ruled sign – Libra or Taurus, as her ascendant, Venus of course ruling beauty, love, adornment and sensuality. No way does she want to go out and indulge in rough and tumble activities that mess up her hair! While our Virgo, while having a keen eye for minute details that others miss but lives in domestic chaos, may be hiding a Sagittarius rising sign – Sagittarius says there are always much more interesting things to do other than housework! Your sensitive Cancerian could well have fiery Aries rising which would make her flare up with uncharacteristic impatience and anger if she feels hurt or under pressure.

Of course, it is possible for you to have the same rising sign as your Sun sign. You could well be say a Capricorn with Capricorn rising. If this is the case we astrologers would describe you as a ‘Double Capricorn’ and you would see your Sun sign traits magnified. So, if someone describes themselves as ‘very Scorpio’ it may be because they also have Scorpio rising.

If you know your time and place of birth you can of course generate your own birthchart on-line which will give you your rising sign. When you view my weekly and monthly astrology videos you will discover that if you watch the videos for both your Sun sign and your Rising sign this will open up a whole new dimension of understanding when it comes to seeing what is going on in your life right now. Try it and see!

A major planet transiting our rising sign and first house can often bring in huge changes in who we are and how the world sees us. So, to understand how our rising sign really does influence our soul purpose, nothing beats a one-to-one session with one of our gifted astrologers who can explain more fully what your rising sign says about you.  You are more than you ever dreamed possible and your rising sign is the key to unlocking your potential.

By Helen

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