Star Sign Seduction – Seduce your Partner By the Stars – Sagittarius

Want to know how to win the heart of your lover by appealing to their individual brand of astro-sexiness? Then check out our Star Sign Seduction tips for every sign.

‘Don’t fence me in’. This is the mantra of every Sagittarian. It’s not that they don’t want commitment – they just need to feel that they’re still a free spirit. Sag hates predictability and routine. They also hate feeling smothered. Start to crowd them and all you will see is dust as Sag heads for the hills. If you want to keep a Sag close – keep them guessing about what you will do next. Your arrow has hit the mark with Sagittarians when they stick around. You know they like you when they become clumsy, flustered, blush or keep making serious eye contact. Oh – and don’t call them. They’ll call you.

Sagittarius Man

Was born under a wandering star. Never boring and usually the life of the party, even when Sag man has got over his backpacker period chances are he has a job that enables him to travel so expect to have to catch him in between trips. He likes spontaneity and he is impressed by independence and adventure. If you’ve got a story about you paddling your canoe single-handedly up the Orinoco, then he’ll be hooked. Clinging vines and women who want to know when the next meal is scheduled or worry that the activity he has planned will ruin their hair/nails/frock are no-nos. Having said that he will love you if you spend three days trekking in Yosemite with him and then appear for dinner looking like you stepped off the cover of Vogue. This man usually loves the outdoors and will take advantage of private settings. If you want to heat up the action start with his back and move to his thighs. He’ll take over from there.

Sagittarius Woman

Like her male counterpart this woman is always on the look out for adventure. She is very independent to the point of being headstrong. If you have issues around control this lady will challenge them. Not that she’ll stay around long – her vanishing act will be lesson enough. She may not be everybody’s cup of tea but then she’s not looking for Mr. or Ms. Everybody. She’s usually very comfortable with who she is and is looking for someone equally comfortable with themselves so insecurities and hang-ups have no place with Ms. Sag. Make dates as varied as possible as she’ll appreciate the effort. Sure, take her to dinner but a guided tour of lesser-known sights of your locale first will go down a treat. She’ll let you know exactly what she wants in the bedroom and if you don’t please her well – this is one sign who won’t bother faking it to make you feel better. She’s got plenty of energy so you had better be able to keep up. Hips and thighs are the main turn-on areas.

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