Taurus Love Compatability

I believe that we can be compatible with any sign. 21st Century Astrology tells us that our soul can grow and be tested by many different experiences. Here is a traditional view on compatibility. Of course to really tell you need to get a proper chart done.

Taurus relationship vibration

When Taurus falls in love it is forever, and for this very reason it can take them a long time to decide on the right partner. They won’t settle for anything but class, style and taste in a partner, someone who keeps the peace and doesn’t create a drama just because they feel like it. They value loyalty, depth of feeling, and have an eye for the beautiful, sensual things in life.

Compatible elements: Earth & Water

Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign. Earth creates the boundaries that Water needs in order to take form and find purpose. The deliberate, stable, dependable traits of the Earth signs complement the sensitive, intuitive, emotional traits of the Water signs.

Traditional Compatible zodiac signs

Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces

Best match: Scorpio

The natural disposition of a Taurus person is to stick with the status quo, even when it’s not doing them any good. But Scorpio knows how to motivate a stubborn Taurus to make changes. Scorpio has the insight to see past their apparently calm and impenetrable exterior, which melts Taurus’s heart. Scorpio is in awe of Taurus’s strength, loyalty and determination. Both signs are slow to warm up, but once they feel certain and safe with each other they create a powerful energy that’s both durable and extraordinarily passionate.

Worst match: Aquarius

Both signs are Fixed, making them inflexible in their feelings and attitudes. Aquarius’s unpredictable behaviour is viewed by Taurus as irrational and

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