Find Your Soul Mate With Astrology – North Node in Sagittarius


If you have your birthchart (please see Find Your Soul Mate With Astrology on how to do this) and it shows your North or True Node in the sign of Sagittarius then you have chosen to walk the path of the Spiritual Teacher.

Your Soul Path Journey: Travel, exploration, adventure and especially nature and animals, beckon. You may be drawn to other cultures and other ways of thinking and belief systems and through this form your own philosophy about life. When you come to understand what this is, you will then begin to share this with others which is when the true adventure begins.

Your South Node: Is in Gemini which rules journeys (surprise, surprise!) and also writing and communication. It’s not about keeping what you learn to yourself – it’s about sharing your experiences often through writing, speaking or communicating in some way.

How Your Soul Mate Will Recognise You: Your natural talent for communication and your sense adventure combined with the fact you are generous and ethical will hook in your soul mate every time! Also, North Node in Sagittarius is usually the most open-minded when it comes to the concept of what a soul mate may look like. You are therefore likely to attract soul mates of different ages, backgrounds and even soul mates of different species! It’s all one and the same to you. A true soul mate is one who broadens your understanding of life and who takes you on a journey – whether real or metaphorical.

It’s Not a Soul Mate When: You become scattered, deceitful, take refuge in half-truths or even downright lies, refuse to take responsibility, are changeable, unfocused, inconsistent and unreliable. Saddle up that horse and ride like hell off into that sunset!

Remember, every connection we make is here to teach us something about ourselves. North Node in Sagittarius is all about learning as much as you can about things that interest you and from this forming a unique perspective on life which you tell others about.

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