Find Your Soul Mate With Astrology – North Node in Virgo


If you have your birthchart (please see Find Your Soul Mate With Astrology on how to do this) and it shows your North or True Node in the sign of Virgo then you have chosen to walk the path of the Spiritual Healer.

Your Soul Path Journey: In this life you’re here to create wellness through right work. By this I’m not just talking about spiritual work although that is a big part of your path. You understand the connection between finding work that fulfils you and your wellbeing. You know that in order to do what you have come here to do you have to maintain your health and energy. You instinctively know when people and situations drain you. By avoiding these your energy increases and the more you can pursue your dreams and help others reach theirs.

Your South Node: Is in spiritual Pisces. This gives you the perfect balance between the practical and analytical abilities of Virgo and the spiritual and emotional insight of Pisces to come up with a totally holistic approach to work and wellness.

How Your Soul Mate Will Recognise You: If you’re on the right path that’s brought your soul mate to you, you look and feel your best as you are health conscious and spiritual without being zealous or kooky about it. Later you’ll reveal your hidden spiritual and sensitive side – but only when you’ve got to know them better. As you do, you’ll notice how your soul mate helps you to work smarter (not harder) and with more soul meaning, which heals you, people, workplaces, organisations and environments.

It’s Not a Soul Mate When: You start acting like a victim, become co-dependent, seek escapism especially in alcohol or drugs, feel emotionally and/or physically drained in their presence or start to act out in self-destructive ways. If you’re ticking off any of the above – this is now your cue to leave – and quickly.

Remember, every connection we make is here to teach us something about ourselves. North Node in Virgo expressed properly is a wonderful expression of the spiritual connection between work and wellbeing. If you concentrate on this your soul mate is sure to show up on your wellness journey.

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