Unlock The Power of Your Moon Sign for Sun in Sagittarius

How we love and receiving love is usually the most important issue for us and our Moon sign shows not only our emotional vulnerabilities but also our emotional strengths.  So, if you have your Sun in Sagittarius, how does your Moon sign impact on this? The Moon is the key to our emotional world and how we express our feelings. You don’t need your time of birth to discover your Moon sign as you can look up the sign the Moon was in the day you were born here on AK or other astrology sites on-line. Once you know your Moon sign then read how it affects your Sagittarius Sun and unlock your emotional potential once and for all. That’s the power your Moon sign gives you!

Moon in Aries

You are an impulsive person with boundless energy and what can only be described as a pioneering spirit. New ideas and schemes excite you and you have the capacity to work hard on a project providing it remains interesting and satisfies your ambitions. People admire your self-assured manner and the seemingly easy way you handle people and responsibility. You will step in and take over if you feel you have to, though make sure you do it tactfully and try to avoid treading on anyone’s toes – or feelings for that matter! Your lesson in life is to slow down and deliberate more before you act as your impulsiveness and excitability can cause you to make rash decisions that you may later regret. Test the waters before you dive in. At least you are not scared to make a decision and you are a natural leader. Just learn moderation and you can go far.

Moon in Taurus

You enjoy the good things in life and can describe it all in glorious detail. Security is a big deal for you and though you have dreams and are very creative, your pragmatic need for security and comfort prevails. In order to gain inner fulfilment, try to unite your practicality with imagination. For example, why not cook and write about your culinary creations or indulge yourself on some whim? Sagittarius gives you vision and wisdom but Taurus has maturity and that can help balance your idealism or natural enthusiasm. You are very warm hearted, genial and compassionate which can make you a big softie who finds saying “no” very difficult. You can have a little too much faith is some people and get down when they do not act as expected. You do have good business sense so don’t be afraid to take a few calculated risks on your ideas as they are likely to pay off. Pursuit of pleasure in high on the agenda and you should watch the tendency to enjoy your comforts too much as this could lead to an expanded waistline and you should also guard against coming across as self-satisfied and smug when it comes to your success (or excesses!). Reach out and always work on keeping up your interests and increasing your social circle as this is where the real pleasure can be found for you.

Moon in Gemini

This combination makes you very independent and somewhat of a maverick. Your restless spirit makes standing still an exercise in futility. You need adventure, both mentally and physically so travel, variety, change and mental stimulation are essential to your well-being before you decide you can settle down. You need to learn to focus your energies as this can be a lifelong challenge if not addressed early on in life. Stability does not sit easy with you but as you like a challenge, treat it as one and not a threat. This also applies to your thoughts as you can change your mind often – usually because you’ve just discovered something new and better but remember – others may interpret this as just being inconsistent whereas for you, it’s all part of the adventure! You do tend to rely on luck and your ingenuity and wits see you through. You need discipline and to be able to master something and your personal  However, personal fulfilment actually comes with concrete achievements rather than just hopping from idea to idea. But for you variety really is the spice of life!

Moon in Cancer

You may find this combination divides you between the desire for home comforts and a need for adventure and freedom! Perhaps the solution for you is to create a home base that acts as the launching pad for your adventures and to which you can return until the next one lures you away again. More cautious than most Sagittarians, your Cancer moon can also make you more tranquil and controlled as well as giving more depth to your personality. You are very self-assured, capable and need to trust your judgement about people as you can sense any duplicity more than other Sagittarians. There is a danger of letting your emotions or imagination get carried away however. This can make you come across childish so don’t let your emotions distort reality which is what can happen especially if you feel emotionally insecure or threatened in any way. Once you grasp the concept that personal fulfilment and security comes from within then you will find your latent adaptability to whatever conditions life presents will exceed expectations and home will be wherever you choose to make it.

Moon in Leo

This is a very dynamic combination as Sagittarius’s scattered energies are anchored by the Leo Moon’s organisational abilities and channelled positively into far-reaching goals. You could be a very charismatic leader with this placement as you appear upbeat, confident and laid back. Your sincerity, integrity and dignity allow you to enjoy the good life without coming across as smug or having a sense of entitlement. Just ensure that your generosity does not lead you to collect ‘hangers on’ as you may be susceptible to flattery and people can exploit you through this due to your sincere and trusting nature even thought we can say that your judgement is usually excellent!  You have many gifts so ensure you make the most of them and realise your full potential.

Moon in Virgo

You are adept at bringing order to chaos as you can think deeply and in an organised manner, nutting out broad concepts, minute details and outlining specific plans to reach objectives. You are also very intuitive which mixed with good judgement and sense allows you to make prudent or calculated risks as you lack that recklessness and have the patience to check the lay of the land before leaping into action. Most people do not realise you are a Sagittarius as you are quiet, down to earth and very understated compared to your counterparts. You are a realist, rarely indulge in whimsical and are highly analytical. You utilise your charm and diplomacy to get your own way but can set yourself up to take on more than you should due to your overriding sense of responsibility. Do take care here as when you feel rushed or pressured you have a tendency to lash out or get bad tempered, tense and snippy with those near and dear rather than those responsible. Honour your need for personal freedom as well as responsibilities and you will find this won’t become a problem for you.

Moon in Libra

You are a highly independent individual with a great deal of self confidence and belief in yourself. This placement allows you to deal with people affectively as you have a good understanding of people and peace and harmony are important to you. You are very tolerant and make a wonderful mediator as you can see both sides of a story or argument. In fact you tend to avoid confrontations so be mindful it is not at your expense as you can martyr yourself by sacrificing your ideals to keep the peace. Having said that, you  will not tolerate degradation of any sort. This is the only pet peeve you may have of yourself or others. Your undemanding personality and good humour makes you very popular both socially and professionally though you have a restless spirit and in constant want of variety. There is a danger of laziness as Moon in Libra can get dreamy so be mindful to make those dreams a reality by applying yourself with strengthened resolve.

Moon in Scorpio

Here is someone who can only be described as a go-getter. Once you have decided upon a path or goal, this placement gives you the vision, energy and drive to see it through and achieve success. Though a free-spirited, adventurous soul, you can be very dogmatic when it comes to your beliefs. You need to accept differences of opinion rather than dismiss them and get people on your side – we are not our opinions remember! You can be hot-headed and you are not always under attack so make sure you don’t over-react and strike out with vicious verbal barbs that wound deeply. Instead, focus on what is being said and if you have to walk away to process their comments then do so. Detach from yourself and your behaviour as you can from others so you can be more objective. You have the capacity to accomplish whatever you set your mind to which is a positive use of that intense emotional energy. You have what it takes to succeed – remember that.

Moon in Sagittarius

A double dose of Sagittarius gives you a great enthusiasm, creativity and energy. You are always on the go and do tend to act impulsively with all that Jupiterian exuberance you possess. You are highly idealistic and like to look at the big picture and use your sound judgement and hunches to see you through a multitude of situations. You do need to keep your feet on the ground if you can as you are very restless and do love your freedom. Otherwise, have a trusted friend or colleague help keep you on track or organise you as absentmindedness or distraction with those ideas and projects that run through your mind. Take time to regenerate or relax. This placement gives you such an abundance of energy you can be susceptible to burn out if you do not wind down or sleep properly. You have great leadership potential and a great intelligence but remember not everyone can keep up with you – that’s why you’re the leader!

Moon in Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn gives you a great mind for business but here in Sag it also give you an important edge as you possess vision and imagination as well as a playfulness that can really win people over to your side. The natural impulsiveness of Sag is tempered by caution with the Moon in here and you don’t indulge in the rash decisions that can derail many Sagittarians but can channel those expansive ideas more practically and constructively. Ambition and integrity are important to you as they reflect upon your reputation. However, try not to let these be the focus of your life, especially at the expense of your relationships. Indulge the Sagittarian explorer within and use your skills to travel or to delve into subjects of interest as you are efficient and organised enough to fit it all in. This combination gives you good perceptive abilities, both internally and externally. Use that great wit and dark humour to your advantage as it can show the depth, wisdom and humanity behind your outgoing demeanour.

Moon in Aquarius

Unpredictable, broad-minded and very independent is how the world perceives you. You have a lot to offer and can be an inspiring teacher or leader as you have a great sense of the dramatic, blended with timing, an ability to know what to say and when to say it and are very persuasive, which helps you get the point across in a way that will be accepted by others. Do take care with your impatience. You are very forward thinking and even a trail blazer but can be very obvious about your annoyance if someone cannot keep up with you or understand your ideas. This can make you appear arrogant which contradicts your principles as you yourself rebel against arrogance! Are you rebelling against yourself? The Aquarius moon can make you very stubborn and mixed with Sagittarius, there is the danger of having a sanctimonious attitude. Tap into that charm and amiability you possess in abundance and use that enviable power to persuasion to share your insights on the collective.

Moon in Pisces

You are very dreamy yet highly intuitive which helps you decide who you can trust. This can be useful when others try to take advantage of your sympathetic and understanding nature. Learn to say no or set up boundaries because your forgiving nature makes you very tolerant which is a virtue unless it becomes detrimental to your personal growth. Being impressionable, adaptable and very romantic, you need to tap into your sense of self worth to your full capacity and do not underestimate yourself either. As you are so sensitive, it is easy to escape into an optimistic fantasy world rather than deal with some harsh realities. Do not lie to others or more importantly to yourself. Your challenge is to deal with troubles face on. Your Sagittarian optimism should help here. You need to curb that restless spirit and tendency to worry to make the most of your talents. Though details are boring, by focusing your energies you will be able to turn your dreams into reality.

Understanding the energy of our Moon sign just leads to us leading happier lives – and better connections with all the people around us. So, utilise yours and open up emotional strengths you never knew you had – all courtesy of the Moon!