Your Venus Sign – The Power Of Love

Your Venus Sign - the power of llove

Your Venus Sign – The Power Of Love

You always knew you had a Goddess within you, and it turns out her name is Venus. Understanding the power of your Venus placement is the first step towards unleashing the powers of the Divine feminine within you.

What Does Venus Mean In My Chart?

Venus represents your ability to seduce, to attract, and to draw people in with the power of your persona. Sometimes getting what you want from the people around you requires an iron fist, but generally speaking if that fist is wearing a velvet glove, you’ll get better results. That’s how your Venus works: it can be the sugar that helps the medicine go down.

Venus Through The Signs

Venus in Fire Signs

(Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) You have the Goddess power of Passion. A Fire Sign Venus has a lot of heart, and can’t help but wear it on her sleeve. Your impulsiveness is part of your charm, and there’s no guesswork involved when you want someone or something.

Venus in Aries is not the princess who sits back and waits to be rescued. She wants to charge in and do the rescuing herself, and she appreciates that quality in a partner. Be bold with your words and your actions (and your dress) and you’ll get maximum results.

Venus in Leo loves to be a part of the drama, and isn’t afraid to generate its own when the environment isn’t providing any. Whether you call it “creativity” or “contrariness,” it always keeps things exciting. Work your flair for keeping things fresh and entertaining, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Venus in Sagittarius may treat love like a game, but understands that it’s a game that everyone can win if you play it properly. She’s inherently fair-minded and despises pettiness, and will do everything she can to steer a relationship clear of those perils.

Venus in Earth Signs

(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) You have the Goddess power of Sensuality. Earth Sign Goddesses have a natural understanding for how things should taste and feel, and understand that life is a very physical experience. You can be the solid base that someone wants to build a friendship – or more – on. This makes you naturally inviting whether you know it or not.

Venus in Taurus: You have a natural grasp of all things earthy and sexy. Like a good gardener, you know that relationships must be planted in the right soil and must continue to be nurtured gently but firmly. Like comfort food, you are naturally irresistible.

Venus in Virgo: “Care and attention to detail” may not at first sound very sexy, but when someone is on the receiving end of that treatment, it is undeniably powerful. You have a unique gift for applying your intellect to getting high-quality (and intimate) results.

Venus in Capricorn: You have a natural understanding of comfort, and how to make others feel comfortable too. You are independent and not captured easily, and that increases your value in the eyes of an emotional investor. You also know how to size up exactly what your partner needs, and how to provide it.

Venus in Air Signs

(Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) you have the Goddess power of Guile. Charm and wit are indispensable to your romantic toolkit, and you have plenty of it. You have a natural gift for winning over people’s minds, and once you’ve done that, their hearts will usually follow along soon afterwards.

Venus in Gemini: You take a genuine interest in others, and they naturally respond to that. You have a unique gift for being able to get into someone’s mind and finding out which buttons to push.

Venus in Libra: You have a natural understanding for the give-and-take that comes with true romance, friendships, and relationships. Regardless of who actually invented “charm,” you’ve probably perfected it.

Venus in Aquarius: You are bright and shiny, in perpetually new and ever changing ways. Any old gemstone can be unusual, but you are an extraordinary one as well. Yours is the kind of uniqueness that draws lots of positive attention.

Venus in Water Signs

(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) you have the Goddess power of Depth. You live in your feelings, and like the ocean itself, many are drawn to your emotional power. Even when you aren’t expressing those feelings, people can hear the crashing sound of those waves inside you.

Venus in Cancer: You provide a uniquely deep form of nurturing. No matter the unsettled nature of modern existence, you naturally feel to people like someone they want to come home to.

Venus in Scorpio: When you attach, you do so in a primal and instinctive way, And when you love, you do it boldly. Your seriousness in relationships is hypnotic. You understand the value of serving a little spice with your sugar.

Venus in Pisces: Your love is mystical and alluring, and the experience of it can be like a call to adventure in a foreign land that somehow ends up feeling like where you belonged all the while. Your dewy-eyed charms are hard to resist!




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