What on Earth?! Why doesn’t the Earth feature in Astrology?

We all know astrology and astronomy used to be one and the same and that astrology is the study of the influence the planets have on our lives. So, considering that Earth is part of our solar system and just happens to be the planet we all reside on (aside from those lucky souls on the International Space Station that is!), why doesn’t it feature in astrological forecasts or our birth charts? Well, the answer is it actually does but in a hidden way that even some astrologers are unaware of – but which of course I am about to share with you now!

When we look at any birthchart, how an astrologer views it is that ‘you’ are at the centre of the chart when you are born and all the planets are positioned around you in their various signs and houses. So yes, we can say at the time of your birth you really were the centre of the universe and the planets really DID orbit around you! Isn’t that a nice thought? On a soul level this tells us that each and every one of us really is important and that there is a purpose to all of us being here – whether we are aware of it or not.

However, that’s US and not the Earth! So, where is the Earth in our charts? Well, the Earth’s position in your chart – even though it is not shown by a glyph, is actually opposite the Sun. As an example, if your natal Sun is at 16 degrees of Pisces the Earth will be at 16 degrees of Virgo. If your natal Sun is at 0 degrees of Sagittarius, the Earth will be at 0 degrees of Gemini. (Note: there is no such thing as being ‘on the cusp’ in astrology. The Sun is either on one sign or another and even at 0 degrees of the sign – it’s still in there!).

Go look up your chart and see where the Earth actually is and take note what planets in your chart it aspects. Is it forming any conjunctions, trines, sextiles or squares with any planet in your chart? Obviously it will always be in opposition to your Sun. Is it conjunct a karmic point such as the midheaven, IC, ascendant or descendant if you know your time of birth? What house is it in? The Earth holds the clue to our lifepath and what we have been sent here to do which is why once you know where it is, it can unlock a big piece of the puzzle that is you and you can use this information to help you along your path and to express your soul’s true purpose for being here.

So, think of yourself as being on a mission – a mission from the universe (or God if you prefer the Blues Brothers take on things!) and the sign the Earth is in tells you about this mission and yes, it’s your opposite sign – if you don’t know your rising sign then on a Solar Chart which is a chart where your Sun is in the 1st house and the charts we use for your forecasts, then this is the sign of partnerships and in this case, this is the partnership you have with the universe, the Earth and yourself – the one relationship you are in from cradle to grave.

Read as much as you can about your true ‘Earth’ sign – Google makes this easy, and write down as many keywords as you can find that are associated with what the sign rules and represents, the house it traditionally rules in the chart and its qualities. What is its ruling planet? What is the mythology of the planet? Write all this down in your journal and study it carefully. Somewhere in there are the clues to your purpose here on Earth.

Our birthcharts are a map of our destiny and the Earth gives us the key to our purpose here. If you need a more in-depth look then one of our experienced astrologers will be happy to help you – in the meantime, have fun discovering just what your true purpose for being here on Earth at this time really is!


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