Neptune in Pisces

Let’s go down to the sound tonight

Tide is low we can walk on water

Reel me in under that starry light

Just like the fisherman’s daughter

Neptune is in his ruling sign of Pisces where he will remain until 2025. So far, he’s still at an early degree of Pisces and you can’t hurry Neptune! He puts us in an unhurried state where on a higher level we can connect with the Buddhist precept that life is a dream – or in Quantum terms that we inhabit a holographic universe. Of course, a negative Neptune can disconnect you from reality entirely and you can literally be ‘living in a dream’ – but knowing how to work a Neptune transit can put you in a position where you can literally work miracles in your life.

Neptune’s transit through Pisces is not only important for Pisceans or anyone with a planet in Pisces in their chart or a Pisces ascendant, but also important for anyone who has their Sun or planets in Pisces opposite sign of Virgo or another Mutable sign – Gemini or Sagittarius, as Neptune will square their planets or ascendant. So, take note and consult one of our astrologers if you feel you need more insight into how Neptune may be affecting you.

Baby when the bands and the barkers go home

They say that Venus she rises

From out of the foam

She dancers on air and laughs at the moon

And watches young lovers in fiery dunes


Neptune at his best is considered a higher vibration of Venus who of course rules love, music, art, creativity and beauty. Neptune connects us to higher love and the higher love we need to have for ourselves as well as others. Along with Quaoa, he connects us to universal truth, knowledge, inspiration, intuition and psychic ability. Because Neptune also rules hidden enemies and miracles, we can find ourselves in a position during a Neptune transit where we confront the hidden enemy (usually the one within and therefore the one we are most unaware of) via coming into contact with our ability to be the miracle worker in our own lives.

Neptune not only puts us in touch with our dreams, he stimulates our intuition with ideas on how we can make them come true. What often happens then during a powerful Neptune transit, is if we follow Neptune’s nudges and utilise his insight, we ‘walk on water’ and become miracle workers and see our dreams manifest. This can be right when our ‘hidden enemy’ emerges and then sabotages our success. It tells us we don’t deserve the relationship, the job, the success we are creating. The fact that we have now touched on just how powerful we are is very frightening for this part of our psyche, so we end up sabotaging ourselves. We may create problems in a relationship where none exist or start to doubt our ability to function in that fabulous new career we landed by a ‘fluke’ and that our imagined ‘incompetence’ will soon be found out and so we had better quit while we are ahead.

If any of this sounds familiar for you, Neptune is now asking you to first believe in yourself as the miracle worker in your own life, then once you have created your miracle, not to give into the deception of self-doubt and self-sabotage – but to accept the fact that miracles are your birthright – as is your power to create them.

So are you willing to wait for the miracle?

Willing to wait it through?

Are you willing to wait for the miracle?

Or don’t you believe they’re true?

So, are you willing to believe in miracles? Neptune rules that which cannot be seen but which nonetheless exists – miracles waiting to be born, or in the words of Mark Cohn’s wonderful Neptune-inspired song, Walk on Water, don’t you believe they’re true?