Free yourself with Uranus!

Let’s talk about Uranus. And before we go any further let’s ensure we are pronouncing his name correctly. It’s not Your Anus – that would be a Plutonic astrological mispronunciation. It’s Urre-Ahhh-Nus. Uranus is the electric bolt out of the blue, the revolutionary idea that over-turns all others, the intuitive response, the creative fire which has to be expressed, the rebel, the maverick, the trickster and in this mode he can be seen as a higher vibration of Mercury. Ruler of Aquarius, Uranus wants us all to grow into our individuality. To connect with who we are and what we came here to do. To express ourselves and our ideas.

Uranus takes approximately 84 years to complete an orbit of the Sun. So, when we are around age 42 Uranus will oppose his position in our natal chart. This is the classic ‘mid-life’ crisis transit – where we may be called to look at where we have been living an inauthentic life – and course correct. Now, if you are going to cite the cliché mid-life crisis man who ditches the wife, kids and sedan and suddenly sports a medallion, ear-piercing, sports car and a younger model in the passenger seat next to him – unfortunately this is an example of a negative Uranus opposition. It’s that rebel without a cause and unless channelled positively, a Uranus transit can leave us contemplating the fact we threw our toys out of the pram in a fit of pique – and no-one is now going to pick them up and hand them back to us. Uranus no matter how he works, is at the end of it, all about individual responsibility and reaping what we sow. In this way he can be seen to align with Saturn and this is why he took over the modern-day rulership of Aquarius from him.

Positive Uranus however, shakes things up because we are off-track or have lost our soul purpose or direction. We have become somehow inauthentic. In the film Starting Over, Aaron Eckhart plays Bill, a middle aged man who hates his job, his dependence on his father-in-law, his wife’s family (with whom he has nothing in common), and his life in general. He is shaken free and made to confront what isn’t working for him when he discovers his wife is having an affair. This is a classic Uranus opposition move and a great film to watch if you want to understand what can happen when we don’t take the steps we need to in order to live an authentic life. Uranus is the channel for our soul calling and the real ‘us’.

In the Tarot, Uranus is linked to the card of The Tower in the major arcana. Now, most of us experience an adverse reaction when this card shows up in a reading. It is of course symbolic of a collapse of plans, a reversal, a shock. But what we need to remember about this card is that none of this may necessarily be a disaster. Uranus’s force is the lightning bolt we see striking The Tower. If you look at the card you see two figures tumbling from the Tower as this occurs – Adam and Eve representing our conscious and subconscious minds. No matter what is happening it’s illumination and revelation. Uranus has a reputation for ‘suddeness’ and these bolts from the blue but Uranus would argue that’s not the case – and so would many astrologers. Usually when Uranus lobs a lightning bolt at us, the issue has been brewing for quite some time but we didn’t heed the whispers. The only way to get our attention and get us back on track is therefore something dramatic that shakes our complacency, inertia or procrastination. And he is definitely out to shake us free of not living up to our potential or living out someone else’s idea of who we should be or what we should be doing. Uranus wants us to be unapologetically and bravely ourselves.

Uranus spends approximately 7 years in each sign and unless we have an intercepted house (an astrologer can explain what that is) – the same amount of time in each house in our charts. Right now, Uranus is in the sign of Aries. If you regularly tune in to my video forecasts or read your weekly, monthly or yearly forecasts on AK then you should already know which house of your chart he occupies. So, we can say his ability to surprise, connect, illuminate, thrill, challenge and deliver flashes of pure genius for you, will revolve around the rulership of that particular house. So, here is what you can expect – unexpectedly, from a Uranus transit by house.

Uranus in your 1st: If you have Uranus in your 1st this transit is all about being individualistic, having faith in your ideas and expressing them and yourself in your own unique way. During this transit you may change your image, change your job, lifestyle or direction several times, try various things ‘on for size’ and have others wail in dismay that you are no longer the person you used to be. The answer to that is you are becoming the person you were always meant to be and if you have lost touch with who you should be, the reconnection can take time. But it is time to be you and not imitate others as well as having faith in your ideas. Uranus in your 1st will also connect you to people who reflect your new authenticity and they may be from very different backgrounds to those you have met in the past. You may also choose a very different partner than you would have done previously under this transit.

Uranus in your 2nd: Uranus brings sudden changes around your finances and it could get a bit ‘swings and roundabouts’ for a time but chances are when this is over you are going to come out ahead – even if you have to deal with unexpected reversals or bills in the short term. If you have dug yourself in deep with debt, it could all come tumbling down around your ears but again, this is Uranus saying you have to be responsible and also that debt can be a ball and chain that holds you back or keeps you on a treadmill. You may have to come up with some ‘blue sky’ thinking when it comes to your money, how you earn it and most of all, how you budget and manage it in future. You could be looking at your money very differently and also your skills, by the time Uranus leaves this house. If you have untapped talents that you could utilise in order to support yourself, Uranus in here will awaken them. Bank on those ‘crazy’ ideas of yours – they could be if not gold, then certainly Uranium.

Uranus in your 3rd: If you’ve held back on giving your ideas free rein then Uranus in your 3rd gives you the opportunity to do this. Chances are you’ll be up for the challenge and also to use those Uranus-ruled methods to get them out there no matter what (he rules the Internet and also this house rules communication, business, commerce and publishing). Maybe you’ve felt in the past you had nothing worth saying – or your ideas did not have merit. Uranus in here is all about ignoring that. Sudden opportunities around travel, interesting people in your neighbourhood or encountered on your commute are all benefits that could come to you with Uranus in here. You may find people ‘on your wavelength’ literally in your own backyard or sitting opposite you on a crowded train. Others could see a return to education or study with Uranus in here or even opting to study something unusual – astrology springs to mind as Uranus rules that too. Bear in mind that Uranus in here says that you have everything you need to get where you need to be right where you are now.

Uranus in your 4th: Whether you like it or not – you will be changing residences with Uranus in this house. But if you have been feeling that you really don’t ‘fit in’ – to your home, your neighbourhood, your town, your country or even your family situation – have you always felt like a ‘black sheep’? – then Uranus is going to kick you out of the proverbial nest and make you fly. The upside is you are going to settle where it DOES feel right for you. Now, this is going to be different for everyone as it’s all about what works for you as an individual. Whether that true lifestyle is a condo in New York, a yurt in Mongolia, an escape to the country or a hut on a desert island – Uranus will have you establishing a far more authentic lifestyle that actually works for you.

Uranus in your 5th: If you’ve always wanted to do something creative – now you will. Romance could arrive suddenly – and with someone very different to the kind of person you have been attracted to in the past. I’m not saying it will last with Uranus in here but whomever you get involved with will awaken something within you that once stirred will never go back to sleep again. You could also suddenly find yourself becoming a parent with Uranus in here and if that is not your intention, then please take extra precautions while he’s around! Sudden breakthroughs in business or a creative venture could happen. If it happens now it’s meant to happen but if you still face closed doors then Uranus will make you ditch those plans – no matter how much time, effort or money that has gone into them, and connect you with something new and different.

Uranus in your 6th: If you have been a ‘square peg in a round hole’ then nothing will now keep you there. The effects of Uranus in here will be maximised if the job you have been doing has had a negative impact on your health. If you have been procrastinating about changing direction, Uranus may remove the decision for you as you may suddenly find yourself redundant or the company you work for closes. Some people change jobs several times while Uranus is in this house and actually, this is one of those transits where that’s okay. Chances are you will ‘fall’ into something that you suddenly realise utilises all your skills nicely but which if someone had suggested you head in that direction before, you might have resisted. As this is the house of wellbeing, you’ll soon discover that maintaining inner equilibrium brings about the changes you seek in the outer world.

Uranus in your 7th: Your partnership status may shift without warning. If you’re single you could go to coupled-up in the time it takes you to head through the Elvis Drive Thru Chapel of Love or those coupled up could see the union break apart possibly due to external forces (like Bill in Starting Over). Don’t forget this house rules business partners and friends too. If you are going from single to taken then your new partner could be unusual in some way or your relationship unconventional but the important thing to remember is that so long as it works for you, that’s all that matters. They could also come from a very different social or cultural background to yours and that may be the big attraction for you.

Uranus in your 8th: Unexpected windfalls or financial benefits via others – perhaps even an inheritance, are just some of the possible benefits of Uranus in here. But read what I say about Uranus in the 2nd (the opposing house to this). Negative Uranus in the 8th is the lottery winner who three years down the track ends up penniless due to being unable to manage the money. Positive Uranus seeks to suddenly transform an aspect of your life that you could have kept hidden. As this house rules sex, Uranus in here asks that you communicate your needs honestly and be your true sexual and sensual self. If your partner is unable to accept this aspect of you, then you will attract one who will. Your psychic and people reading skills can be uncannily accurate with Uranus in here.

Uranus in your 9th: If you never attended university and regretted missing out on that experience, Uranus in your 9th may allow you to do that. Unexpected benefits via long distance travel and study will enrich your life in ways you may not think possible, as will contact with people from overseas and from different cultures and who hold different beliefs to yours. Uranus in here asks you be open-minded and to expand your horizons. Sports, the outdoors, the law, mass media, large animals – all could feature in some way. Have your passport at the ready with Uranus in here. It’s time to take a chance on something you have always wanted to do or experience the world in a new way.

Uranus in your 10th: Means business. But with a twist. If you’re looking for a new job or to change careers, Uranus in here will steer you in the right direction. It’s likely however that you would end up working for a company that is cutting edge or unconventional in some way. Think or entrepreneurs who are maverick thinkers – Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. If you’re thinking this is time to break free and go it alone it’s likely you’ll create your own niche and work it on your terms. Uranus in here can bestow huge successes but via being true to your own vision. If that’s a little too edgy for you then Uranus says that you’ll find yourself in good company where people will value you for your unique skills.

Uranus in your 11th: This is Uranus’s ruling house. Don’t be surprised if your social circle undergoes a profound shift and you find yourself connecting with a new and very diverse crowd. You may feel a lack of resonance with some people and if so, you will become pro-active when it comes to meeting new people. Step out of your usual comfort zone and with Uranus in here, take up any unusual or last-minute invitations as these could lead to opportunities. This sector of your chart rules your goals and is where the universe grants wishes. However, they can often come in disguise or can be found in the last place we would have thought to discover them. Let in new people, new thoughts and ideas and share yours in return. This is the ‘entertaining angels unawares’ transit and that includes business and dream-grating angels too!

Uranus in your 12th: Are you your own worst enemy? If you have been ignoring your intuition to the point where it has stopped whispering and started shouting Uranus will now pull you up short as you will be faced with the consequences of ignoring your inner voice. Don’t worry. Uranus in here can reconnect you to your true soul calling, make you aware of where you are sabotaging yourself so you can stop doing it once and for all. Uranus in here helps you with all kinds of research work or work which requires great leaps of imagination with a big dash of inspiration thrown in – so anything from psychic and occult work to medical and scientific research to theoretical physics basically.

Uranus re-awakens us – to our truth, to our uniqueness and to our soul calling. Don’t wait for your Uranus opposition. Use the energy of your Uranus transit to bring your own individuality to bear in a key area of your life – and let the magic awaken in it again!