Virgo Love Hacks! Boost Your Planetary Passion!

virgo love tips

If you’re looking for perfection in love, chances are you have a Virgo Sun, Virgo ascendant, Virgo Moon or a personal planet in Virgo – Mercury (Virgo’s ruling planet), Venus, or Mars. Your high standards mean that not everyone measures up or appreciates that it’s the details that truly matter. Although you strive for perfection in all things, deep down inside you need reassurance and someone who can give you that – the love that lifts you higher in other words and allows you to believe that what you want is possible! You strive to be the best you can be and expect a partner to do the same and disappointment can so easily result if they fail to do this. You are attracted to someone who understands the importance of presentation and in checking the facts. You appreciate a lover who appreciates all the effort you put into everything you do – and lets you know this. You thrive on encouragement but wither inside when criticised due to your carefully hidden sensitivity which often stems from an equally well hidden lack of confidence in yourself. Who would have guessed? So, how do the other signs shape up in the perfection stakes?

Virgo + Aries: That old black magic has you in its spell with an Aries. There’s a touch of alchemy here but that doesn’t necessarily mean this will be smooth sailing. In fact, it’s probably going to be quite the reverse. This one speaks of a deep soul connection and spiritual growth – the two of you coming together due to some karmic promise made long ago and each changing the other in some way – for better or worse. You can’t resist this one even if you tried and even if you know it could be bad for you – or for your sense of order at the very least, you’ll still be magnetically drawn in or back for more. You’ll make crazy, passionate, messy love, argue, tidy up, get back together for more messy love, fight some more, have more sex, argue, have sex again – and so on. So what’s the lesson here? Well, that’s between the two of you and goes back a long, long way.

Virgo + Taurus: Whoever had you convinced this would be a stick-in-the-mud, predictable sort of union had it wrong. Your Taurus is set to liberate you or expand your world on some level and at times you may be along for the ride and at others you may find this just plain uncomfortable (will it get messy being your main concern). There’s a little bit of the wild man or woman lurking behind that respectable exterior. Your Taurus thinks big and together you could just found that or multinational or go trekking around the world. However, whether the two of you are lifelong travellers depends on other factors. You may find Taurus doesn’t act like Taurus and if you end up thinking ‘Is it me?’ then yes, it could be due to Taurus being your 9th house. Despite their reputation for stability, this Taurus could be quite flighty and hard-to-pin-down. One minute they may be talking about the lifetime of adventure they’ve planned for the two of you. Next minute you realise they’ve left for the airport without you. Make your own plans and ensure you don’t give them the impression they are your be-all and end-all (even if they are).

Virgo + Gemini: Some old school astrologers would say this one won’t work but this is the new school here and I say it can. You both share the same ruler and a mental turn-on is as important as the physical one for you both. In fact, the latter won’t happen unless the former is there. You both enjoy a good debate and this just heightens your desire as like Gemini, you appreciate verbal foreplay. Although the two of you have lots in common take care not to become one of those sickeningly cute couples who share everything, finish each other’s sentences and jog in matching sports gear otherwise your union may be doomed. Yes, it may work for some sign combinations but not yours. To keep things interesting you both need time apart, your own interests, hobbies and friends which just gives you more to talk about when you’re together again. If so, the lifetime debate could have just begun!

Virgo + Cancer: You can turn Cancer from a dreamer to a do-er. You can also push them out of their shell and encourage them to fulfil their potential. You’ll introduce them to new experiences and ideas which they can benefit from. In return, you’ll reap the benefits of Cancer’s unshakeable belief in you and their pride in being able to call you theirs will know no boundaries. Just ensure you do gently push your Cancer to expand their comfort zone and their beliefs in what they can achieve. Otherwise this one could tank if your Cancer becomes needy or complaining. Cancers often have big ideas but lack the confidence to act on them. You have the necessary planning skills to break down what may seem a daunting task to them, into baby steps. If you can get them to recognise their considerable strengths (and live up to the potential you see), then you could be rewarded by a partner who believes in you and whom you can believe in in turn.

Virgo + Leo: If you enjoy being the power behind the throne, or say the uber manager or agent to the superstar, then you’ll do fine. Otherwise, well, despite the fact you have this nagging feeling you’ve known your Leo before (you probably have), then your supporting role to scene-stealing Leo may wear a bit thin after a while. If your Leo has addictions – to anything – shopping, gambling, booze, drugs, selfies, internet porn or just certain behaviours, you need to think long and hard because that Leo is not going to change – for you or for anyone else. Better to call it quits while you sanity and your bank account is still intact – or relatively so. You and your Leo may well have come together to work out some past-life stuff and some of you may be able to do this – over a few dates or even over a lifetime together. Others may just quit while they’re ahead after the first date when the Leo has happily talked about themselves all evening – and not to you but to someone else at the bar. Success depends on how well your Leo is learning their karmic lessons. If they’re failing then go make new karma with another sign.

Virgo + Virgo: A love match made in IKEA. You’ll bond over the latest storage solutions and you both know there’s a place for everything and everything in its place. Your home will be immaculate as will be your children and pets if you have them. Neither of you will forget a special date, birthday, anniversary or appointment. You are both considerate of the other, organised and yes, tidy. Everything runs like clockwork and your Virgo gets you like no-one else, respecting your need for order. So, what’s the catch? That’s just it, it could run too smoothly and feel like this is a business and not a relationship. Your Virgo may in fact be your ideal business partner but if your love relationship starts to feel like a job – all schedules and systems, then if you want it to last you’ll need to work on spicing things up between you. Yes, get down, disorganised and dirty! Also, a word to the wise, Virgo. Your Virgo knows you like no one else and vice versa. This means that you know about your Virgo’s well-concealed and deep-rooted insecurity. If you want love to last never, ever do anything to trigger or exploit this. It will only blow up in your face if you do.

Virgo + Libra: Libra may not necessarily help you to make money – but they will certainly help you spend it. However, you may consider this more of an investment as Libra is just so easy-going, amenable and eager to please you. Like Leo, Libra is drawn to luxury, but there the comparison usually ends as Libra is the sign of partnerships so it’s all about you and them as opposed to them and them. With a Libra you’ll have the most beautifully decorated, artistic home – not necessarily the most tidy one however. Librans are ruled by Venus and usually have wonderful taste. They also are usually not short-changed in the looks department either. Although they are more about spending money – usually on pleasure and beautiful things, they do have an uncanny nose for real estate and if it goes the distance with your Libra you are well advised to defer to their choice when it comes to buying a home. Yes, they may choose one that under normal circumstances you would not so much as glance at, let alone consider buying, but time and time again they will prove they have spotted a bargain or else that neighbourhood that’s about to boom. The two of you may just boom and bloom together. This one could in fact, be your ideal long-term investment.

Virgo + Scorpio: Others won’t be able to figure this one out. As if the two of you care. You’re locked in your own little world and probably have your own language, your own jokes and certainly your own way of doing things. You are also both reluctant to invite others into it. Seeing as you’ve found one another why on earth would you want or need anyone else? You’ll never run out of conversation and you both thrive on routine – your own self-created one usually. Bonnie and Clyde, Butch and Sundance, Thelma and Louise, Captain Kirk and Spock – it’s one of those pairings that can last a lifetime even if it’s just as friends. If there’s the sexual chemistry there however, it may take months or even years for the two of you to resurface and make contact again with the outside world. Now you’ve found each other – spare a thought for us mere mortals and drop us a postcard from time to time.

Virgo + Sagittarius: All the things that attract you to your Sag in the first place may be all the things that annoy you six months in. And vice versa. Despite that, you can make this work and because of all of Sag’s good qualities (despite their annoyances), you know it’s worth the effort. Here’s the secret: underneath that fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants, devil-may-care exterior is a sensitive soul like you. When you try to have a serious talk with them, they crack a joke. It may be annoying but Sag’s main coping mechanism is to laugh it off because otherwise they are afraid life will hurt. As you too hide a soft interior now you know what to do. If things are spiralling towards an argument over the fact Sag has left their clothes strewn over the floor yet again, crack a joke back. ‘Nit picking? You’re saying I nit pick? Let me tell you, my nit picking is legendary. I brought back gold from the Barcelona Olympics for nit-picking. I got a commendation from the Queen. I did my nit picking country proud and you dare to criticise it. . .’ It’s not a deflection, it’s what Sag understands. Thing is, they do care, they do take things seriously despite how they sometimes act. And when you approach things this way they will actually then have that talk. Use humour – always.

Virgo + Capricorn: Being a fellow Earth sign, like you Capricorn is prepared to take their time and knows the benefits of this. Be prepared to take things slowly but that should not worry you either. This one may take a while to blossom in its final form but you’ll enjoy the journey and also the fact that the two of you have so much in common. You feel safe with Capricorn and love the fact they keep their promises. With you, Capricorn feels safe too and allows their playful side to emerge. Chances are you get wrapped up in a common interest and activity and then this leads to getting wrapped up with each other as time unfolds. Don’t push this one and just be prepared to enjoy the journey which will end in a satisfying wild ride for both of you when you finally cross the bedroom threshold. This truly could be that forever kind of love. Nurture it.

Virgo + Aquarius: Whether Aquarius has the ability to keep you hooked over the long term remains to be seen. You’re attracted to their ideas, the fact they seem so damn quirky and that bad girl or boy aura. Sexy, isn’t it? However, their eccentricities may grate after a while as may the state of their homes or their hygiene. Yes, there’s no-one quite like them but after a while all those interesting personality traits may seem a little less interesting and their superior being attitude may pall. Their treasured collection of vinyl, old computer parts, vintage clothing, Warhammer figures or whatever just adds to the dust and clutter and what’s more they refuse to be parted from it. They can spend days or even weeks in their man cave, fortress of solitude or well with no warning and feel fully justified in their silence as they are wrestling with lofty ideals which you cannot even begin to comprehend. They probably won’t even have noticed you’ve packed up and left with the Capricorn next door. If you are happy with letting them be themselves and not intruding on their ‘me’ time then go for it.

Virgo + Pisces: Pisces has been waiting all their life for you to come along. Your opposite sign can be irresistible to you – those dreamy eyes and ethereal good looks! Pisces has lots of plans but they usually remain in the planning stage unless you provide the practical advice to turn them into reality. Pisces loves you for this. Creative, spiritual, intuitive, eager to please you – Pisces worships the ground you walk on. You’re everything Pisces is not and as such, you may fill in each other’s gaps perfectly. With Pisces you may end up exploring new worlds or new ideas. Be prepared though to always be the pragmatist in your relationship. Sometimes you may have to bring a much-needed dose of reality into Pisces high ideals. Pisces always sees the best in people and this can tip in naiveté and part of you job in the relationship may involve looking out for them. So long as your Pisces has no addiction problems, they help you feel safe to show your sensitivity while you keep their feet firmly on the ground.