Sagittarius Love Hacks! Boost Your Planetary Passion!

You’re half horse so does the idea of love have you galloping towards it or heading for the hills, Sag? It’s not that you are unable to commit or fear being tied down but you fear being tied to the wrong person – which is anyone who you feel restricts your freedom on any level and that includes your freedom to be you. You hate stupid people, bigotry and closed-mindedness so the ability to embrace new ideas is essential for a union to last as is intelligence. Your idea of sex appeal is someone smart and authentic with a strong sense of adventure thrown in. You love to travel to explore new ideas, cultures and experiences. You’re usually at home in the outdoors which goes hand-in-hand with your ‘don’t fence me in’ philosophy. It’s not that you don’t want a partner – you do but you seek a fellow free-spirit to run with. If you have a Sagittarius Sun, Moon, ascendant or personal planet in Sagittarius – Mercury, Venus or Mars, or Jupiter Sagittarius’s ruling planet is in either Sag or the 9th house of your chart (which Sag rules) then lucky you! You’re an optimistic, adventurous, highly sexy and savvy Sag on some level. Now, when it comes to love, which signs are set to gallop off into the sunset with you – and which should you consider cantering away from as fast as you can? Saddle up and see where Cupid is aiming that arrow for you, Sag!

Sagittarius + Aries: Phew! What a scorcher! Aries is your 5th house of lovers, fun, passion and creativity. Aries is also a fellow fire sign. In fact, Mr or Ms. Aries could just be that ideal lover. There’s that instant spark between the two of you, Aries is as smart as you are (important) and what’s more, Aries is usually busy doing their own thing so they are happy for you to be off doing you own thing until it’s time for you to do each other – again, and believe me, there will be plenty of that. The fact that Aries doesn’t intrude but is there right when you want them just makes them all the more desirable as a mate for you. You both love and respect one another and there is also a joint dedication to having fun together – life wasn’t meant to be taken too seriously and Aries understands this whilst being there with you when it does turn serious – like your ideal best friend. Aries will travel your soul path with you and you could be galloping together for life. Hang on and enjoy the ride!

Sagittarius + Taurus: You love that hidden, steamy side to Taurus. And the fact they are somewhat in awe of you. You throw yourself in where Taurus fears to dip even a toe. Like you, Taurus may not know when to say ‘No’ – to good food, drink or sex for that matter, and you’re not a sign that’s renowned for doing things in moderation. When it comes to pleasurable excesses, Taurus could be your ideal companion. However, the fact they can be stuck in a rut as early as their late teens and it can be difficult if not impossible to get them to embrace anything new – from an idea to a restaurant or a holiday destination, may in the end drive you crazy. You may love the fact that Taurus is so practical – which means you don’t have to be and can instead devote yourself to those big plans and dreams, but hate the fact they can be predictable and stubborn to a fault. If your Taurus has a career they love and interests outside of you that keep them busy, you will have both the space and supportive loving you need in the correct balance and we could just be looking at relationship success. If on the other hand your Taurus is addicted to the familiar, constantly underfoot or even worse – emotionally closes down or stonewalls you when there are disagreements, this may end up looking too much like hard work and result in an epic fail.

Sagittarius + Gemini: Your opposite sign and 7th house of partnerships and while we’re at it, probably the sexual partner who’ll make the earth move, your hair and toes curl and your bed burst into flames. For a lot of Sagittarians, nobody does it better than a Gemini. Of course, there’s that constant intellectual one-upmanship that’s going on between you as you bandy your smarts but that’s all part of the foreplay. Like you, Gemini has loads of ideas and opinions on just about everything. You’ll never run out of subjects to talk about, books to discuss or movies to see. And if you ever can’t think of anything to say, don’t worry as Gemini will keep talking and won’t even notice you’ve gone quiet. On occasion however, you may get the feeling you’re dealing with someone with multiple personality disorder. There is definitely more than one of them in there and this keeps things interesting if not infuriating at times. They’ll leave you in the morning, showering you with kisses and proclamations of undying love, only to call you at lunchtime and tell you it’s over. Before you fall in a heap or reach for that passport and next flight to somewhere remote where you can lick your wounds in isolation, stop. Chances are the following day they call to confirm what time you’re meeting for dinner as if the past 24 hours hadn’t happened. Good twin and evil twin co-exist within. It’s like having an affair but with the same person. C’mon! If it’s a choice between boring and interesting, you’ve already made your decision.

Sagittarius + Cancer: You can suss out whether this one has enough potential for you to weather Cancer’s clingy storms on your first meeting by reverting to some old-fashion and formal rituals – shake their hand. I’m serious here. Do they give you a dead-fish, limp handshake or is it firm? Doesn’t matter if it’s a chick or a guy, this is going to tell you all you need to know right there and then. No time wasting. If you’re handed the dead mackerel just ask yourself if you want a limp fish in your bed? Because that’s what they will turn out to be. Failure to spark or a starfish that lets you do all the work. I can already see you shuddering at the thought. If you are not given the wet halibut however, this one could have serious promise and a surprising twist to it. Especially if you have attracted the exploring kind of Cancerian. You could have just shaken hands with a soul partner who has the potential to transform your life on some level. Go with the flow.

Sagittarius + Leo: Leo is just smitten with you. Leo loves to admire and can’t help but do that with you – and provided you understand that this needs to be a mutual admiration society and that you need to tell Leo how much you appreciate them with varying degrees of frequency, this could be the romance to end all others. Leo can be your perfect travelling companion but do forgive them as roughing it may not be their idea of seeing the world – more likely from the sun deck of that five star resort. If Leo does go trekking this would be luxury trekking. However, Leo’s generosity will ensure that if you want to go adventuring, you will be the best turned out mountain climber/white water rafter/base jumper/endurance rider out there – even if Leo is staying behind at the resort bar while you do so. More likely they will be shopping for that expensive but perfect trinket in your absence to show how much they care however. If you are the kind of Sag that can transform from Indiana Jones in the day to someone who looks as if they are ready to be photographed by Leibovitz by the evening, you are almost guaranteed a lifetime of Leo’s amazingly sexy, loving focus. Jackpot time!

Sagittarius + Virgo: There will be no middle ground here. It’s all or nothing, heaven or hell, pleasure or just such a pain in the **** you are heading for the hills at a flat-out gallop and not looking back. You love Virgo’s deliciously ironic sense of humour which seems to come out of nowhere and is as targeted as your own – when you aim your arrows you aim true and Virgo can do the same.  Of course, whether or not your Virgo can cope with your Sag hatred of housework and predilection for a system you tell them is ‘ordered chaos’ is another matter. If they start cleaning you will immediately begin to feel guilty. If they suggest you de-clutter you will become defensive. Unless you are sold by your Virgo on the benefits of having a financial plan in place – in other words it pays for your freedom, you will feel trapped. And they will be hurt you are rejecting their help and expertise in these areas. You are either so much in love that the two of you are willing to compromise or else these matters get blown up into deal-breakers all round.

Sagittarius + Libra: Sociable Libra has a lot to offer you and the fact they are easy-on-the eye doesn’t hurt either. There are a few astrologers out there who say this one can’t or won’t work but hey, can’t we say that about any connection? Libra intuitively knows better than to crowd you – which only keeps you coming back for more. You’re likely to expand your social circle when a Libra enters your orbit as like you, they are interested in experiencing many different people from different backgrounds. You may therefore form an eclectic group of friends. This can be a highly creative, original partnership where both of you are happy to allow the other to be themselves and in doing so create a fantastic ‘us’. Librans have a bit of showbusiness glitter attached to them no matter what area they operate in and they love glamour. Allow them to express this even if it’s not your thing. If you give them free rein in the home décor department they will love you for it as they pride themselves on their good taste – usually justifiably. The benefits of a Libra lover are a usually well hidden adventurous and kinky side in the bedroom. That’s yours to discover. Now you think about it, what’s not to love?

Sagittarius + Scorpio: You know you’ve known them before and you also know this connection can take you where no other can. However – we need to talk about secrets. What you are up to in the bedroom with each other type secrets are fine. But with Scorpio secrets have to be involved at some point and the secrets that cause concern are those you may be keeping from each other. Of course, Scorpio takes care not to reveal too much about themselves up front to protect their sensitivity and getting to what makes your Scorpio tick is all part of the fun of having them around. If they are hiding addictions or going behind your back in some way – not so good. Also if you are the one trying to hide something from them – be warned they will sniff this out with a skill that is almost uncanny. They just know. So, transparency and honesty is the way forward and what you will find is that if you are open with your phoenix, they will feel safe to be open with you. This pairing has produced some of the most enduring relationships I know. Don’t dismiss riding the fire bird.

Sagittarius + Sagittarius: There’s a school of thought out there that says the best companion for a Sagittarian is another Sag. After all, you know what you need and it’s the same as what they do. Problem solved. You both understand each other’s need for space and ‘me’ time. When you’re together, pursue joint interests as you should have many of these in common or else commit to a joint goal – such as that dream lifestyle as again, they should be remarkably similar. Although you both crave adventure, the key to longevity for you both is establishing a base from which the adventures begin and end – that temple of the familiar that houses your prodigious collection of books, music, movies, pets and artefacts you’ve collected on your travels. The world is yours to explore with your fellow Sag. Enjoy the journey that can last a lifetime.

Sagittarius + Capricorn: Like your opposite number Gemini, you are one of those signs with an ‘instant gratification takes too long’ philosophy – on all things and that includes love. However, if snaring a Capricorn is your goal, then you are going to have to learn to slow down. Capricorn does things in their own time and likes to take their time. You need to ask yourself if you are ready for that serious love because Capricorn’s intentions are usually serious because they think in the long term. You need to show Capricorn you are ready to be taken seriously as a contender for their heart by abiding by their desire to take things slowly and by acting as if you are a serious proposition. There’s a lot of recommend your Capricorn – their sense of humour, their smile when they choose to showcase it, their hidden but powerful sexuality and their acumen with money. Unlike you with your ‘easy come, easy go’ attitude to your cash, Capricorn not only works hard for their money they apply some hard and fast financial rules. So they are likely to have investments, plans, pension funds and all those things you have dismissed as boring or something you will get around to ‘one day’. When Capricorn offers their financial advice (which they will), don’t reject it. You could benefit in more ways than one from this. With Capricorn you can achieve a success which may have eluded you otherwise. Give Capricorn your time and serious consideration.

Sagittarius + Aquarius: Unlike many other signs you are perfectly happy when Aquarius retreats to their ivory tower, man cave, fortress of solitude or well for days or even weeks and you don’t get invited along. You merely see this as a welcome break to re-charge your own batteries. Your understanding is therefore appreciated by Aquarius who knows he or she won’t get this elsewhere. When you are together you feel you can share your wackiest ideas or secret dreams and Aquarius not only knows what you’re talking about but is probably thinking the same thing. You probably also both want the same lifestyle which revolves around your own unique home filled with your quirky stuff, animals, comfortable furniture and the serenity of your own ‘ordered chaos’ of clutter and collections which nobody gets like your Aquarian. This could be the bliss you’ve been searching for combined with the heart of a fellow adventurer and explorer like yourself. Don’t let this one get away.

Sagittarius + Pisces: Pisces ancient ruler is yours – Jupiter. The old rulerships still apply despite Pisces now being ruled by nebulous Neptune. Like you Pisces is a mutable sign. Now, how this one plays out largely depends on what kind of Pisces you have caught in your net. Think of the symbol of the two fish swimming in opposite directions. Have you hooked a Jupiter Pisces in which case you can have found a fellow free spirit or has a Neptunian Pisces voluntarily taken the bait as they’re looking for you to take care of them? C’mon – be honest here. You’re probably having difficulty taking care of yourself let alone anyone else and if you wanted a child wouldn’t you just go have a baby or adopt one? The problem with you is you see all too clearly Pisces potential but it remains to be seen if they can live up to all that. If they are Jupiter Pisces the answer is probably yes and they are already doing so by being wildly successful (which they can be). If they are Neptune Pisces – before you get put in the position where you are funding their habit/rehab/next crazy dream – understand you need someone who doesn’t need fixing and no, you can’t fix them. Throw them back.