Capricorn Love Hacks: Boost Your Planetary Passion!

You are one of the most misunderstood signs of all. Perhaps it’s because you keep your sensual and humorous side so well hidden? Or we can just say you are particularly choosy about who you reveal that to? You also appreciate taking your time to get to know someone before opening yourself up. You enjoy classy courtship and all the traditional trappings – and what’s wrong with that? Nothing at all! Once you’re in, you’re usually committed for the long haul. Love is something worth investing in but you are invested in finding the right person in order to do that. You believe your private life is just that – private, which is another reason why people write you off as being a lonely workaholic. This is not the case as while you work hard you can play hard and love totally. While you may be careful with your money and how you spend it – yes, you do usually have a long term financial plan in place just like a long-term career plan, you are generous to those you love and see money as a way to show you care either by rewarding them with that special gift or in ensuring their security.  If you have a Capricorn Sun, Moon, ascendant or personal planet in Capricorn – Mercury, Venus or Mars, or Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet is in either Capricorn or the 10th house of your chart (which Capricorn rules) then you too are a loyal, hardworking, private but sensual Capricorn with a killer sense of humour – at least on some level. So, when it comes to that long-term love, which signs offer you the best chance of investment and which should you either cut your losses with or perhaps avoid entirely? As you have probably already guessed, there are no shortcuts to love.

Capricorn + Aries: Well, you are both Cardinal signs and at first you will love Aries spontaneity and fiery passion. But as time goes by and as you are called to post bail for them yet again, or get thrown out of your favourite restaurant because your Aries got into an argument with either the Maitre’d or the couple on the next table, you may realise all this excitement comes at a cost. The cost to you is not just financial but to be cast in the role of first indulgent and then disapproving parent. It’s not that Aries means to do this, you understand. It’s just that the two of you are pushing one another’s cosmic astro-buttons so you cannot help but fall into these roles. Aries of obnoxious and rebellious teenager who refuses to grow up (and has no plans to do so any time soon), and you as the parental authority figure who must be thwarted at all costs but who is required to be there and/or bail out the Aries as needed. My advice to both of you is not to get caught up in roles you will both regret and hate yourselves for playing. Seek your soul growth elsewhere.

Capricorn + Taurus:  Like you Taurus has a side to them they keep hidden and they take a while (just like you) to allow others to see that. You both respect each other’s privacy, believe that your personal life is just that and neither of you has a problem with commitment. Taurus is of course your 5th house so this is a highly creative, sensual and romantic pairing. While both of you are earth signs there are key differences. Taurus is ruled by Venus and a fixed earth sign. Taurus may be somewhat in awe of you, and you need to play on this. The reason being that as they are a Venus-ruled sign, some Taureans (not all, but some), have a roving eye – and will follow through on that. The more your Taurus is in awe of you – your success, your sensuality and the belief that there is no one like you (let’s face it – there isn’t), the less likely your Taurus is to roam as they know perfectly well you will not tolerate this and what they are likely to lose if they do – you in other words. Once you have hooked them in and made your position clear on this, well, this could just be the connection where the romance literally does last a lifetime.

Capricorn + Gemini: This is a bit one sided and the heads up here is that it may not be yours. It’s all in the Gemini’s favour in other words. When you tell them you are stuck at work, that’s exactly where you are. However, when they tell you this you may have that suspicious feeling they may not exactly be telling you the truth. Gemini vibes off your reliability, your smarts and the fact that you can match them in the bedroom. You also know what you’re talking about which means you can engage in the kind of debates Gemini finds sexy. You’ll love how they take interest and ask all those questions. However, soon you may realise that Gemini is passing off your ideas as their own as a result. If this occurs this is likely to be a bigger turn-off for you than your date either turning up in a mankini or a glitter thong. The fact is, although your Gemini is smart (which you love), sexy (bonus!) and makes a fabulous friend, they may not make you secure enough emotionally to really open up and be yourself. I’m not saying this can’t work, but if you feel on edge, can’t totally relax with them (but can’t quite put your finger on why), or just have that nagging feeling that they may not be telling the truth, this is your cue to settle for ‘just good friends’ and leave it there.

Capricorn + Cancer: You are the missing pieces of each other’s soul, the best parts of one another and reflect back at one another all you could be – and will be together. Cancer puts you in touch with your sensitive side and what’s more you feel safe showing them that you have one. You set an example for Cancer when it comes to strength, practicality and determination. Together the two of you are greater than the sum of the parts. You put Cancer in a success mindset and show them that they are more capable than what they realise. The two of you share a love of home, family, traditions and permanence. But that doesn’t mean to say this is all cocoa and slippers – you love each other’s bodies. You open up a more sophisticated world for Cancer while they provide the nurturing and base for success and for love to grow. This could be that forever connection for you both.

Capricorn + Leo: Both of you have a certain pride and dignity about you and you cannot resist Leo’s glowing, gorgeous sexiness combined with their pride and generosity. All in all, that package is the ultimate accessory for you and one you can take anywhere. As for Leo, well, they are drawn to your quiet confidence, the way you command respect, your success and achievements and all that passion that you keep under control but which they are dying to unleash. This one can get off-the-scale scorching with both of you and shock, horror, gasp – even see you distracted from your usual focus as you become preoccupied with when you will see your Leo or have access to them again.  There is a hint of the Star Crossed Lovers theme running through this and sadly, when we look at history or art, Star Crossed Lovers usually do not end up in a Happy Ever After situation. However, Once Upon a Time with your Leo can be an unforgettable experience no matter whether it goes the distance or not. So, if its passion you are after that will leave you shaken and changed certainly for the better – and forever, then throw caution to the winds and dive right in.




Capricorn + Virgo: Just like you, Virgo is happy not to rush things and believe me, this one is worth savouring every stage. You share the same values and ideals. Together you can reach for the stars and go far and travel could be a theme as is a shared enjoyment of it. You get the feeling right from the start that this one’s the keeper and it truly can last a lifetime and you never get tired of one another. You have one another’s backs and an unshakable resolve in your love. This pairing can produce life long lovers and power couples. It’s equally good for business and collaborative partnerships as you both want the same things and are willing to work and play the long game. You forge a life-long journey of adventure, exploration and learning with one another whatever form the partnership takes. Really, you would have no reason to say ‘No’ to a Virgo and they in turn, are usually not in a position to refuse you either. Virgo knows a good thing when they see it. And so do you.

Capricorn + Libra: Let’s just go back to astrology 101 for a moment so I can explain this one. In your chart, the sign of Libra is your 10th house of success and status. So, your Libran and how they are will impact on your success or career status and/or how the world sees you in a big way. So, take your Capricorn time with this one and choose carefully. This can therefore last a long, long time and your Libra could turn out to be your best decision ever and the person who supports, inspires and helps you achieve your goals. The fact that they are usually so accommodating, keen to create a beautiful, peaceful home environment and sweet and sexy to boot is all in their favour. However, much depends on whether the scales are balanced with your Libra. They can be creative, stylish and diplomatic – all the qualities you are seeking in fact. They can also have their own ambitions and career which of course, you are happy to encourage. So, what could be the downside of this? Well, sadly if the scales tilt too far one way they can be clingy, high maintenance, indiscreet (especially when drunk) and emotionally demanding. Ensure you have the scales balanced in your favour before you decide this is a keeper, but if they are this could be one of the most loving, creative and supportive partnerships you could enter into.

Capricorn + Scorpio: You could start off as friends or this could be someone you meet via your business or professional circle. You keep running into one another and over time find out just how much you have in common and also just how well you get along. Love and some sizzling bedroom action then just becomes the next logical step in your connection and if so, then after that neither of you may be going anywhere! The fact is as you van appreciate, sometimes the best lover is your best friend and this one offers that and more because of course, your Scorpio takes their sex life seriously. Don’t listen to so-called astrologers who gives Scorpio a bad rap. Scorpion looks for depth in their relationships and also once they are in they are usually all-in. You’ll enjoy a wonderful and varied social life with your Scorpio plus your Scorpio usually has their own ambitions and you will support one another in your career paths. The passion may never burn out with this one and expect your life to change for the better.

Capricorn + Sagittarius: Yes, you probably have known your Sag before. It was most likely in the Wild West. So, don’t bother trying to fence them in or you’ll be heading for an O.K. Coral type showdown faster than you can say ‘Hold your horses’ (and don’t try that either!). Butch and Sundance, Annie Oakley and Frank Butler are the lifelong karmic possibilities here (although don’t go down in a blaze of glory like the former!). Or does this turn out more like Jesse James and Robert Ford? (You being Jesse in this instance?). You must be prepared to give your Sag a great deal of freedom and space (or at least the illusion of it). Sag is so sexy, funny and endearingly clumsy you’re soon falling hook, line and smitten. If you’ve not done much travelling before, suddenly you’re signing up to go trekking in Bhutan, white water rafting in New Zealand or 4WD-ing across the Sahara. Chances are you’re funding it all as well as Sag has an ‘easy come, easy go’ attitude to personal finances and what money they do make is usually spent on adventure and Sag-type pursuits (they have how many horses?!). You can help them with that but it’s all dependent on what the karma is the two of you are back together sorting out. If a stable relationship with a serious and responsible adult is your goal then you really should not need me to tell you to turn the Sag back out on the range, let someone else have the problem of trying to tame them and defer the karma to your next lifetime. Sag of course loves you because you are dependable and much like Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy, they can rely on you to come and get them out of that Thai jail. If you are up for adventure, a certain amount of uncertainty, athletic sex until you are at least 90, a lifelong travelling companion and some serious karmic soul work, then Sag could just be the one for you.

Capricorn + Capricorn: Welcome home to your twin soul! You instantly feel at ease with a fellow Sea Goat. The fact is, you know instinctively you can trust them with everything from the key to your heart to those fantasies you’ve never quite had the courage to reveal to anyone else. What’s more they reciprocate in kind. This one may bring in an age difference between the two of you (what’s a number anyway?) or else you may have been waiting a long time for them to appear – as in this may be a second or even third marriage for the two of you. However, there is a feeling of finally getting it right – as if everything that has gone before was just an opportunity for learning so you could arrive at the point of absolute certainty. If this is the case, then thank all your previous partners on a spiritual level for their generosity and willingness to prepare you for this wonderful person – no matter how things were or worked out between you in the past. In the present however – grab on to each other and don’t let go!

Capricorn + Aquarius: You’re fascinated by Aquarius because you’ve never met anyone quite like them before. There’s bound to be something about Aquarius which makes him or her unusual in some way and this can be anything from their job to their beliefs or their hobbies. They could be getting paid for something only they can do or have come up with because very often Aquarians are super smart. There’s an element of the inventor or entrepreneur about an Aquarian and of course, you are resonate with that. However, they may have extremely radical or even revolutionary political beliefs which may go against your own. Then of course there’s the conspiracy theories – anything from alien abductions to their suspicion that your boss is part of a cabal of giant lizards intent on world domination. I’ve not even got to their hobbies yet – their DVD collection of every Star Trek TV episode and film ever made – which of course they want to share with you, their comics, figurines, old computer parts or vintage clothing. It’s bound to be something as funky as they are. Now, one the initial attraction wears off you are either drawn in and fascinated or just plain annoyed and changing your internet dating profile to read ‘Only other earth signs need apply’ seeing they are clearly not of this one. It’s hardly likely either of you will shed many tears if that’s the way it ends up. Aquarius will probably meet their next amore at Comic Con, their TED talk, the premiere of Robot Overlords vs. Spider-Man or their local chapter of UFO’s Anonymous anyway so don’t worry yourself.  However – it could be that their unique blend of individualism and I-don’t-care-what-you-think sexiness has made its indelible mark on you and there’s no way you can go back to boring again. If that’s the case then you two could rule your own universe and make money together doing it.

Capricorn + Pisces: The talk never stops between the two of you -from that first encounter, over dinner and on to dirty and pillow talk afterwards. You feel you can say anything to your Pisces (and do) and they respond in kind. You love the way their minds work, their vision, their world-encompassing empathy and dreams. This relationship is like a garden and just a little water and TLC and it will bloom like nothing else you’ve discovered so far. The thing is, this is one of those pairings where you can accept someone without trying to change them or criticise them – and they do the same in return. If you go the distance – and there is no reason you shouldn’t and every reason to try, then the two of you will be active in your neighbourhood, your community and your local school if you have children (a distinct possibility). This is a learning and soul growth relationship for you both and you’d both be mad to pass it up.









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