Weekly Astro Tarot Forecast for All Signs August 17

Aries – The Tower: Remember that anything built on a solid foundation cannot collapse or be shaken. Something could hit you from left-field especially with Uranus retro in your sign. However, while this may surprise you, you will come to understand that it paves the way for something more lasting.

Taurus – Eight of Cups: With ruler Venus retrograde are you looking back at the past with regret? Notice in this card the figure looks to the future, not back. Chances are lost loves have been with you over many lifetimes. Keep focussed on the future and making new love and new karma.

Gemini – Seven of Wands: You may be put into a position where you are forced to defend your dreams, your goals or even someone you love. You have the ability to act assertively now and in your own or another’s best interests. Don’t let anyone deter you from doing what you know deep down is right.

Cancer – Four of Cups: Are you going along with the flow simply because things are ‘sort of’ okay or you don’t want to rock the boat? A half-baked life may be a safe one but it’s also one without real passion. This card asks you which will you choose? Opt for experiences rather than ‘things’ and shake off that disenchantment. You deserve more.

Leo – Nine of Swords: Has someone you trusted proved they were not worthy of your trust or are you just in the grip of bad dreams or anxiety, Leo? People may think you have nothing to complain about now but past hurts or even present ones may tarnish your usual shine. Don’t blow things out of proportion or give away your power.

Virgo – Page of Pentacles: A new source of money or job opportunity could be in the start-up phase this week. It’s important to approach work goals diligently and not expect overnight results. Nurture any new income streams – they may pay off later rather than sooner but they will prove to be a good investment.

Libra – Knight of Wands: News arrives which could determine your course over the next few months or could see you re-connecting with someone from overseas or your past – or both. Watch out for that former flame who appears impossible to resist – either then or now. Love needs a different approach to what you have tried in the past.

Scorpio – Knight of Pentacles: Investment in your work skills could pay off with a better job offer or promotion. You’ve now learned there are no short cuts and you’re ready to commit to a job, company or even your own business for the long haul – provided you know the rewards are there for you in the future.

Sagittarius – The Emperor: Much is written about our inner child but what about our inner parent? It’s time to be the father to that child no matter your own gender. Others may see support come from a male in their lives in a position of power. Being a good parent often requires us saying ‘No’. Don’t be afraid to apply this to yourself as well.

Capricorn – The Sun: You have all the patience necessary to understand that to create freedom and opportunity you need building blocks. If you’ve been laying that foundation Jupiter in his ruling house in your chart now could be about to bestow the success you’ve waited so patiently for.

Aquarius – Queen of Cups: Look to where you may be blocked emotionally or out of fear are ‘smothering’ others. These kinds of situations stop the universal flow of abundance from reaching you. When you are open and let go, the doors to prosperity and emotional security open wide and what you desire will flood in.

Pisces – Six of Cups: Memories are all very good but are you overly attached to the past – to a time period in your life, to places or to people – especially lovers? The past can represent a trap so bear this in mind especially if someone reappears out of it now. Above all, ditch unrequited anything – desires, goals and especially love.



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