Reach higher

Love shows fresh growth

One direction – up

Ain’t no stoppin’ you now, Sag. You’re on the move now ruler Jupiter lands back in your house of communication, commuting and commerce from the 3rd. This coincides this week with Mercury arriving in Jupiter’s ruling 9th on the 28th and a meeting between it and the Sun on the 1st.

Time to power forward with those ideas. That screenplay, application, pitch, thesis, manuscript, social media feed, vlog, side hustle. Others may be looking at how they get around and upgrading their main method of transport. Moving around literally as in travel is back on the cards even if it is just the local variety.

Double your love in a double act

Love is your other area up for negotiation. Desert or oasis, Sag? Time to revisit partnership matters of all descriptions now Ceres arrives in your 7th on the final day of July. Ceres always puts a new deal on the table for us. Opens up a new world to explore. In this case – via someone else. This could be a long-term love – past, present or potential. Or just as easily be a working partnership or collaboration.

You have Mars bigging up those ambitions in your 10th this week. It gives you the confidence to climb higher or reach for that prize that’s remained tantalizing out of reach. You won’t hesitate if it falls within your grasp now – pushing aside self-doubt or any feelings of unworthiness. Love of what you do or for someone or something lifts you up where you belong. Non-stop now, Sag.

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