Focus on the love you give – and the love you get in return

Friends and goals feature

Big up that message – and that plan

Ruler Jupiter heads direct in your 3rd on the 18th while Mercury the ruler of this house, also moves forward in your 11th the same day. Friends and groups, networks and connections would have been in focus during this retro time. What was working with them and also what wasn’t. With the Sun moving into your 12th this week (23rd) this is the start of your release and re-envisioning period before your new cycle begins. So, think of this as connections either now being set for the long haul or you deciding to move on.

Venus in your sign has kick-started your birthday season early – call it the pre-party period, despite the retrograde background noise. Venus in your 1st asks you to love yourself and then share this with the big, wild, waiting world! Or I could say your audience. And that could even be an audience of one. But if it’s that special someone – that’s enough. Venus opposes Ceres in your 7th also on the 18th asking you if it’s time for a new take or deal on love. Either with your current bae or just realising that you are now seeking a different dynamic the next time around.

Love needs to add up

This week’s full Moon throws a spotlight on Mars in your 11th as it shines out from your 5th of good times, lovers, children, teenagers, pleasure and what makes you stand out and shine. Because your 5th and 11th houses are so interlinked, this could again highlight a friendship or connection. Because being with a friend and sharing good times brings up the same kind of emotions we experience when we are falling in love, engaging in doing something we love or simply in our zone. One friendship or yes, even that lover, could be in the spotlight as a result.

With how they make you feel or what the take-out is, at the heart of it all. The good times could continue rolling or alternatively, come grinding to a halt. Maybe not entirely but enter the friendzone. It’s an all in or all out moment. Where you see that the give and take is equal – or else one-sided. Who you love and how, the love you give and the love that’s given in return, is the plus or minus you’re making that decision on this full Moon, Sag.

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