Discover how far your ideas can fly

Promises are made to be kept

Words are your superpower

Remember, Mercury is slowing down in preparation for retrograde in your Now Age 3rd which it rules. During this time, it is going to meet your ruler Jupiter twice more. The Sun’s arrival in here on the 19th puts the focus very much on your ideas and what you say and communicate. Writing, speaking, teaching, studying, publishing and the internet in particular.

Say it Anyway

If you have something to say this week, say it and take a fearless approach. Shifts may also occur around your day job (paid or unpaid) or your routine as Mars and Uranus collide in your 6th on the 20th. It’s time now to take action to innovate, escape any ruts you may have fallen into and especially not to put off sending anything out there or having that talk. The Mars angle to ruler Jupiter on the 24th sees you unafraid to tackle any subject. Or push those ideas forward, applying for that new job or sending that website live.

Take it that what you say or do or even put your signature to this week, will have lasting implications as the Sun and Saturn meet in your 3rd on the 24th. Some of you could begin a long-term project, accept a job offer or enter into an arrangement which goes the distance. Business plans have longevity now. Your words have weight so choose them carefully. The promises you make or papers you sign will be binding now. And that’s a good thing, Sag.

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