Hack Your Planet Sagittarius: 7 Simple Steps for Life Success!

If you have your Sun in expansive, adventurous, outgoing and happy-go-lucky Sag, or if you have Sagittarius as your rising sign, then your ruler is Jupiter, the largest planet in the zodiac. Jupiter ‘bigs’ everything up so those born under his rulership tend to be a little larger than life and also crave bigger life experiences. Of course, some people will have issues with your ‘tell it like it is’, full-throttle, live-life-on-the-edge personality. But your philosophy is that’s their problem. Besides, you usually have little trouble attracting plenty of friends and admirers as who doesn’t want to be around you when you’re so much fun?! Jupiter is associated with travel, foreigners, explorers, the law, higher learning, luck, the mass media, philosophy, sports and animals – especially larger animals bigger than say a sheep. Don’t be surprised then if Jupiter is prominent in your chart you are drawn to these areas or experiences. So, how can you make the best of Jupiter’s ability to draw luck and adventure into your life? Here’s seven key tips to maximise his already big influence in your chart:

¶ Know the difference between a calculated risk and a gamble. Jupiter rules betting and gambling. He can make you over-confident and too willing to take risks if you are not careful. However, the reverse of this is being too scared to take a chance. One of the greatest teachings he has for you is to learn the difference between a gamble and weighing up the odds. A gamble is staking the kids’ college fund on the ‘hot’ tip you just got from a ‘reputable’ source. A calculated risk is taking a punt on your own talents and setting up a business or going for that job anyway. Now you’re learning the Jupiter recipe for success!

¶ You crave variety. Chances are at school you were the kid constantly looking out of the classroom window wanting to be ‘out there’ doing something else if you found the subject boring (or if you had a teacher who made an interesting subject boring!). You need a career that provides you with plenty of variety and mental stimulation. Ensure you make finding that career your top priority as it makes everything else possible for you. Remember – those adventures you crave have to be paid for somehow so you may as well pay for them doing something you love!

¶ From what you love to who you love. Sagittarians get a highly unfair rep for being ‘flighty’ when it comes to settling down. The thing is Sag craves that perfect partnership the same as any other sign. Here’s your recipe for love success: opposites may attract but in your case marry or merge with your own kind. Yes, you’re a free spirit so find a fellow free-spirit to run with and with whom the adventure never stops for your happily-ever-after.

¶ Because Jupiter is associated with ‘all or nothing’, take care this does not tip into excess for you. You don’t just crave a slice of the cake but the whole thing. If you want to stay a sexy Sagittarian steer clear of overindulgence as Jupiter will expand your waistline and other parts – especially the hips and thighs which he rules, if you are not careful. He also rules your liver. Need I say more?

¶ Thinking of starting a new project? Your best chance of success and tapping into true inspiration, creativity and ideas which just resonate with the collective is actually during the season of Lent, Mardi Gras and when the Sun is in Pisces. Yes, it’s a little known fact but this is because Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces. Don’t be surprised either if New Orleans at Mardi Gras is on your travel bucket list. In fact, if you do go you could find incredible ideas, experiences and people to add to your enjoyment!

¶ Work it! Yes, Jupiter is associated with ‘lucky’ breaks but you have to work to put yourself in a position to receive those lucky breaks. If you except Jupiter to act like a cross between Santa Claus and your fairy godfather you are in for a big disappointment. Jupiter helps those who help themselves. Here’s an example. Olympic gold medallist and winner of all the major dressage titles in the world Charlotte Dujardin did not come from a horsey family. However, she knew she wanted to be a dressage rider. She managed to get herself and her horse to a clinic coached by Carl Hester. Carl was impressed with what she had managed to achieve but Charlotte did not leave it there. After the clinic she wrote to Carl thanking him and asking if there would be any chance of working for him in the future? Carl had a staff member off for a few weeks so invited Charlotte to fill in. The staff member never returned, Charlotte took up the post full-time and was coached by Carl on to Olympic and world-wide victory. This would not have happened if Charlotte had not taken the initiative – and of course put in the work before meeting Carl in order to impress him in the first place. Do the work – and Jupiter will assist you.

¶ Honour your Jupiter. Jupiter enjoys recognition and you can show you honour his energy in your life by committing to making your life’s journey a constant learning process through travel, learning and new experiences of all kinds. Pass on what you have learned to others via teaching or communicating it in some way. Don’t stop no matter how old you get and Jupiter will continue to shine on you!