Harness the Power of Your Money Planets – Cancer

Your Money Planets – Cancer

When it comes to money we’ve all got planets working for – and against us. Check out your astrological financial profile for your sign to make the most of your ability to attract and make that stuff which makes the material world go around – money.

When it comes to investing, Cancerians are usually more apt to rely on intuition than what is being advised in the Financial Times. Think of the term ‘Sea Change’ and all that implies. During their lifetimes Cancerians are likely to weather both financial storms and calm seas. Also, this is a sign who is likely to have a long term savings plan to acquire that permanent sea change.

With a deep seated need for security, most Cancerians love and appreciate money – almost as much as Taureans and their opposite sign of Capricorn. It’s not about a desire for acquiring more, however. It is often tied to their somewhat fragile sense of self-worth and ability to interact in the material world. Cancerians who are having financial difficulties should start to rectify this by first working on their self-confidence. Ruled by the Moon – hence the ebb and flow of emotions, rulership of their money zone also comes under the influence of the Sun – hence the link to self-confidence and self-promotion.

That said, this is a sign that often has great skill with money and should not be underestimated. Female Cancerians are often brilliant at budgeting and can make their money stretch. It’s not so much about how much they have at their disposal but how they use their resources. Other signs should watch and take note. This is one of the most adept signs in the zodiac at saving and the one least likely to blow their money on the latest consumer ‘toy’. This habit often starts at a young age with little Cancerians putting their pocket money in their piggy banks as opposed to taking it down the sweet shop.

Cancerians will usually be saving for something that gives them security – usually a home, and then they will save to do things to improve that home or upgrade to a bigger one. Another priority for them is their children’s education and enrichment activities so this is the sign that is most likely to have a college fund set up. Cancerians are most comfortable investing in property and complicated investments give them headaches and can cause them untold anxieties as they don’t like taking risks.

Cancerians need to trust their intuition when it comes to money. The most important financial plan they can have however is to work on their self-esteem. Listen to any inner tapes you are replaying that are saying you don’t deserve to be successful and wealthy and replace these with positive ones. Confront any fears you have about money and look at where these originated – often in childhood. These can hold you back so confront them fearlessly and look at the mind-set, beliefs and circumstances of the people who planted them. Chances are you will see they have no relevance to you or your ability to earn a living and create a secure financial future for yourself.

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