Harness the Power of Your Money Planets – Leo

Your Money Planets – Leo

When it comes to money we’ve all got planets working for – and against us. Check out your astrological financial profile for your sign to make the most of your ability to attract and make that stuff which makes the material world go around – money.

Leo’s are destined to shine being ruled by the Sun. As such, money exists for a Leo as a means to make them shine all the more brighter. Leo’s are not burdened by the shy, self-esteem financial issues of a Cancer. They know they deserve the very best life has to offer and they will spend accordingly – at least up to the limit of their overdrafts or credit cards that is. Leo’s tend not to worry whether money is available or not. And it’s probably not as a Leo has usually spent it before it gets to their bank accounts. Many a bank manager has torn out his or her hair due to a Leo customer being unable to stay within their agreed overdraft limit. For a Leo, less is not more. More is more and it must be more of the very best. Why have one home when you can have two? Why have one pair of Manolo Blahniks when 20 will do just as well? Despite their expensive tastes, Leos rarely have a desire to acquire money as a goal in itself as fame, fun and pleasure rather than the fortune is what motivates them. That and being able to stand out from the crowd.

Everything is show-bizzy and glittering for a Leo and they certainly aren’t going to be caught up with minor details such as keeping track of what they’ve spent and on what. All of which can result in a nasty surprise when their credit cards are cut up. However, Leos have an immense amount of pride and they are unlikely to borrow money or even admit to being broke if they get into financial difficulties but will continue to put on a good ‘show’. However, if someone they care about needs help this is the sign most likely to get in debt themselves in order to bail out their nearest and dearest. Go figure.

Leo’s bank account is not only ruled by Venus but also Mercury, hence the sometimes slapdash approach to finances and the love of spending money on adornment – both personal and for the home. To finance their lifestyles, Leos like Aries need to be pursuing a profession they love – usually one that involves them being ‘front of house’ in some way. When it comes to investing, this sign does well investing in fine arts and antiques provided they buy what they really love and don’t choose things merely because they think they may increase in value.

Yes, Leo is the King or Queen but that doesn’t mean to say you know everything. Listen to others when it comes to financial advice and get help if necessary to set up and manage a workable budget. By that I mean one that allows you to indulge your desire for the finer things of life as well as put something aside for the future. Going without pleasures is really not your style and if you attempt to deprive yourself of these it will have the opposite effect and you will end up binge-spending and blowing your budget again!

Above all, don’t let your know-it-all attitude sell you short. If you’re thinking of making investments please go get expert advice first. Like Sagittarians, you’re a bit of a gambler and you can stake your money on a long shot – only to find you’ve lost the designer shirt off your back in the process. Not a good look.

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