Harness the Power of Your Money Planets – Sagittarius

Your Money Planets – Sagittarius

When it comes to money we’ve all got planets working for – and against us. Check out your astrological financial profile for your sign to make the most of your ability to attract and make that stuff which makes the material world go around – money.

Sag loves money. But like their opposite sign of Gemini it’s more about what the experiences that money can buy them than money itself. Airline tickets, comic books, horses, sporting goods, the biggest flat screen TV on the market, a ranch in Wyoming – money brings out the Big Sky Thinking in a Sagittarian and that thinking usually revolves around having fun. Sag knows deep down that they are entitled to however much money they want so unlike some other signs usually don’t have any hang-ups about whether they’re worth it or not. This should come as no surprise as they are ruled by Jupiter – planet of abundance and prosperity and downright dumb luck. The problem being that Jupiter also rules excess – Sag is the sign that doesn’t know how to say ‘no’ – to anything and that includes spending big – even if they don’t have it.

Despite the fact they have the ability to attract real wealth usually through their individual and unique talents, Sag is not the most money-minded sign out there. Generous to a fault, Sag only wants money because it buys the two things any Sag prizes above all else – freedom and independence.

Because Jupiter is not about denial, Sag therefore is not about to curtail their generosity. This is the sign that pays for the entire restaurant table due to their inability to deny those they care about and themselves, anything at all. Lucky for Sag their 2nd house of money is ruled by thrifty Saturn who tries his best in instil thoughts like delayed gratification into the Sag financial outlook. What Sag wants they want now which is why so many Sag credit cards are usually permanently up to the limit.

Sag rules gambling and luck and if a Sag wants to take control of their financial destiny (which translates into having the freedom they desire), they need to buy out of the delusion they are lucky at gambling. The thing is, Sag is lucky but usually any financial shortfalls are made up in ways other than wagering.

If you’re a permanently financially challenged Sag or else stuck in a long term cycle where money is in short supply you need to look at whether your career is really allowing you to express your own individual talents. You’ve plenty of inspiration here – Jane Austen, Jimi Hendrix, Beethoven, Frank Sinatra, Jane Fonda, Woody Allen, Tina Turner, Walt Disney, Toulouse-Lautrec, Winston Churchill and Steven Spielberg – all Sagittarians who achieved success by being themselves. Don’t imitate others – this is your key to receiving the rewards you deserve.

You’re the most forthright sign of the zodiac so subject yourself to your own ruthless honesty. Those jobs you hate – balancing your cheque book and working out budgets – delegate. Get yourself an accountant or financial adviser to help you. Also, you have a tendency to ‘round up’ on your expenses. Start to pay attention to the exact cost of things and you’ll soon discover all this extra money. When you do, channel the wisdom of the ruler of your money zone Saturn, and use it to save for your future. If you label the account ‘Financial Freedom’ this will give you plenty of incentive to put that money away and finance those larger-than-life Sagittarian dreams.

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