Mercury – Planet of the Mind

The Planet Mercury is named after the Roman messenger God and is often pictured with winged sandals and carrying a caduceus. Mercury governs communication, and education. In your chart Mercury rules not only your intellect but your ability to communicate with others. Mercury can show the poet or the salesman, the teacher or the student in the chart dependent on where it is placed.

Mercury in Aries

Decisive and to the point, you are often impatient. With your short fuse you can hold your own in any argument. Finding it difficult to concentrate, you tend to jump to conclusions and make decisions on impulse. You have an answer to everything.

Mercury in Taurus

With your patient and practical approach, you tend to learn from experience. Your ability to concentrate means that you like to think everything through thoroughly, however long it takes. Once your mind is made up, it’s impossible to change it.

Mercury in Gemini

You’re a lightning quick thinker and a real chatterbox who wants to know a bit about everything. Full of questions, you have good reasoning power but find it hard to be consistent as your mind flits from one idea to the next.

Mercury in Cancer

Your thinking is more intuitive than rational and you tend to ignore facts that contradict your feelings. With your exceptionally good memory you learn best through experience. You make an excellent listener.

Mercury in Leo

You know what you think and have no problems in sharing it. At times you’re prone to being a little too opinionated and fixed in your views. You express yourself dramatically and forcefully and are so convinced of your brilliance that it’s hard to admit mistakes.

Mercury in Virgo

Being so logical and critical, you catch onto things quickly. You have a common sense approach and check everything thoroughly before making a decision. Wanting everything to be just so can make you come over as a nitpicker.

Mercury in Libra

Wanting so much to get on with people makes you avoid arguments. You’re rational, and fair, with a skill for diplomacy. An ability to listen makes you easy to talk to. It can be hard for you to make a decision as you can always see both sides of an issue.

Mercury in Scorpio

You like to get to the bottom of things and are good at keeping secrets. You don’t mince your words and will say what you think, or if that isn’t possible you say nothing at all. You only have to look at someone to understand their unseen weaknesses and strengths.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Prepared to talk to anyone, you’re extremely direct. Tact isn’t your strongest point and you can be very opinionated. It wouldn’t be true to call you a liar, but you do like to improve on the truth and are prone to exaggeration.

Mercury in Capricorn

Thinking and speaking in a cautious, methodical and careful manner, you know how to take things one step at a time. Although you’re not the quickest of learners you don’t forget things and with your powers of concentration you’re serious and practical.

Mercury in Aquarius

Burst of insight keep you filled with ideas. Your active mind keeps going constantly. Sometimes you can be well ahead of your time. Being fair minded you judge people by what they know or do, rather than who they are.

Mercury in Pisces

You tend to follow your instincts rather than any sense of logic or reason. A real dreamer, you can get lost in your fantasies. You have a fantastic imagination and can be sensitive and too easily hurt, becoming moody and negative when you are.

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