Your Planet Leo: 7 Simple Steps for Life Success!

You are the only sign with the Sun as your ruler and this applies to you whether you have a Leo birthday or Leo ascendant. The Sun is the giver of light and of life – and therefore the giver of all things. This is why the Sun was worshipped across all ancient cultures. If you have a Leo Sun or Leo rising you are born to stand out in some way. This is not ego or narcissism. It is your destiny and strangely enough, if your creativity or self-expression is denied or repressed through any reason, this is actually what will bring on narcissistic or selfish traits – not the other way around. A Leo who is allowed to shine in their own way is a happy Leo indeed and what is more, is generous with it as your sign is one of the most giving of the zodiac! So, how can you shine that little bit brighter than you are already doing? These seven simple steps will brighten your future in more ways than one!

¶ Sunday is literally ‘the Sun’s day’ and for you this is not so much a day of rest but a day to explore your creativity, your ideas and your self-expression. Put plans into action today or spend it on that personal project or with like minded, supportive people. Plug into the energy of this day and see it as the start of your week, not the end of it. That way you will continue to shine all the way to the following weekend!

¶ Do you need a confidence boost or are unsure of which direction to take? Although along with Aries you can come across as one of the most confident signs out there, often this is not the case. You are just turning in an Oscar-winning performance that has the world fooled! While you can ‘fake it till you make it’ – feeling the real thing gets you there so much faster! Tapping into your inner wisdom and creative vibe is easy as all you have to do is have some quiet ‘me’ time and watch the sunrise or sunset – or both, over a few days. You will be amazed not just at how re-charged and confident you feel but also how your next step is so easily revealed to you. Try it and see!

¶ You need love and affection like other people need air and water! This has nothing to do with being ‘needy’ however. But watch this does not tip into wanting constant attention or you will frighten potential lovers away! This would be a great pity as you have a warm, passionate heart. A word of caution: you have an innate pride and need to have a partner you can be proud of. Therefore stick out for this and ignore those who say you are ‘too picky’ or your standards are too high or unrealistic. If you compromise on this one thing unhappiness will be the end result. Better to be happily single than one half of a disappointed couple.

¶ Creativity on some level is your birthright. As well as the traditional forms of creativity such as writing, art, music and performing, understand that creativity now encompasses so many area. Writing a business plan or pitch is a creative act as is writing a computer program! What matters here is understanding you are destined to stand out and be known for doing something. You need to invest in your creativity and also look to how you can share your talents with the world. If you come from this place success may exceed your wildest expectations!

¶ You have an abundance of energy and it needs to go somewhere otherwise if trapped or repressed you may literally become physically ill! Take up a hobby or sport that interests you. Get involved in community creative ventures – amateur dramatics, painting or photography groups. The choice is yours but take action and put that dynamic energy out there!

¶ You have a natural affinity with children – and you need to recognise the child within too and let her or him out to play. Having children of your own may be very important to you. If you have none as you get older why not consider getting involved with children in some way? Staying in touch with your inner child and doing inner child work if necessary sets you up to enjoy adult life. As the writer Tom Robbins so aptly put it: It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. He should know – he has Mercury and Jupiter in Leo!

¶ Your colour is gold as it your sign’s metal. Wearing gold coloured clothes and jewellery will boost your energy and capture other’s attention. Black? You might want to consider ditching it unless it is teamed with glorious gold. Remember, you don’t have to look brassy. You can go for subtle matte golds as opposed to being covered in sequins. That’s your golden, classy, timeless Leo coming out to dazzle!