10 Big Astrology Secrets

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had some simple insights into when certain events were likely to happen in our lives and be able to prepare for them? We all agree that knowledge is power and the reason I love astrology because it is our key to personal empowerment! The orbit of the planets around the Sun and around our charts is like a big clock and when they reach a certain angle we know through centuries of study, that certain events are going to take place. Astrology is a complex subject and to really delve into your chart and life path, nothing replaces a one-on-one consultation with an astrologer. However, there are certain major transits that happen to us all at certain times that we can be aware of ahead of time – but often astrologers don’t want you to know about them. I think this defeats the purpose of astrology which is knowledge that is to be used by everyone. So, to put you ahead of the game – here they are. The Top 10 Astrology Secrets that you can use to empower your soul journey.

1: Never buy a phone/computer/car, make travel arrangements, sign a contract, launch a website, publish a book, start a magazine, open a shop or begin anything to do with communication when Mercury is retrograde. Mercury rules communication and transport. We always publish the dates Mercury will be retrograde in our monthly and weekly forecasts.

2: Every 12 years of your life – from age 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 and hey – onwards, you will have luck in one area of your life – usually the same one. This is your Jupiter return. Depending on how old you are now look back at what happened around these times. When you hit the next milestone you’ll get more of the same. Lucky you.

3: Between the ages of 28-30 and again at 56-58 you will experience your Saturn return. This brings a lesson which contains an opportunity. Do not rush decisions during this time as the repercussions of your choice will be with you for a very long time. Something can end at this time but it is usually to release you for a new beginning.

4: Don’t make a major decision in the five days before, or on, or the five days after an eclipse. Again, we publish the dates of these in our forecasts. If you do something major around these times you are not likely to get the results you were after.

5: Expect issues around your father, step-father or the person who acted as the father-influence in your life to come up around your birthday. Pay attention to these even if the person is no longer with you. These thoughts and feelings need to be addressed and healed.

6: Look up your birthday in an ephemeris or ask an astrologer if you were born at the time of a full Moon. Your mother may know. If you were you have two sides to your personality whether you are a Gemini or not! Your parents may be opposite personality types too and you may reflect this. Your soul task this lifetime is integrating these two sides for karmic family healing.

7: The dates covered by your star sign will always put you in the spotlight in some way even if it’s just your name mentioned on a post on Facebook but often you may find yourself mentioned in a wider context or receive a photo opportunity, or perhaps even find yourself in the media eye. So, if your birthday is coming up – work on your image!

8: Don’t tell a Gemini or a Libran your secret. Gemini’s love to gossip. Libra’s won’t mean to give it away but if they have a few drinks – well, enough said. Scorpio’s will take your secret to the grave but this gives them power over you. Never start an argument with an Aries if you want an early night. Never act needy around a Sagittarian and don’t make jokes about a Cancerian’s mother or children.

9: There is no such thing as being born ‘on the cusp’. The Sun is either in one sign or the other. You can look up your date of birth in an ephemeris on-line or an astrologer can tell you. You are one or the other. Not a bit of both.

10: At around 42-44 you will have your Uranus opposition. This is the classic ‘mid-life’ crisis transit. The cliche one people always talk about that sees so many men of this age group ditch the wife/husband and family and start driving around in sports cars and other younger models. Women are also not immune to this. You may feel rebellious and that you have ‘missed out’ on some aspect of life. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Many people leave relationships under this transit feeling it lacks passion only to wake up years later to realise they threw away the best thing they ever had. However, if you are stuck in a career or a relationship that really does have no future, this is your opportunity to begin life again.

Like I said, the planets are like a big clock and they constantly revolve around the face of our birthcharts brining us new experiences. By knowing in advance what is coming up we can use their energy for more effective soul growth and avoid many pitfalls.

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