What Your Partner’s Planets Say About Them!

A big part of astrology is looking at compatibility charts and also using astrology to help us understand what makes someone else ‘tick’.  The more we understand where someone is coming from, the better chances we have of building a successful relationship! The great thing is you don’t have to know the person’s time and place of birth (although this gives you added insight if you do have it), just their date of birth is sufficient. This allows you to look up which signs the planets were in the day they were born. The more planets in one particular sign, the more of that sign’s characteristics they will display – whether it is their Sun sign or not. Also, pay attention to whether the sign’s ruling planet is in there as again, this amplifies the influence. Then use this handy guide for a ‘sneak peak’ into their personalities. Concentrate on the ‘personal’ planets – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

Your Partner Has Planets in Aries

Aries Zena gifIt’s all about action due to Mars being the ruling sign of Aries. If someone has planets in Aries even if they are not directly involved in sport chances are they are talking about it. The person with Aries planets will be highly competitive in other ways – perhaps in business, love, sex, creativity. Passionate, spontaneous and eager they love the chase, especially in love! Aries is the sign of the warrior. Playful, eager and quick to anger but also quick to forgive. If you are dating an Aries they love to sweep you off your feet. Balanced Aries plays out their energy by being a Warrior for Love and channelling it into business or creativity and being a hero. Unbalanced Aries gets a chip on his or her shoulder and sees the world as being ‘against’ him or her and is spoiling for a fight. Make sure you choose the Aries that is balanced and not the other way around!


Your Partner Has Planets in Taurus

taurus partnerVenus is the ruling planet of Taurus and it would be extremely rare to find a Taurean who doesn’t have a passion for music. The visual arts could also feature but chances are music may be their main focus. Taurus planets feature heavily in the charts of many band members including those of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Sex Pistols and the Beach Boys and Stevie Wonder, Bono, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Bjorn Ulvaeus all have Taurus planets. You want to seduce someone with Taurus planets? Invest in a good sound system and an eclectic taste in music as Taurus tastes run to anything from opera to heavy metal. A strong value system is important to a Taurus and they can have very strong ethics in business and in their personal lives. Loyalty is exceptionally important and if you betray a Taurus they will never forgive you. The good news is if you are loved by someone who has a lot of Taurus, they will love you forever! Taurus values others by the time they invest in the relationship perhaps more so than what they spend on the other person. They can however become addicted to routine and drive you crazy by wanting things their own way and play it too safe on occasion.

Your Partner Has Planets in Gemini

Gemini partnerGemini is the Peter Pan sign. Forever youthful and bursting with ideas – Geminis usually can talk up a storm and have the gift of the gab to boot. That saying ‘Sell ice to the eskimo’ was most likely coined after talking to a Gemini. Gemini is ruled by Mercury the messenger of the Gods and their minds move like quicksilver. As Gemini is also the sign of the twins chances are you are getting two for the price of one and you may feel your partner has an alter-ego at times. Chances are what your Gemini loves today are the same things she or he loved in their teens. Geminis easily become bored however and value the intellectual turn-on above all else. Witty with a great sense of humour, your Gemini lover appreciates a good joke, sparkling repartee and a quicksilver mind like their own. Exploring sexual fantasy with words and seducing with language works wonders with a Gemini. However, they do have a tendency to flirt – but provided you can keep them on their toes intellectually they won’t wander off.

Your Partner Has Planets in Cancer

Cancer partnerHome is where the heart is for anyone with Cancer planets. People with planets in this sign especially the Moon which rules Cancer, usually identify strongly with their homeland or cultural roots no matter where they may subsequently end up living. People with Cancer strong in their charts are usually fantastic nurturers, parents, doctors, nurses, carers and cooks. However, if something has gone wrong for them in their childhood or family, the energy can get expressed as co-dependency, neediness, over-protectiveness and ‘smothering’. A typical example of this is when the lines become blurred between ‘lover’ and ‘mother’. Cancer withdraws when hurt (or a hurt is perceived) and if this happens drawing them out and encouraging them to express their feelings but first telling them yours will go a long way to resolving any misunderstandings and allow them to feel safe about expressing their sensitive side.

Your Partner Has Planets in Leo

Leo PartnerCreative self-expression is a big part of who they are for anyone with planets in Leo.  Ruled by the Sun Leo is drawn to the spotlight in some way and you may find that your Leo lover’s identity is very much defined by what they do. Leo takes a great ride in their appearance and also who they are seen with.They have great warmth and generosity of spirit. It is very important for a Leo to utilise their creativity on some level – even if they are not earning their living at it (yet). If they don’t they risk tumbling into depression so may need encouragement if this is the case. Leos usually have talent and the style to showcase it and they crave an audience as well as positive strokes so praise but keep it genuine. Leos exude class and usually have a magnificent head of hair (the lion’s mane).  Leo needs to be adored and the more adoration the more they give. Their only fault can be in hogging the attention – forgetting that partners need their time in the spotlight as well and of course their pride.

Your Partner Has Planets in Virgo
Well read, well informVirgo partnered and usually body conscious, your Virgo partner usually takes good care of him or herself.  This is another Mercury ruled sign but Virgo is an earth sign so the energy expresses itself differently to Gemini. Virgos tend to be involved in a juggling act between the facts and how they feel. When it comes to wellbeing they will reel off all the latest scientific and medical data as to why you should be taking this particular supplement or using this exercise program. They will analyse their feelings in very much the same way. They are the Virgin or the whore (symbolically!) and either wild to the extreme or very reserved in the boudoir. There is nothing like a passionate Virgo. The original meaning of Virgin was owned by no man. It takes quite a lot of effort to truly get a Virgo to open completely. If anyone has a pros and cons list for dating someone it will be the person with lots of planets in Virgo. They despise bad manners. Virgos usually have a desire not just for learning but to uncover the facts – and the exact facts not just guesstimates. Mass media, education and IT are Virgo areas as is fitness and healthcare. Usually responsible, your Virgo lover will take their job seriously. The downside? They can tip into workaholism, be neatniks to the point of being OCD and become super-critical of body flaws – in themselves and others.

Your Partner Has Planets in Libra

Libra partnerLibra is the sign of partnerships and like Taurus is ruled by Venus. Hopeless romantics, both men and women who have planets in Libra are in search of ‘the one’. The key to understanding someone with planets in Libra is to know that deep down inside, whatever they feel they lack, they are trying to find it in you. In other words this is the classic ‘You complete me’ sign. Men with planets in Libra are usually on the look out for very ‘feminine’ women or a sensitive or dashing man. This has nothing to do I might add with not supporting feminism – it’s just they prefer their women to look like women or their men to be dandyish. Usually women with planets in here will conform to this in some way – Libran Brigitte Bardot said ‘ Every woman is a Venus in her own way’ – and expressing Venus in her own way is what Libran women are all. The downside? All variations of gender express something gently hypnotic but they can be prone to depression. It can be very difficult to get a hard decision from someone with Libra planets as they can see both sides so clearly and therefore come across as wishy-washy.

Your Partner Has Planets in Scorpio

Scorpio partnerScorpio is ruled by both Mars and Pluto so pay attention if either are in this sign as you are in for a powerful transformative experience in some way. If you’re involved with a Scorpio you are involved with either a dark horse or Darth Vader. Understand this – there is nothing superficial about someone with heavy Scorpio planets no matter how they may come across initially. They are like icebergs and by that I don’t mean they are cold – it’s just that 9/10th of what they are all about is hidden. Scorpio is associated with sex, death, taboos and transformations. Hence there is a misconception out there that Scorpio’s are obsessed with sex.  While Mars in Scorpio gives someone a powerful libido, Scorpio per se is no more obsessed with sex than any other sign. What they seek however is sex with depth and they can plunge you into the sweetest ocean of lust or the murkiest pool of confusion. It has to mean something on a very deep level for them. How they act this out may vary however. They usually have experiences which have taken them to the deep side of life and have come out the other side transformed. Negative Scorpio energy manifests as power, manipulation, domination and control. Positive Scorpio is fiercely loyal, passionate and in for the long-haul but only if you light their fire.

Your Partner Has Planets in Sagittarius

Capricorn partnerIt’s rare to find a Sag couch potato. Most people with planets in Sag are out there – walking, running, riding, surfing, climbing, exploring or flying. If you do happen to come across that rare Sag who is sitting at home on their couch eating Krispy Kremes chances are they are reading or watching something about someone who is walking, running, riding, surfing, climbing, exploring or flying. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter – the largest planet in the solar system so there’s usually something ‘larger than life’ about them in some way. They may be working in travel, sports, the law, academia, the media or with animals. Generous to a fault, Sagittarians think big, have big dreams and are usually planning that next big trip – usually in the departure lounge of the airport waiting to embark on the current one. Sag appreciates freedom. Blunt to the point of rudeness you will always know where you stand and how they are experiencing you! It’s not that they are likely to cheat as they value loyalty but the first sign of neediness or clinginess and they will head for the heels usually at a flat out gallop. This is the other sign that usually has a splendid head of hair due to being half-horse (the horse’s mane and tail). Cultivate a sense of humour and spontaneity with your Sag and you won’t go far wrong. Unfortunately the term ‘foot in mouth disease’ was invented for Sag so watch out for that tactless streak!

Your Partner has Planets in Capricorn

Capricorn partnerTick tock, tick tock. If your partner has planets in Capricorn time will be a feature in your relationship in some way, shape or form – even cosmic timing and karma. Don’t be surprised if they are an actual clock collector. People with personal planets in Capricorn are willing to wait for what they want. Capricorn is ruler by Saturn who rules time and karma so you see the connection. Also, don’t be surprised if there is a big age gap between you and your Capricorn lover with them either being much younger or much older. If it doesn’t bother them, it shouldn’t bother you. Capricorns are in for the long haul when it comes to relationships or success and will work hard at both. People with Capricorn planets tend to have an older, experienced ‘mentor’ figure in their lives especially if they have had problems with their own fathers growing up. People with strong Capricorn energy are concerned with building or establishing something and they may be drawn to the ‘established’ professions – finance, medicine, the law, politics. Their downside is they can keep their emotions on lock-down and come across as cool and emotionless. The perfect example of this kind of Capricorn in the media is the character of Aaron Hotchner in Criminal Minds who is the consummate dedicated professional but who keeps his feelings on lockdown.

Your Partner Has Planets in Aquarius

Aquarius partnerNo matter how much an Aquarian tries to conform to someone else’s expectations they are destined to fail dismally. If your lover has planets in Aquarius (which is ruled by Uranus) then your best bet is to encourage them to be themselves. One thing is certain – they are original and unique. They may frustrate you at times as they can be very fixed in their ideas and opinions but you know there is no-one out there like them! They are one of a kind in more ways than one. Maverick thinkers, rebels without a pause and geniuses all come under this sign. Chances are your Aquarian lover is less interested in being popular and more interested in just connecting with the right people who will listen to their ideas. You don’t have to agree with them as they enjoy a debate and will respect your point of view. They usually have a strong sense of who they are so are happy to allow you to be you too. Technology, cutting edge ideas and anything new will fascinate them and they tend to be ahead of their time in their thinking. Their only downside can be adopting an ivory tower attitude and seeing themselves as holding superior beliefs to everyone else.

Your Partner Has Planets in Pisces

Pisces partnerPeace, man. Dreamy and intuitive, there is also a strong streak of the explorer in Pisces. Unsurprisingly its ancient ruler is Jupiter and its modern day one Neptune so you can see the connection. Pisces usually have a vision – but whether this vision is grounded in reality is another matter. Usually they are looking for a fellow-dreamer to dream a joint dream with. This sign boasts a lot of artists and musicians who are connected to their ‘muse’ but perhaps not to the realities of day-to-day living. Soul sex, poetry and union are what they are after, they want to enter another world with you.Many are drawn to working in creative, healing or psychic fields as a result or in any area where intuition may play a role in what they do. Pisces is also the sign of compassion and you’ll probably find your Pisces reacts deeply to the suffering of others.  They may work or volunteer for a humanitarian organisation or be drawn to work with people who are disadvantaged or suffering in some way. You may however end up being the practical one in the relationship! Pisces actually has a great sense of humour – usually developed as a coping mechanism. Their downside? A tendency towards maudlin self- absorption and addiction and dare I say a bit emotionally fickle sometimes?. Keep them focussed on the funny side of life and the bigger picture and dream big with them.

If you want more a more in-depth explanation of your partner’s planets then one of our astrologers will be happy to help but this easy guide provides a sneak-peak into what makes them unique and also what they are seeking in a relationship./ Never forget at the end of the day – it’s all about connection and that’s what counts.

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