Capricorn Horoscope for Jupiter in Libra

jupiter in libra

With ruler Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius, Sagittarius’s ruler Jupiter moves signs on September 9 and arrives in Saturn’s ruling house in your chart. Your 10th house rules all things Capricorn-centered. As such, you can expect a 13 month period where all the themes that are close to your heart undergo expansion. And as most of you ultra-smart Capricorns have already worked out – at some point during his transit of your 10th house, Jupiter will sextile Saturn bringing you additional benefits. To say this is your best career cycle for 12 years since Jupiter last visited this sector of your chart would therefore be an understatement. Get ready to make those big and lasting moves.

Jupiter in your 10th is Jupiter as his most mature and considered. Therefore you may feel if not exactly older than certainly wiser as Jupiter is all about higher learning. If you were over 18 and out and about in the world (or even studying) 12 year ago, then think back to what you learned and how you applied it. You will discover similar themes emerging now or else will be presented with opportunities which require you to apply what you have learned in a mature manner. Your 10th house is all about rewards, recognition and above all – long term planning and thinking. Tap into your innate Capricorn energy and you won’t go far wrong now.

Upgrade your professional image and even your skill set now if you need to. Be certain you are seen as someone who comes across as knowing what they are talking about. Be taken seriously in all areas of your life and define your goals. This includes having serious goals in your personal life too but more about that later. Above all, Jupiter in here asks that you take responsibility now – not just for where your live is headed but for where you are right now. It’s all about seeing that your choices and actions created where you are today. If you don’t like where you are – then choose differently. There’s a saying ‘If you don’t change direction you’ll end up where you’re headed’. Step back and look at where you are going. This can be hard for some of us but for your sign, may be easier as you are the mistress/master for forward planning.

If you are out of work or leaving education to enter the workforce, then Jupiter in here should bring about at least one good offer for you during his stay in this house. Bosses, managers and people in positions of authority will feature and you are in an excellent position to impress them now. Your biggest opportunities may lie within reputable or established organisations. This does not mean they are rigid, boring or don’t evolve – look for companies who have an excellent reputation for what they do. They can be start-ups but broadcasting load and clear they are leaders with integrity. In fact, professional integrity should be your key words now and ensure any company you apply to is aligned with this.

If you are on the right path and have committed to it, you should now see the doors swing open wide for you. So, what if you feel you are that square peg in a round hole or have ended up in the wrong job? Some of you may find that during this Jupiter cycle you look at your choice of career and examine whether it is actually yours, or whether you have chosen a path to please someone else – especially your father or a father figure. Whether or not this turns out to be the case, if you do come to the conclusion you are in the wrong professional, Jupiter is here to help break you free. Jupiter can assist you with returning to education if that is called for as he rules universities, colleges and all forms of tertiary education and enhancing our skills. If you want to apply for a job in a totally different area, Jupiter will also assist you by putting you in the path of someone prepared to see you potential and what you can bring in based on your previous experience. The message here is – don’t hold back. Jupiter wants exploration and freedom and with boost both your confidence and ambition. And remember when it comes to aiming higher up the corporate ladder or in a slightly different direction: it is often not the best qualified person who wins the job – it is the person who comes across as most capable at the interview. Jupiter is inviting you to be that person now.

Your 10th house is fellow Cardinal sign Libra – the house of balance and long term relationships. Libra is ruled by Venus so we can say Jupiter takes on a ‘Venusian’ feel in here. Venus is all about pleasure and enjoying herself. Therefore what she is saying to you is that your career should be a pleasure. As I said, your 10th house is actually ruled by Saturn your ruler. So, you now see we have several influences going on for you in this cycle – especially when Jupiter moves to sextile Saturn in his ruling sign. It’s all about serious moves but what the planets are saying is that these should be life-enhancing for you. And that has to include a serious love or a serious contender for your heart.

Upgraded ambitions therefore impact on your love life like never before. You will be more aware at this time of how you choice of partner affects every single area of your life and as a result, if you are single, you will be more choosy than usual. Those sea goats who are coupled up will be looking at how their relationship is an asset to them – or not. If you have a life-enhancing partner, then the two of you should be entering a period where you will both be benefiting from the others’ success – or you may benefit directly from your partner’s success – possibly by promotion or them getting a better job. You will shine with pride at their achievements and if this happens, don’t underestimate your own role in their success. Libra is a sign which always says it takes two, baby and Jupiter in here is all about emphasising that we often achieve more as a couple than we could of as two separate individuals. Even if you are not directly involved in your partner’s job – or they in yours, emotional support, practical back-up and encouragement can make all the difference between success and failure. Own your own part in this and now the rewards are for the two of you to enjoy.

If however you see your relationship may be holding you back on some level, remember your ruler Saturn rules time and if he says ‘Time’s up’ then even Jupiter and Venus may not be able to keep you there any longer.

It’s time for serious love and only serious contenders for your heart need apply now. Success in work or career gives is confidence in other areas of our lives and this is what you will have – the confidence to know whether someone fits the bill – or not. And the confidence to say ‘No’ – no matter how hot and cute they may be, if they are not up for something lasting or just don’t make the cut. As a result – you may find the universe puts in your path suitors who are successful on some level as well as having a dashing, adventurous and entrepreneurial streak. They may have a devil-may-care attitude but with your 10th house in play here they may also surprise you with the traditional methods of capturing your heart. Good restaurants, flowers and above all, keeping their word and doing what they say they are going to, are hallmarks of this kind of potential partner. They take pride in their work and even if they turn out to be a game warden in Africa or a pirate captain – they are committed to what they do.

Above all, the 10th house is all about commitment. Commit to expanding your career path, to being seen as ‘serious’ about what you do and what you want. And get serious about those love goals too. Jupiter in here loves a grown-up adventure. This is what you are heading for now.