What’s Your Goddess Rising Sign?

We’re all familiar with the concept of our rising sign which is literally the ‘face’ we show to the world and how people perceive us. While the majority astrological signs are ruled by planets associated with male deities, there is also the feminine side to even the most masculine of signs and this feminine energy is associated with a particular goddess – and this is the energy that you project outwards and which people pick up on when they first meet you – whether you are aware of it or not. So, if you already know your rising sign, take a peek at which goddess archetype you embody. If you know your time of birth but don’t know your rising sign, it’s easy to find out by generating your birthchart on line.

Aries Rising: Freya. The goddess of leadership and the feminine warrior spirit. The ultimate Warrior Princess, Freya rode into battle accompanied by her bad of Valkyries. Often flamboyant and glamourous, Freya fuses strength and femininity. Freya is it’s all about knowing where and when to set boundaries – and that includes boundaries for yourself. Your challenge is to tap into your sense of strategy and balance and avoid being impulsive. Freya tells you that while boundaries are important, there is no need to go through life expecting them to be breached. Respond, don’t react – that’s the gift Freya has for you.

Taurus Rising: Aphrodite. As Venus rules Taurus it’s only natural that Aphrodite the goddess of love rules your rising sign. If you have Taurus rising then life’s sensual pleasures will be important to you and part of your soul journey is to experience these. Money, food, wine as well as the finer things of life will feature. It’s likely Aphrodite will make you lucky in love – and money too and you’ll have an appreciation of art, design and music and could even be drawn to one of these as a profession. You are a hard worker and despite being drawn towards pleasurable pursuits, once committed to a goal or path you will see it through to the end and with Venus/Aphrodite blessing you, you will usually succeed!

Gemini Rising: Brigit. Linked to healing as is Gemini’s ruler Mercury, Brigit was the Celtic goddess of poetry, culture and learning as well as physicians. Gemini rules communication and publishing and Brigit rules stories as well. She inspires and encourages our story-telling abilities as is credited with being the goddess who gave Merlin his visions. She also rules the development of our potential. If you have Gemini rising, Brigit gives you a way with words – which may often seem to be channelled from outside of yourself and she aids you in getting your message out there. That’s Brigit’s goddess gift for you.

Cancer Rising: Isis. If you have Cancer rising, you will identify with the Egyptian goddess Isis. Isis taught women to grind corn, spin flax and weave – as well as encouraging marriage. Many of you may have seen ancient statues of Isis suckling her son, Horus which resembles a Madonna and child. So, Isis embodies many of the qualities we associate with Cancer – food, nurturing and motherhood. Isis ruled the rich plains of Egypt where the food was grown and the Romans and Greeks also worshipped her as the guardian of travellers. Many astrologers forget that Cancer use to be a sign associated with travel and exploration due to it’s link to the Moon and tides. Don’t be surprised then if you have Cancer rising that you also have a certain restlessness – but you also place a great deal of importance on having a home to return to.

Leo Rising: Eos. Eos was the Sun goddess in Ancient Greece and it was she who drove her Sun chariot across the skies every morning. Although most of us are familiar with the Greek myths which appear to be based around Gods Behaving Badly, Greek mythology actually placed more emphasis on the female goddesses. Like Leo, if you have Leo rising and Eos in your chart then you are destined to shine in some way – you can’t help but stand out just as the Sun can’t help but shine! Needless to say, like Eos, you may attract jealousy because of this. Venus became jealous of Eos after Eos stole her lover, Ares and placed a curse on her making her fall in love with many different men – which seems somewhat counterproductive! If you have Leo rising, expect to attract envy at some point – but don’t let stop you from being a star and shining as bright as you possibly can!

Virgo Rising: Quan Yin. Known as the female Buddha, or even the Original Goddess. Quan Yin lived a life of simplicity and purity. She was a virgin until she was 40 until a suitor made his way to the top of the mountain she lived on and afterwards she gave birth to a son who could walk and talk from the moment of his birth. Quan Yin is associated with bringing forth the concept of Yin and Yang – two opposing forces which enhance each other. Virgo is associated with simplicity, loving the details, the work we undertake (Dharma) and also wellbeing. If you have Virgo rising, Quan Yin can help you balance the Yin and Yang within for total wellbeing.

Libra Rising: Athena. Athena is credited with bringing us justice and balance and is associated with the Justice card in the Tarot while Libra is symbolised by the scales Justice holds. She was the patron goddess of Athens and rarely lost her temper. Librans like to keep the peace and strive for harmonious outcomes but just like Athena, if angered a Libra’s temper can be formidable. Athena was the Goddess of Strategy and also showed humans how to tame and ride horses. Libra is actually a Venus-ruled sign but Athena’s energy fits with Libra rising due to Libra being an air sign. Beauty and brains – that’s the Athena combination for you!

Scorpio Rising: Selket. Extremely powerful, Selket was the goddess of magic, scorpions (she could heal their stings) and watched over souls on their journey to the afterlife guiding them on their journey. She is often depicted wearing a scorpion on her headdress as well as a sexy tight-fitted dress and carries an ankh, symbol of life in one hand, and in another a war sceptre symbolising power, wellbeing and prosperity. She was mistress of heaven and lady of the gods. Scorpio is the sign associated with birth, life, death, power, rebirth, power and sex as well as transformation and Selket is the perfect embodiment of all these themes.

Sagittarius Rising: Artemis. Fiercely independent with a love of nature and the outdoors, Artemis asked her father Zeus for a bow and arrow and a short tunic so she could live a life in the forest with her dogs. She followed her own path and integrity and self-worth were important to her. If you have Sag rising and identify with Artemis then chances are you resonate with animals, nature, the outdoors and living life on your terms. Adventure and experiences are what you value. You crave a partner, but will not sacrifice yourself or your principles to have one. It’s a union of equals – nothing else will do.

Capricorn Rising: White Buffalo Woman. White Buffalo Woman brought knowledge to the Oglala Sioux nation. She taught them how to raise a central post in the tepee to support the buffalo skins to make it strong. Capricorn is all about structure. White Buffalo Woman taught the Sioux never to kill any animal needlessly and to use every part of an animal’s body so there is no waste. She provided the foundations upon which something permanent can be built and Capricorn is all about creating structure without which, we cannot achieve anything. The Native Americans believed that everything in life – even a stone, had its own ‘essence’ and thus be worthy of respect and consideration. A stone can create a spark from which to light a fire. If you have Capricorn Rising and White Buffalo Woman as your guiding goddess you have the ability to access resources that others may not even be aware of, upon which to build lasting success.

Aquarius Rising: Shakti. Shakti represents creative power and the primordial creative force in the universe. She is also the agent for change and liberation. She rules our individuality, and Aquarius is all about being ourselves as well as that next unique creative idea, but reminds us that everything is connected – and the 11th house of the zodiac which Aquarius rules is all about our larger social circle and our links to the collective. You are part of the whole, yet apart from it as you are unique, that’s all part of the Shakti paradox. The liberation of your true self while finding you ‘people’ is all what an Aquarius rising soul journey is all about.  No one is an island but don’t sacrifice who you are just to feel you belong. Shakti will guide you to those like-minded souls who like you and the way you think. Just the way you are.

Pisces Rising: White Tara. Known for compassion, healing and serenity, if you have Pisces Rising, White Tara links you to things known and things unknown but which nonetheless exist. If you can truly embrace her compassion, then you can tap into what is known as The Wish-fulfilling Wheel, or Cintachakra, which will manifest your goals and dreams – but only when you motives are truly selfless. You may feel other people’s pain as acutely as if it were you own – even if you only see this on the news. Just ensure that other people don’t take advantage of this as not everyone is on the same page spiritually. Pisces rising and White Tara is excellent for any kind of imaginative, creative, spiritual or healing work.

Read more about your rising sign goddess and you’ll find you unlock your goddess potential contained within your rising sign. It’s the powerful and beautiful feminine spirit you show to the world – whether you are a woman – or a man for that matter!