Venus Neptune Transits

Venus Neptune Transits

Venus Conjunct Neptune

Be careful not to put lovers or anyone else for that matter, on a pedestal now. You are transported by a feeling of higher love. You feel connected on a soul level. This can be a transcendent experience as you can feel universal love towards everyone and that soul love for one special person. This can be a time for incredible creative inspiration, for the muse to strike, for your psychic abilities to be heightened and for you to ‘tune in’ to the resonance of life and other dimensions. You feel empathic and selfless when it comes to love, putting the needs of others before your own. Just take care however you are not attributing qualities to your partner they simply do not have. And don’t get lost in fantasy and delusion. A little trip into the realm of imagination can enhance any creative project now but when it comes to what is happening in the real world you need to keep it real. Above all, avoid making major decisions under this transit that will affect your relationship or your money. There’s a tendency to see things how you want them to be as opposed to how they really are. You may see things very differently once this transit has passed.

Venus Sextile Neptune

You may embody this transit on a very personal level. You become love, beauty and creativity in how you dress, create and express yourself today. You see beauty in the world around you and draw more inspiration from this. This is one of those transits where it is fine to get temporarily lost in the dreamtime and the realm of fantasy. Allow your imagination and your psychic abilities to roam free. But take note of what inspiration they bring back for you. You’ll seek out inspiration too and want to surround yourself with beauty. Even if you live in the city you’ll want to seek out green spaces or else visit an art gallery, concert or performance that lifts you up out of the mundane world more than at any other time. Relationships will take on a new, luminous connection and you may feel a strong psychic bond between you.  If a new relationship begins now take your time to get to know the person before diving in as your boundaries are quite permeable now. You may feel a closeness that does not actually exist, so take your time.

Venus Square Neptune

You may be lost in a love illusion under this transit. At its best, this transit can be all about romantic candle-lit dinners, walks by the ocean or just you feeling wrapped in a warm feeling of closeness and love.  You’ve a high speed connection to inspiration so this is a wonderful day to work on any creative venture. It is less good for practical matters however as you will just find your mind is elsewhere.  Try to schedule important tasks for another day if you possibly can especially if they involve detailed or practical work. And try not to fall into the trap of idealising your partner (or prospective partner). You may weave a fantasy around them which has simply no basis in reality or who they really are. If you start a relationship now, you need to get to know them over a long period of time before you throw yourself in to it. Above all, avoid people who have issues around addiction, mental health, dependency or the law as they will drag you into their drama. You may feel reality just doesn’t measure up today. But living in a fantasy world will only result in you being brought back down to earth eventually with a very big bump.

Venus Trine Neptune

Try a little tenderness ! In fact, that’s how you will approach most people and situations today. You feel intense empathy and compassion which you want to express. This is a wonderful transit for donating to a charity – either financially or in volunteering your time. Your heart could be caught up by a cause. Any kind of suffering – whether it involves people or animals, will bring out a strong desire to help others. And if you encounter stories of hardship or suffering, even if it is happening far away, you will be more deeply affected than usual.  This transit is wonderful for any kind of work that involves leaps of the imagination. You are selfless and giving today.  You also crave a deeper, more spiritual connection – usually with a partner. If you begin a relationship under this transit it may feel as if the two of you have a soul connection from the very beginning. It can go one way or the other. The connection you feel is very real. Or with Neptune involved,  it is just an illusion. So, allow time to tell you if it is a connection that lasts or one that you learn from over the short—term.

Venus Opposition Neptune

Think of this transit as being a little bit like being lost at sea. You may be asking what direction your relationship is going on. And the answers may prove to be elusive. Everything may seem a little ‘foggy’ for you as you need to navigate the mists of illusion and discover for yourself what it real, and what isn’t. Begin by looking within. Very often if we encounter disappointments in our relationships now it is because we have fallen in love with an illusion rather than a real person. We may have bought into the fantasy or it may have been woven by the other person who drew us in. Either way we end up disappointed. This transit can bring in an extremely romantic interlude but you will need the support of another transit to ensure that it lasts or can evolve into something more concrete. This transit can see others coming to you for help or you having to ask others for help in turn. If you lend money during this cycle, only do so if you can afford to write it off. The person you help out may not be able to pay you back within the time frame they say – or ever. That does not mean you should not help if you can. Just that you need to ensure that if the money is not repaid, it will not cause you any hardship.