Get Some Soul Navigation: Harness Your Moon Magic

Get Some Soul Navigation: Harness Your Moon Magic

Astrology is all about timing. And for centuries astrologers have relied on the Moon for predicting key cycles in our lives.

Emotions are an ocean and a powerful force in our lives. Think of the tides – they ebb and flow just like our feelings. It’s no coincidence we talk about being ‘rocked’ by what we feel and everything from songs to literature uses emotional metaphors that are linked to the sea.  Rock the boat, rock the ocean, diving deep  – there’s a reason for this of course.  In astrology, the Moon rules our emotions and is of course, responsible for the ebb and flow of the tides. Without the Moon’s influence – the seas would stagnate. And we can say the same would apply to our lives too. We are after all, made up on average of 60% water. So, it’s easy to see who the Moon and our feelings influence so much of our lives.

The Moon changes signs every two and a half days and one lunar month – the time from one new Moon to the next and all the waxing and waning in between, is 28 days. During this time the Moon will make one complete circuit of our charts. So, the Moon impacts on every single planet in our charts which in turn accounts for changes in our emotional weather.

The sign the Moon occupied the day you were born shows your emotional ‘chemistry’ and how you respond emotionally to other people and events, as well as what you emotionally and even materially  ‘need’ to feel safe, secure, valued and loved.  We are emotional beings. The more we understand why we react in a particular way or ‘need’ a certain response from others, this puts us in the position of navigators of our emotional  sea, rather than in the lyrics of Golden Brown by The Stranglers:  Every time just like the last, On her ship tied to the mast . . .

The Moon is therefore one of the most important influences in our everyday lives.  But each influence is fleeting – because it can only last at the very most a couple of days. This is the first step to understanding the up swell of feelings Moon transits can bring – and to ride that wave rather than being wiped out by it! Or constantly repeat it. I’m going to be delving deep into the power of the Moon in our charts and how to harness it with a series of articles and lunar hacks anyone can use to steer themselves towards not just emotional safety but success too!

You’ll not only be able to apply this to your own life and use it to improve your relationships, but you can use this to understand why others may be behaving the way they are as well as using the Moon’s cycles for timing. From the promise of new beginnings of new Moons, to the peak experiences of a full Moon and the shadowy secrets of a lunar eclipse. So, get ready to bring a little (or a lot) of Moon magic into your life.

By our astrologer Helen