Moon Magic Hacks:  Aim for the Stars! New Moon in Sagittarius or the Ninth House

Moon Magic Hacks:  Aim for the Stars! New Moon in Sagittarius or the Ninth House

New Moons are always about new beginnings. Each one is an opportunity to begin anew on some level.  Read our in-depth guide on how to make the most of the fresh start each new Moon brings us!

Think big, aim high and prepare for take-off under the new Moon in Sag or the 9th in your chart. Travel or at least planning that big, bucketlist trip is favoured under this new Moon. Your horizons, your goals and your understanding of the world are set to expand. Even if you aren’t travelling at this time, expect the world to come knocking on your door via new ideas, different belief systems, foreigners, contact or doing business with people from overseas. Got a big dream? Time to take a chance on it. This is your house of luck and this could well include being in the right place at the right time or just that ‘lucky’ break coming your way.

This is the house which rules airlines, the travel industry, the law, universities, the mass media, the outdoors, sports and large animals – especially horses. Don’t be surprised if you encounter one, some or even a large proportion of these themes during the next month – even if you wouldn’t normally. If you already work in any of these areas or are involved in them in some way, then you can expect progress, opportunities and benefits to enter your life via them.

There is a secret to this new Moon however. It asks you to leave your comfort zone behind and to step into something you need to experience and explore. But the real secret to it is that you are not supposed to be experiencing this alone. This new Moon asks you to go find your travelling companions – whether actual or metaphorical. Life is both a journey and a collaborative venture. Network and connect during the next month like never before. Also, if you have a goal, dream or vision – get others on board. This house of your chart is all about big picture thinking. Think of it this way – nobody ever achieved anything on their own. You can sit home writing your novel night after night but for the end result to be published and read – you need people. Editors, agents, publishers.  There is a touch of the visionary about all of us when the new Moon awakens our 9th. There are others who want to be part of your dream so weave a big one and watch them sign up for the journey with you.

While this house is not associated with love and romance, it is the house where we come to understand the kind of person or people we need in our lives as with the Moon it is all about our emotions. Perhaps your realisation is that you need a romantic partner who is free-spirited and who allows you a certain amount of space. Or you may see that what you need right now is someone to help you get that business project off the ground. Sick of going on holiday by yourself or maybe not at all due to not having a like-minded travelling companion? Time to put what you want out there. This new Moon can represent a new peak in our emotional journey and an expansion of our ideas around love and connectivity. It tells us we need people in our lives – all kinds of people and that we don’t need to go it alone. All we need do is explore, reach out and connect. And above all, know that there is something bigger, better and even more breath-taking out there than what we may have allowed ourselves to experience in the past. Get ready for a big new beginning this month.