Moon Magic Hacks: Are You Serious?! New Moon in Capricorn or the Tenth House

New Moons are always about new beginnings and a time to surrender the crap! Each one is an opportunity to begin anew on some level. Here’s an in-depth guide on how to make the most of the fresh start each new Moon brings us!

Get serious under this new Moon – if you are after serious results that is. This new Moon in your 10th or the sign of Capricorn is all about your reputation, career and taking responsibility on some level. This can often be for your choices as they are what has led you to where you find yourself today. It’s not so much this new Moon is ‘heavy’ but it brings with it a certain amount of detachment and sometimes this can be a good thing.

New Moon in Capricorn allows us to see very clearly what we want to achieve and the steps we have to take to get there. It’s all strictly business under this Moon.

Are you content with the career you have chosen or the rewards you are receiving on your chosen path? Under this new Moon, you can evaluate your progress and make changes if necessary. Do you feel frustrated, limited or blocked when it comes to the direction you want to take? If so, time to get serious about making changes and know you and only you can do this.
Look to your professional image under this new Moon and update it if necessary. It doesn’t matter what area you work in – not all professions require us to wear a suit and tie or a uniform. Just ensure you come across as someone who takes pride in themselves and their achievements. The outer needs to reflect those inner ambitions. Dealing with people in positions of authority is likely during the next month so it’s important you pay attention to how you come across.

Yes, you are in a position to influence people – and your future path. This is one of the new Moons that asks us to be a little more self-assured. Because this is a pragmatic new Moon as opposed to an emotional one, the steps you take to achieve this are likely to be well-thought out and you’ll project a certain self-assurance and quiet authority of your own. You’ll be unlikely to exaggerate your skills or experience but at the same time, be able to sell yourself, your ideas, product, company. Be seen as someone who knows what they are talking about.

Above all, guard your reputation this coming month as if it were gold. It is believe me. People in positions of authority – bosses current or potential, will be watching you and taking note whether you know it or not. If you are seeking a better position or promotion during this particular new Moon cycle, either set your social media preferences to friends only or monitor extremely carefully what you post. In other words, act as your own PR agent. This month hands you the opportunity to showcase your smarts or be seen with people in high places – or perhaps a bit of both. Ensure you come across as someone who belongs ‘up there’.

If you are happy with your current path, the coming month should see the next chapter in your success story begin to unfold. If you are not happy where you are, please – take this equally seriously and make a serious effort to do something about it.

This month often brings financial rewards or other benefits but even if you are unemployed or broke, act like you are a success story in the making because under this Moon’s influence – you are. Even if you have nothing new or expensive in your wardrobe, coordinate your best pieces and accessories and dress for success. Meetings and interviews are highlighted now so rehearse before you attend them and expect serious results.

The 10th house in our charts and the sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which in turn rules fate. You are being asked to take responsibility for yours this month and in return, fate will guide you along the path towards success. Remember – what is meant for us can’t be lost or go past us. Steer yourself towards success this month.